Horror fiction that delivers on its promise to scare, startle, frighten and unsettle. These stories are fake, but the shivers down your spine won't be.

TC Rusha day ago
The Hotah
There was a legend that ran through our people. Never go into the woods at night alone. For years we heard stories about the monsters, we called them Hotah, that would attack us and take us away to ea...
Kat Marie2 days ago
"Olly?" Her voice cracks as she calls out for her brother, "Olly, this isn't funny!" She slowly begins to walk towards her brother's bedroom door. "Olly?" "I'm in here, Jaz," a male voice echoes throu...
Jodi Roberts5 days ago
The Uninvited Visitor
It was early morning or late night, depending on your view. She had just turned the corner when she saw her step daughter. She knew she would come for her, such a sick and sadistic soul she was. Murde...
Beautiful Nightmare Part 4
I really should have known better. But she had been so complacent, finally behaving after nearly 24 hours of torture, so I had let her down from the ceiling hook without bothering to knock her out fir...
Jasmine J.6 days ago
Trapped in Burmuda
On that day, a storm was raging outside, the power was out, and we all were sitting inside a very dark room. We could barely see anything, but luckily the lights from our phones saved us. And I was gr...
Kitty Kattyy6 days ago
The Ripper's Knife
I listened to only my own footsteps. It was an oddly quiet night for this street in Whitechapel. It was usually quieter than the main area where a lot of the streets met but still, there was almost no...
Dr Joel LeNacy7 days ago
I remain ever suspecting of the precise moment of my demise. However, there is very little anticipation that I have yet encountered while in postulation of death. There is no difficulty in placing an ...
Daisy Boone7 days ago
The Cabin
The sand stings my eyes, making it hard for me to see the desert around me. It’s been a week since my plane crashed, making the supplies I collected from the crash site scarce. I’ve never had to ratio...
Raven Starr8 days ago
Things That Make ya Hmmm
Things that Make ya Go hmmmm. Okay so here’s what's been happening in my house and maybe someone out there in the internet can help me explain the strange things going on. So, I bought my oldest a Chi...
Lee Hartley8 days ago
The Malborn House
A Haunting in Four Parts
Emiline Hunter9 days ago
A Turtle's Tail
The Full Four Part Story
Desireé Marie9 days ago
Dreams... Dreams can be wonderful. But every once and a while they can become a nightmare, frightening the warmth out of the soul. Have you ever been trapped in a nightmare? It may start off peaceful,...
Jay Kolsrud9 days ago
The Following Night
I woke up in a log cabin in the mountains. I was unsure as to where I was or what I was doing but as I looked around, I realized that the room was empty minus the bed I was on and I was covered in blo...
Valerie Holt9 days ago
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Trust me when I tell you my tale is real. I was there. I saw it happen. I know most will find it hard to swallow. For all those who find it hard to believe, please keep in mind that I’m only telling m...
James Loss10 days ago
Cargo Trip
The engine of Mateo’s Cessna 208 hummed like a metallic wasp as the blur of the propeller quivered outside the windshield. Far below, 20,000 feet to be exact, the Colombian shore gave way to the gentl...
Kat Marie10 days ago
My head hurts. I can't move my body. I look at her. Scared for her life. I can't hear. Ringing noises scream in my ears. The air is stale and bitter. My hair clings to my sweaty face. The smell of a c...
Tristan L10 days ago
I Met This Girl
A few days ago I met this girl while grabbing a coffee from the corner store/cafe. As usual, I was taking some pictures of the area for a newspaper ad when she tapped on my shoulder and asked what I w...
Raven Starr12 days ago
Survive the Night
Hello All, it's been awhile but here I am once more. Like I may have mentioned before I love horror movies, and since the only thing, that really scares me is.....ZOMBIES. I can handle Michael Myers a...