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Chapter One

“It’s raining again.”

I thought to myself as the droplets cascade down the window by my desk. For as long as I lived here the sun seems to keep itself hidden behind the clouds seemingly afraid to come out. It’s an odd phenomenon that I’m sure scientists can chalk it up to being an unfortunate series of events. I continue to stare out into the distance watching each car new and old drive in out of the school’s driveway. I look over to my teacher drone on and on about chemical compounds and how important it is to know the scientific term of them. I glance up past him at the analog clock slowly ticking away each second until 8:15. The bell finally rings and students scurry for the exit not wanting to here another second of this “titillating” lecture. I slowly rise from my seat and started to gather my things until the teacher stops me in my tracks.

“Jasper, were you with us in today’s lecture?” he asks eyeing me carefully.

The last time Mr. Finch gave us a mid-term, I thought I aced it with no problem but, after receiving my grade back from that test it reflected otherwise. At first I thought I made a mistake but after reading his explanation at the end he said I cheated. Me! Of all people to cheat he thought it was me. So of course I did what any teenager would and cursed his bitch ass out! Of course he gave me the typical dismissal he would give to any student but I wasn’t having it! So I involved my mom who when it comes down to it is a real firecracker when it comes to her children. She marched down here to this godforsaken school and promptly asked for justification for this poor grade. He told her that he assumed I cheated on the test because I always turned my assignments in late and I missed several questions on the homework. To which I replied “you don’t even check the homework so how would you know?” Either way when it was all said and done my mom threatened to take the situation to the principal, who my mom was pretty cool with, and he started singing a different tune.

“Don’t worry too much about me teach, if you grade my test fairly you won’t have to worry about losing your job.” I said while giving him a not-so reassuring pat on the back.

Man I fucking hate that guy! He does this to all his students except for the ones that basically kiss his ass on a regular basis. He expects me to worship him like some buddhist deity in order to get a decent grade in his class! Pfft! Fuck that! Fuck that class! Fuck this school!

I stormed to my locker, aggressively opening it and equally throwing my chemistry books in there. I pulled out my cellphone to check the time and noticed that I was going to be late for my English class.

“Fuuuck!” I groaned with heavy displeasure. I slammed my locker shut and half ran half walked to class. I took a seat closest to the window and the furthest back. The bell rang only a few short seconds after and the remainder of the students started sprinkling in. I pulled out my composition notebook and started to doodle absent mindedly. Ms. Hemingway stood to greet the class and immediately told everyone to pull out the reading material assigned yesterday for homework. We were reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” and she started asking questions about the chapters she assigned. Of course, not a single student made the move to answer any of the questions so she had to hand pick her “victims” as she likes to call them. I roll my eyes at their dumb attempt to answer the questions and I took it upon myself to end my social misery by inserting my headphones. I turned the music up loud enough to drown the stupidity but not too loud to bring attention to myself. I sat there in silence rocking out to the mini concert in my head whilst drawing.

I started drawing cats and then it went to internet memes and then back to cats. Eventually my mind wandered and I started thinking about food, an anime I would like to catch up on, and then it went to something a bit morbid.

I wonder how much gasoline would it take to set this place on fire. Hmm maybe like 5 gallons? Nah probably like 8? It is a pretty big school after all. Three and a half floors total, oh and not to mention the various passageways leading to other parts of the building. It also really depends on where I put it too. I bet all the potheads in this school could easily set this bitch on fire. Put them all into one bathroom and Bam! A bomb could work too. Could it kill people? Sure, I mean what bomb doesn’t? Hmm but the other students though wouldn’t they be a casualty? Hmm, I say fuck’em! Hell I’ll chain the doors shut and watch them panic from outside.


Heh! Wouldn’t that be a show to see? Watching them piss themselves when they realize there’s a bomb in the school. It would be classic!


And when this baby catches fire! Boy! What I’d give to see this place and the people in it burn! It would be so satisfying too! Like when holding a magnifying glass over an ant hill!


I snapped out of my thoughts and looked around me. All the students were giggling and staring at me. One of them gestured towards the teacher who was giving me the “ I’m done with your shit” look. I reluctantly pulled out my headphones and sighed.

“What do you need Ms. Hemingway?”

“Well I need you to put away your cell phone and join our discussion.” she said pointing to the dry erase board. At some point in my morbid banter she wrote a whole synopsis and theories about the first few chapters of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

“Well okay, is it a discussion about Good vs. Evil?” I asked leaning back in my chair to put my boot on the table.

“No Jasper! And remove your foot from the desk!” She said slamming the book on her desk.

“I mean it is a free country and I am not disrupting your class by putting my foot on the table, so me and you are good.”

I know I’m being an asshole but I really don’t want to be here. I’m going to keep getting on her nerves until she kicks me out therefore I don’t have to sit around the idiots in my class who talk too damn much.

“Ugh, can they fall on their face already? They doin’ too much.” a bitchy voice said in the background. Again they talk way too much. Oh! Here’s my chance! I’m gonna start some shit, hopefully it escalates and ding! My ticket outta here.

“Whoever said that is a bitch who don’t know how to talk shit properly.” I said now with both boots on the desk.

“Jasper! Watch your mouth! If you continue to disrupt the class I will have you removed!” she said with both hands on her hips.

“First of all bitch I wasn’t talking to you! And second of all say some dumb shit like that again I’mma knock yo ass out.” says the bitchy voice. “The only bitch here is you! You’re still talking all that shit in front of your friends knowing damn well you’re only fronting.” I said with a smirk. In an instant all hell broke lose. The chick with the bitchy voice reveals herself and starts storming her way towards me. She moved her long weave to her back and started yelling with each dagger on her fingertips clanking together putting emphasis on her words. “Say somethin’ else, say somethin’ else! I beat yo ass right here and now!”

“I mean I already said something else that’s why you’re here aren’t you?” I said bringing one foot off the table because I know what’s about to happen next. “Oh no dis’ bitch gahtmefuhkedup!” she started to swing. I knew this was coming so before she landed a hit I planted boot in her knee cap. She fell back into some evacuated desks behind her. Before the girl could get up and retaliate a security guard was on us and pulling us apart. Of course I was taken outside the classroom and the bitchy female was kept on the inside of the classroom. The security guard who removed me from the classroom luckily was pretty chill and let me off the hook. He entered into the classroom trying to calm the other female down and I caught a glimpse of her glaring out the window.

Heh. Here’s another gift from yours truly. I flipped her off with both fingers. At that moment all of her anger flowed back in her face and then outwardly towards the door. The guards stopped her and I ran off grinning ear to ear with how successful my plan was.