Staff Picks

Hannah Joslyn2 months ago
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
There is just something about horror films that keep us coming back for more. Whether it's the sense of danger that boosts our adrenaline, knowing that we can watch the danger on our screen whilst kno...
Dylan Simmons2 months ago
Top Five Podcasts for the Halloween Season
So, you're looking for a way to spend some time, maybe you're walking across campus and you have it: a thirst for horror, something that will make you crawl, or have you feel possessed. Well, maybe no...
George Herman2 months ago
Most Underrated Horror Movies of All Time
If you're a fan of horror, you'll know there's a plethora of content still waiting to send shivers of fear down your spine. Unfortunately, sifting through all of these titles can be scarier than viewi...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
Scariest Shows on Netflix Right Now
Netflix is the new cable, but unlike cable, there's plenty of cool shows to choose from right at your fingertips. For those of us who adore having a spooky movie on at any given moment, nothing is qui...
Joseph Farley2 months ago
Famous Ghosts with Horrific Origin Stories
Most people have heard of a notorious ghost or two, but they probably aren't familiar with how that ghost came to haunt that particular location. If you've ever seen the hit horror show Supernatural o...
Celeste Jackson2 months ago
The Curious Origins of Your Favorite Halloween Traditions
Whether you're an avid fan of the confection fueled holiday, or the neighbor everyone secretly resents for turning off all your lights and hiding behind the sofa, Halloween is fairly inescapable. With...
Adam Delia2 months ago
Uncle George
I always knew this day would come. No one is infinite. Everyone bends the knee to the "God of Death" at some point in their chain of existence. But this one is a little different. Some find it silly t...
Chriss Ha month ago
The Hooded Nightmare
A man stood there, staring at her. The stranger who always haunted her in her dreams. He was standing in the middle of a field with dead, decaying animals as far as the eye could see. The fowl stench ...
alexa pa month ago
Creepy Movies That Are Based on True Stories
Everybody loves curling up in bed on a cold night and watching a scary movie. What makes a scary movie scarier is knowing that even a small part of it is based on a true story. Knowing that somebody w...