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Stephen King's 'Cell' Premieres at Fright-Fest in the U.K.

Stephen King's latest adaptation 'Cell' is set to premiere today on the big screen as part of the Horror Channel's Frightfest event.

Stephen King's latest adaptation CELL is set to premiere today on the BIG screen as part of the Horror Channel's Frightfest event here in the U.K. This is fantastic news for King fans as after more than 2 years of conflicting reports we're finally getting to see it. This, according to rumor, is down to studio interference that has held Cell back from debuting and left many (including the Fright-fest organizers) believing the film wouldn't get an official cinema release. Thankfully one of the stars of Cell kept fans up to date earlier in the year:

Isabelle kept the fans informed

The Plot

Based on Stephen King's novel Cell (funnily enough) the film follows Clay (Cusack) as a survivor of a mysterious phone signal that turns people into violent crazy zombies. Clay attempts to find his family in a world on the brink of annihilation but is he already too late and can the phone crazies be stopped? Also starring Samuel.L.Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman, Cell is a roller coaster zombie movie in the vein of World War Z but with a new twist. Sound like fun? Check out the official trailer below for more!

Zombies Everywhere

They'll flock you up!

Those of you who can't make it to the premier REJOICE! You can get your hands on the movie via VOD from the 26th August. In the meantime If you want a more in depth look, check out my personal review of Cell below and see what I thought of the movie...

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Stephen King's 'Cell' Premieres at Fright-Fest in the U.K.
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