Staff Picks

Ellen Howell20 days ago
Fear and Fiction
When we discuss horror in literature, there are several things to keep in mind. What are the cultural currents of the time? What is its era? What characterizes the fear which might be felt by those sp...
Cryptic Hatter3 months ago
15 Of The Most Dangerous S.C.P.’s
⚠️: This article may contain creepy images and disturbing content. Is the government hiding something? Is there some organization that’s responsible for covering things up? Maybe. The S.C.P. Foundatio...
Tom Baker4 months ago
The Black Corridor
Time is a damned thing. It circles back around on itself, like a snake eating its own tail. Sometimes, events that have transpired, long ago, seem to repeat themselves, as events realign themselves, a...
kit vaillancourt 6 months ago
The Winchester Mystery House and Other Mirrors
She haunted the halls and her own head in equal measure.
Oupost 31LV7 months ago
Making Monsters
It’s unlikely that the settlers of the Southern Nevada desertscape expected a museum of horrors to become a cornerstone of their peaceful early-20th-century city. Yet 88 years later, a decorated hears...
Marielle Sabbag7 months ago
'Happy Death Day'—A Movie Review
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Well, that sounds encouraging! But, didn’t I just hear those exact same words yesterday? And the day before? And a week ago? Something is strange! I ha...
Neal Litherland8 months ago
5 Horror Movies About Real Demons
Demons are a favorite creature for the horror genre. Ancient and eternal, they come in an infinite variety of forms, and most of the time they don't even need an explanation. Their very existence is a...
Michael Whateley8 months ago
666 (Ch. 1)
The first story from my horror collection. I wrote this book four years ago. I tried to treat each short story as a novel in its own right; to make sure that the characters were believable, and not just two dimensional caricatures. Not long after writing it I had an email asking if I could read out some of the stories. I didn't have time sadly, but it started the nugget of an idea. Thanks to YouTube, a basic camera set up and green screen, I have found a new audience for my stories. Please feel ...
Aarin Pound9 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 3)
Despite the states varying from size and population, some just don't have many urban legends or known cryptids, but each one still has their own version that locals talk about and visitors question. A...