Spooky Tales 1


The Wedding Ring

Alan and Kate were dared to spend one night in a haunted house. Being ghost enthusiasts, they leaped at the chance to experience anything spooky so they accepted. Now Alan was in love with Kate, he saw this as the perfect opportunity to try to ask him to marry her.

When the night came they, both hunkered down for the night, Alan went to the attic and Kate went to the back parlor of the building. “I’ll wait an hour then I will go down and pop the question,” Alan thought to himself, confident that she would say yes, after all, they had known each other for quite a while and knew pretty much everything about each other. Barely half an hour had past when Alan heard footsteps coming up towards him. “Is that Kate?” he thought, “or could it be…” Alan sat up ready for whoever it was. The door slowly opened and because of the dark he could only make out a shadow, it was the shadow of a woman. “Oh, Kate it’s just you, what’s wrong? You scared?” There came no reply. “Its ok,” Alan said, “You can stay with me.” She walked towards him and sat next to him, he put his arm around her, she was cold to the touch. Alan shivered, “My god, you must be freezing, here wrap up with me.” He wrapped the blanket around them both. After a short while he plucked up the courage, “Hey Kate I have something important I need to ask you,” he said producing an elegant ring from his pocket and slipping it on her finger. “Will you marry me?” he said with as much romance as he could.

She began to weep and in a flash, she ran out of the room. Alan didn’t understand what he had done wrong so he ran out after her, but she was nowhere to be found. “Maybe she has gone back to where she was sleeping," he thought and he made his way to the back parlor. When he got there, he found Kate sleeping soundly, so he shook her awake. She rubbed her eyes, “What is it?” she asked. “I’m sorry if I upset you,” he replied. 

“What are you talking abou….” Kate began but was cut off by the sound of weeping coming from the walls. Alan and Kate looked at each other “Where is that coming from?” Kate asked, "Sounds like its coming from the cellar.” They both made their way to the cellar door, the weeping was at its loudest. After a few brief moments of hesitation, Alan reached for the handle and opened the door. What they found shocked them, from a corner where the weeping was coming from was the rotten skeleton of a young woman, with the elegant wedding ring on its finger.

The Crucifix

One night there was a huge thunderstorm raging, a traveller sought shelter in an old abandoned church. He pushed the heavy oak doors ajar and slipped inside, glad to be now in the dry. He took a seat in an empty pew and made himself comfortable. Just as he was drifting off to sleep, a Priest came from the back of the church as if out of nowhere. The man jumped at the sight of him, “I’m sorry, I thought there was no one here,” he said. The Priest didn’t respond he just stared at the man, then he lifted a bony finger and pointed towards the altar. Hanging above it was a large wooden crucifix with its figure of Jesus upon it. To the man’s horror, blood started to flow from the hands and head of the figure, just a trickle at first but then it began to flow greater. Pooling all over the floor, staining it red. After a moment's hesitation, the man bolted from the pew and ran for the door, the priest laughing maniacally behind him. As he got the door, he took one last look back to see if the priest was following him and he saw his own body hanging on the cross.

Be Our Guest

One night, a woman was making the table ready for dinner when her husband returned with a strange man. He was tall, skinny and his face was deathly pale. “This man helped me find my way home when I got lost in the forest,” the husband said, “I have invited him in as our guest for the evening to show my thanks.” 

The wife was slightly put out but she didn’t really mind, “I’ve made plenty for us all anyway, I’ll go get Hostig,” she said, leaving the room. “My son…” the husband said to the stranger with pride, “only 4 years old but is already like his father.” They all sat down to eat, the spread was meagre but wholesome, the wife was known as an amazing cook in the area but the strangers face never lit up once. Even though he ate every last bite it seemed he didn’t enjoy it. 

“Forgive me,” he said, “it’s been a long day for me, could you show me to where I will rest my head for the night.” 

The husband stood up. “Of course, you can have the guest room,” he replied as he led the stranger out of the room. Not long after the rest of the family retired to their beds and heard nothing for the rest of the night.

When morning came the husband went to check on his guest, but found the room empty. “Hmm maybe he already left, a bit ungrateful but oh well.” He assumed as he went to the dining room for breakfast. What he saw when he got there stayed with him forever, his wife and son lay dead on the floor, their throats torn out. By the door where the sunlight streaked in on the gruesome scene, lay a pile of ash, with a skull nestled within, its long white fangs still wet with blood.    

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