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Some of the Most Thrillingly Scary Movies to Make a Person Stand at Attention

Something to Get a Person to Look Around for What Is Popping Out

Photograph By: Jose Francisc

Have you ever picked a dark, stormy night with lots of thunder jumping outside to watch a scary movie? If you are a person who enjoys watching thrillers and movies that really keep you on your tiptoes, the kind of movies that reel you in so deep that sounds begin coming out of nowhere and the viewer's eyes become so glued to the movie being watched that the rest of the world just fades out, these movies are the ones that after you watch them completely to the end your eyes begin to wander around. The eyes are looking for that compelling figure that is hiding in the dark corners ready to walk through the wall. The heart begins to pound so hard and fast that when it stops, the worry of if it flew out of your chest passes over the mind.

I am going to start this list off with a movie released in 2015. The title of the movie to some would make that person just want to run. This movie is not only scary but it has a mystery ride to it. The name of this movie is Demonic. The young cast that leads this movie through a very curiously memorizing ride is wonderfully perfect for the parts that they each play.

The next movie on the list is one that will make you second guess about messing with items that should never be messed with. This movie came out in 2017 with one of the lead actresses that played a lead role in Rob Zombie's Halloween movies. The name of the movie is Ghost House.

To add to the list of the movies from 2017 is the movie Keep Watching. This movie will make the viewer jumpy of who is watching the person. It is a type of movie that makes you wonder about what would happen if this was a person you know or even yourself.

Next on the list of movies is a movie called Kristy that was released in 2014. This movie will make a person think over the college experience. It is the type of movie that, if you are in college, will make a person always want people around. The movie will also make a person decide on not staying behind at the school on break.

Another movie from 2017 is the movie The Vault. The next time that you are at a place like in the movie, it will make you look around for the hidden area. This movie will also make a person wonder what is going to pop out of the vault.

If you get really freaked out by the evil, big smiles, then I have the perfect movie for you. The movie Truth or Dare came out in 2018 and will make a person rethink about playing the game again. Imagine if this were you and your friends playing this game.

The next movie is a little thriller called The Visitant. Be careful what you bring home with you. If things start to get strange, then you have a case like this movie. This movie came out in 2014.

A few honorable mentions to check out would be The Veil that came out in the year 2016. Would You Rather is a movie that came out in 2012. This movie would make a person think about how far that person would really go for a loved one. The Strangers and The Strangers Prey At Night are both interesting movies to check out. The last movies to mention are Queen of Spades: the Dark Rite, Oculus, Tell Me How I Die, and Selfie From Hell.

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Some of the Most Thrillingly Scary Movies to Make a Person Stand at Attention
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