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Erin O'Neil7 days ago
The Evolution of Vampires in Film and Television
In this day and age, vampires are seen as romantic figures—these beautiful, misunderstood creatures that we can’t help but fall in love with. This wasn’t always the case, though. Vampires used to be s...
WatchMojo 16 days ago
Top 10 Dumbest Decisions in Horror Movies
In horror movies, these are the perfect ways to die. Welcome to WatchMojo, today we’ll be counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Dumbest Decisions in Horror Movies." For this list, we’re focusing on ...
Annie Kapur17 days ago
A Filmmaker's Guide to the Horror Techniques Used in 'The Shining'
(This article will contain frames from The Shining and so, in order to gain the best insight, it is recommended that you watch the film at least once). The Shining is commonly known as one of the grea...
Israel Petty21 days ago
My Wife Was a Ghost Whisperer and Her Story Is Amazing, Yet Terrifying
My wife to this day can communicate with the dead. As a child, her abilities were stronger than ever. This is her story. Before getting started, we shut off most of the lights to set the mood. The hou...
Amanda Stablesa month ago
Ten Scariest Japanese Urban Legends
Scary Japanese urban legends are aplenty, but here are the top ten scariest.
Jesse Kinneya month ago
10 Best Slasher Villains of All Time
The horror genre has always been littered with incredible villains. From unknown creatures and demons to your run of the mill psychotic serial killers, there is no denying the lasting effect these ant...
synovelle w.2 months ago
The Horror Genre and Jump-Scares: A Thought
Boo. Didn’t really scare you, did I? Of course not. Text can’t really give you a good ol’ startle. It doesn’t make you jump from your britches and let out a yell of surprise, huh? I guess the word I’m...
Neal Litherland2 months ago
5 Famous Slashers (And Their Real-Life Counterparts)
No matter how much blood and gore splatters the screen when you're watching a horror movie, you can always comfort yourself by repeating the ancient, childhood mantra of, “It's only a movie. It isn't ...
Evelyn Starr2 months ago
Reasons Why Horror Movies Are Good for Your Health
Turns out that your parents were wrong to ban scary films at your slumber parties because horror movies are good for your health. Yup. Stop covering your ears and hiding your eyes during the gory part...