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A Story

Once upon a time a completely normal girl sat at home, relishing in the warmth of the blanket she had covered herself with. She sat on her couch, gripping her phone in her hands texting away to her friends. They chatted about school, they chatted about their teachers, and their peers. A specific one in fact, her name was Veronica, she didn’t have many friends and she wasn’t conventionally pretty. However she was super smart and extremely kind but what does that matter? She was ugly and unpopular, nothing compared to the completely normal girl named Sadie sitting under a blanket on her couch. But somehow, the boy Sadie had a crush on was drawn to Veronica. They were rarely seen without each other and this angered Sadie, she was prepared to make Veronica’s life a living hell. What right did Veronica have to take him away from Sadie? Why couldn’t he see how worthless Veronica was compared to the completely normal girl sitting on her couch?

She plotted with her friends, tossed ideas back and forth until they decided on one. Take Veronica’s things, her books, her bag, her phone, and throw them into the river by the school. Maybe threaten her to stay away from Owen and hold her by the edge of the railing until she agreed. It was a perfect plan and she couldn’t wait to see the look on Veronica’s face when they chucked Veronica’s belongings into the raging river, never to be seen again.

At the end of the next day Sadie stood at her locker, with her two friends, Rebecca and Josie. The three girls waited to see Veronica make her way out of the school to leave. 

She was walking alone, a pair of bulky headphones placed over her ears her aqua colored sundress swaying as she walked. A pair of red high top Converse made their home on her feet, their star emblemed on the side. She looked down at the book she was holding in her hands, it was a Stephen King book, one of her favorites, The Different Seasons Collection, and her favorite novella of the four, The Body. She didn’t even notice the three other girls staring holes into her, too distracted as she transported herself to the small town of Castle Rock, sitting in the treehouse with Gordie, Chris, Teddy, and Vern. She smiled as she read the banter between the four friends, the banter she had repeatedly read since she purchased the book last year. The three girls who had been watching her, waited for her to walk out of the school and followed her. They watched her unknowingly walk to her destination, her mind in the clouds, her ears flooded with the music of old rock bands.

When she walked onto the bridge the three behind her began to get excited, smiles stretched across their faces as they approached Veronica. It was Josie who made the first move, snatching Veronica’s headphones from her skull and yanking on the cord that connected said headphones to her phone. She threw the phone and headphones to Sadie. Veronica spun around and faced the three girls, her eyes filled with confusion. Rebecca grabbed the thick book in Veronica’s hands and tossed it to Sadie. Sadie flipped through it and began speaking to Veronica teasingly.

“Hey Veronica, fancy seeing you here,” she smirked, her eyes scanning the pages.

“Give me my book back,” Veronica replied, lunging for Sadie but being blocked by Sadie’s two lackeys.

“No can do. We’ve gotta have a little chat,” Sadie told her, “You know Owen? Well obviously you know Owen, that’s the whole reason were here. The big issue is that you and Owen are getting a little too close for my liking. I honestly don’t see what he sees in you but to each their own I guess. But long story short, Owen is soon gonna realize that you are a nothing. He’s going to see that I am so much more than you could ever dream to be. And you’re going to back up and let it happen. You get it?”

“Owen would never fall for a selfish, greedy, jerk of a girl like you no matter what,” Veronica said, glaring at the girl in front of her.

“Call me what you like but you should know that despite all my flaws, I’m still always going to be better than you,” Sadie teased.

“Not in Owen’s eyes,” Veronica shot back. Sadie just smirked and sauntered over to the side of the bridge before gently tossing the phone and headphone duo over the bannister.

“Oops,” she said unconvincingly.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You know how much that costs?” Veronica exclaimed as she rushed over to the side of the bridge, she saw her phone make a splash in the water and turned back to see a smiling Sadie. She swung at the girl but her hand was caught by Rebecca, and Veronica was shoved backwards. Sadie giggled as Veronica looked up at her, with fire in her eyes, and dropped the book over the edge too. This is what marked the end for Veronica, she jumped up and shoved all three of the girls back before climbing onto the railing and diving headfirst off of it.

The three girls went silent and stared at the falling girl in horror. Guilt suddenly flooded the three, knowing that they had done this. Veronica’s body made a splash in the water and the three sat there and looked into the river, knowing that they wouldn’t be seeing Veronica resurface. Sadie’s mouth had dropped open, her eyes widened in surprise and fright, she had just watched a girl throw herself off of a bridge in which she knew she wouldn’t be returning from. She imagined Veronica’s body, void of air sink to the bottom of the river, as it sauntered with the current, never to be seen by mankind again, only floating as a meal for the fish.

Staring into the water didn’t help these thoughts as Sadie started to believe she could see Veronica’s long brown hair floating to the top of the water. She blinked a few times and looked again but this time it wasn’t just the hair, it was the top of her head, but it wasn’t a normal kind color. Instead the color was a gray, a perfect stone gray. Then from the water emerged a figure. As it floated its way to the surface Sadie felt true terror, she wanted to scream but her vocal chords were frozen much like the rest of her body. The creature’s ears were long, stretching far past the top of its skull. The eyes were black, somehow the darkest black she’d ever seen, darker than the night. On its neck were small slits that fluttered as if it were trying to breathe through them. Sadie realized they were gills, the gills that were normal to see on fish, not normal to see on people. The creature’s dark lips were curled into a disturbing smile, as it’s soulless eyes stared at her. Sadie wanted to run but before she could turn her body the creature’s lips opened, it began to sing. A song Sadie had never heard but somehow felt familiar, her once trembling lips settled into a small grin, her eyes fluttered shut and she began to hum along. The noises of the wind, cars passing by, her friends’ gasps, faded away all she could hear was that song. It violated her ears in the best way possible, but it seemed to be getting farther away. Sadie pushed herself farther up the bannister in attempt to capture the song at its full volume. She didn’t hear her friends protests, didn’t feel their hands gripping on her in attempt to get her off of the railing. She shook them off and stood on the edge. Her body swaying with the tempo of the song, the song abruptly stopped and she stepped forward once more. Suddenly she was falling, her body plummeting to the water, never to resurface.

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Lauren Hill
Lauren Hill

Hi! I'm Lauren, I'm a creative writing author and horror extraordinaire! My favorite author is Stephen King, the ruler of the horror genre. Please give some of my stories a read if you're into original fiction stories!

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