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Sex With Bloody Mary

Don't ever do it.

It was just another Saturday night when me and some of my friends were playing Truth or Dare. You could say we were inspired by all the Truth or Dare gone wrong movies that are out there. So we were feeling a bit gutsy and very drunk and figured it would be fun to "scare" ourselves. We were all sitting in my boyfriend Ben's living room by the fire, beers and shot glasses all around.

"Okay, next one, Benny boy. Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to take Alex into the bathroom over there and play a round of Bloody Mary."

"Come on, dude, you know she hates..."

"No, babe, it's okay." I grab Ben's hand and we walk to the bathroom and I turn the lights on.

"Don't you two get frisky in there. Remember, I dared you to play Bloody Mary, not to have sex."

"Oh shut up, Duke!" Both Ben and I say it at the same time. Ben closes the door behind us. I take a deep breath. I hate this damn game. When I was younger, my jerk of an older brother made sure that I truly believed Bloody Mary was real. One Halloween he was making fun of me about it, so to prove him wrong I played it and one of his friends jumped in the shower all covered in blood. Even now at 20, all the stories he told me and that night still creep me out.

"You know, babe, we could have some fun while we are in here." He puts his hands on my waist and kisses me on my neck. "Might as well." As much as his touch felt good on my skin, he didn't make me feel any less uneasy. "Come on, baby, please. It will help you relax..." He turns me around and kisses me. Oh my god, he is such a good kisser. He moves back so he is against the wall as his hands slide down lower on my back. The lights go out.

"Babe!?" I try and pull away from him but he has too good a hold on my waist.

"What? Technically Bloody Mary is supposed to be played in the dark. Plus I want to make sure your sense of touch is heightened as much as possible." He goes to kiss me again but this time I push him away. "Babe come on, we haven't even started playing the game yet and this is the first time I even get to remotely have you to myself in weeks. I miss you." He kisses me again, I let him. "I miss getting to touch and kiss you..." I can feel his fingers sneak underneath my shirt. "Please, baby, don't you miss me?" I just couldn't resist him. He takes off my shirt and I his.

"Bloody Mary..." It was a soft whisper.

"Ben, that is not funny!"

"What, I didn't saying anything. I've been a bit busy trying to kiss every spot of my gorgeous girlfriend's body."

"If you actually want to have sex right now you better not say it again or I will kill you, I swear." He starts laughing.

"I swear I didn't say anything. I wouldn't jeopardize this opportunity." He lifts me up and places me on his lap. "I promise I won't say it." We continue kissing and every inch of my body tingles and aches for him. He moves my panties to the side and penetrates me. Our hormones rage out of control as we motion together, increasing every sensation.


"Really, you asshole?!" I get off of his lap and put my shirt back on. He begins to laugh but abruptly stops. He begins to sound like he's chocking.

I turn the lights on and he's choking on blood. He had been stabbed.

"Aahh!" I turn around to leave and I feel a pain in my stomach.

Bloody Mary had finally gotten me.

Couples having sex always die in the horror movies. I should have known.

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Sex With Bloody Mary
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