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Slender Man

Yes, That Slender Man

So if you haven't heard about Slender Man he is a fictional character people consider a creepypasta. Creepypastas are horror-related stories that make their way around the internet. Some involve the topics of death and suicide. The Slender Man creepypasta was first posted on the "Something Awful" forums by the user Eric Knudsen in 2009. The thing about something awful is it's more humorous than scary. At the time of Slender Man's first appearance something awful was doing a challenge or contest where people had to post a photo shopped photo. For the challenge people were supposed to photoshop something creep in to an everyday photo. The creator of Slender Man photoshopped Slender Man into a picture of kids running from something.

 Slender Man is a tall and thin with no face. He usually wearing a suit. In the stories he is usually stalking, abducting or traumatizing people, usually children. He is also usually spotted in the forest or some where secluded from society. Once you see him he will start following you and stalking you. They say once you've seen Slender Man for yourself or have been stalked by Slender Man you get obsessed and you try to figure out why he's stalking you. Then you experience nausea, nose bleeds and you'll have problems sleeping. They call all of this slender sickness. There are so many works of fictions about and pictures of Slender Man. A lot of people have claimed to see him. So is it just a meme and internet story or something real? A lot of times with these urban legends or creepypastas you the more you put it out there the more it seems real to people.

Now there are a few real Slender Man stories, some that could have ended worse and some that ended in murder or suicide. This first story was all over the news so you probably heard it. The story is that two 12-year-old girls held down their class mate and stabbed her 19 times to please Slender Man. Some reports said that the girls said that Slender Man told them to. Their classmate was left for dead but survived and she crawled out of the woods to the nearest road. She was rushed to the hospital and pulled through. The girls who did the stabbing were sentenced to 65 years in prison. Somewhere in the process they changed their decision on one of the girls and she is now getting treatment in a mental health hospital for delusions and other mental health issues. She will be there for 25 years from the date of the crime.

There was a story where a young lady set the house her family lived in on fire because "Slender Man told her to." Her brother and mother were inside at the time and I don't believe they survived. There was another story where a woman said her 13-year-old daughter attacked her with an knife because of Slender Man.

One Native American community had an epidemic of suicide attempts in 2015, all done by young people. They were all in the age range of 12-24 and all stated Slender Man as the reason. One of the leaders of the community said many Native Americans believe in a "suicide spirit" similar to Slender Man.

I might do some more posts about other creepypastas or urban legends. I will also look into the different types for a future post. There's so many creepypastas, urban legends, creepy paranormal stories, and different types of spirits out there. You can fall down a really weird hole looking up this stuff.