Horror fiction that delivers on its promise to scare, startle, frighten and unsettle. These stories are fake, but the shivers down your spine won't be.

Simon Mcbride5 hours ago
Boy on the Bridge
Like all stories that are worth telling, this one is true. Granted, an absurdity, as you will soon come to see; a true story that cannot possibly be, yet one that I have a first-hand account of. My ow...
Rebecca Larece7 hours ago
Dreamer Chapter 3
Lorrianna awoke, tired and a tad confused as she had the strangest dream but she couldn't recall what it was, only that it was strange. She pulled the covers off her, instantly regretting it as the co...
Dreamer Chapter 2
Eyes shot open as the sound of the phone awoke him from his sleep, disoriented and confused for a moment. He slowly sitting up and looking at the top of his small dresser by his bed that had an empty ...
Harlee Newkirk2 days ago
Laws of Nature
If all you do is babysit a little kid, no one can blame you for anything, right? Well, apparently not. That is, not if they run away. Or drink some bleach when they said they were going to the bathroo...
Lorri walked through the tunnels quietly, barely able to see past the tears falling from her face. The ten-year-old girl roamed the dark tunnels for what seemed like hours, her little white dress dirt...
Gerry Galvan II2 days ago
The address said 696 Eden St. and the building was easy to find, considering it was the only building on the whole street. There was a substantial contrast between the picture of the address on Google...
Lena Rai3 days ago
I Was Only Babysitting
To know the difference between right and wrong is so minor in most peoples eyes, but in the mind of a small child it can be clouded. The intellectual hold a child has with their curiosity alone can br...
Rhia Thurman3 days ago
Santa Isn't Real
When I was younger, I was just like any other child. I was raised with stories of the tooth fairy and the sandman and, of course, Santa Claus. I had always believed it and I never really questioned it...
Lee Fisher5 days ago
Spooky Tales 1
The Wedding Ring Alan and Kate were dared to spend one night in a haunted house. Being ghost enthusiasts, they leaped at the chance to experience anything spooky so they accepted. Now Alan was in love...
Ruby Steel6 days ago
The prologue in the first book of the Destiny Saga.
Lauren .7 days ago
Tick, Tick, Tick
Tick, tick, tick. The soft sound of my clock greets me, letting me know that I’ve woken up before my alarm has gone off. I open my eyes, praying that there’s no light streaming in through my window, t...
Sanya Singh9 days ago
Captured and Bound
Her eyes flutter open, and she slowly regains consciousness. She lifts her head and her eyes immediately follow the single ray of light that falls into the room, she looks towards the window and reali...
Sutton Fuller10 days ago
Sea Witch
Kadriya woke to a stiff neck and foggy mind. Inwardly she groaned and awkwardly stretched her limbs despite their protest and her bound wrists. To gather her bearings she took a look around the small ...
T.C. Marie10 days ago
I lean back in my chair, rubbing my kinked neck as I wait for the video to load. It's been weeks and my sleep hasn't been refreshing me as it used to. When I wake up my desk is scattered with papers, ...
'Simply Angelic'
She was beautiful; simply angelic. In my line of work, I see lots of different people in & out of the door. Everybody comes here: popular politicians of congressional importance, old ladies in Sunday ...
Alexandra F11 days ago
Szilagyi/Tepes Reaction to the Movie
I would have done things differently. That Mira/Mirena character? Weak in ways I wouldn’t have been. When she cried and told the movie Vlad not to let her son be taken away? That’s what I mean. I woul...
Alexandra F11 days ago
Crimson Peak Reaction
You all know who I am. You all know who I am in this too, and I’m not who you’d expect me to be by my title, my reputation as such a baby-stealing, slut-favoring, sexuality and kink head. Yes, that’s ...