Horror fiction that delivers on its promise to scare, startle, frighten and unsettle. These stories are fake, but the shivers down your spine won't be.

High Noon
"That kid wasn't nothin' but a greenhorn. Why, I did him and the world a favor by putting a bullet in 'im,” the lanky cowboy said, laughing along with the rest of his gang at their table in the Rusty ...
Jaime Heidela day ago
'The Echo' - Chapter 18
The Echo - Chapter 17 Kimberly awoke with a start and felt a strong pair of arms enfolding her. “It’s OK,” Gary whispered. “Everything is going to be OK.” Kimberly shivered and snuggled closer to him....
Little Red Riding Hood
Long, red velvet, sweet like blood on a pale scrawny child, one of the prettiest creatures alive—so pretty that it disgusts me—one look at her face could swallow you into another dimension, but only o...
Camille LeZotte2 days ago
Don't Go Upstairs
It was a stormy Sunday night. The sky was dark and the house was quiet. Margaret felt scared but that was nothing new. Ever since her husband passed away everything felt scary. Around every corner was...
Lauren Hill2 days ago
Community Service—Chapter 2
The next morning I woke up around 10, it wasn’t a big surprise that I was home alone. My parents weren’t around too often after they split. I lived with my dad but he was always too busy with work to ...
r. nuñez4 days ago
Bats and Spiders
A note from the author: The illustrations for this story have been generously provided by Russian artist Sergei Zolotov. If you notice inaccuracies in the details, please understand that it was a ling...
Destiny Smalls4 days ago
Dark (Pt. 1)
My name is Daza and I live with John, who is a vampire. He's been here for 2,000 years, but he looks like he's 30. He took me three months ago and I'm still learning. He's very seldom and quiet, but w...
Jaime Heidel7 days ago
'The Echo' - Chapter 17
The Echo - Chapter 16 Start from the beginning!: The Echo - Chapter 1 When the morning sun filtered in through the window, Kimberly awoke to find Lynn wrapped in her arms. She smiled and brushed the h...
Blue Eye Stranger
'Blue Eye Stranger'
Ruby Steel8 days ago
Wraith: The First Attack
My spouse and I had just moved into a new place. We were celebrating freedom from the unholy infestation of ants. Which seemed to have monopolized the entire town we had transferred to. This celebrati...
Hello Pretty
I am dying. I am dying because I did not understand and now that I do, I have realized too late that I have sealed my own fate. When I was a little girl, I had a monster in my closet, and to those you...
Monique Star11 days ago
A Life for Six Lives
The idea that the past comes back to haunt people has been truer than people would assume, especially if one can't recall what they've done right away. Gregory Lloyd was on a trip to Florida. When he told his mother that he was heading to Florida, he claimed it was to take time off of work for a while on vacation, but that claim was to prevent worry. He was actually in Florida because he was assigned to write observations on an abandoned house that nobody else, not even his own coworkers, would ...
SKYLERIZED 12 days ago
Living Art
Talon Burris just finished his work. Like a wind sweeping through a musty hall, he felt that his piece would stand as a new standard for artistry. It featured what he maintained was a gargoyle, but it...
Jaime Heidel12 days ago
Molly, Molly
Geraldine Farmer stared out the window over the kitchen sink, hands clutching a dishtowel. The thunderclap came again, followed by a streak of lightning. She startled and backed away, well-worn slippe...
Robin 14 days ago
How Not to Kill a Woman
A Story About Death, Told by Death Himself
Ruby Steel14 days ago
Jonny Depp Is Michael Jackson?
I was in my mid to late teens when Michael Jackson died. I knew he was famous. But I didn’t know why or who he was. It was just a normal day for me—aside from my co-workers, many of whom were very sad...
Robin 14 days ago
Anti's Maze
A Jacksepticeye Fan Fiction
Jaime Heidel15 days ago
'The Echo' - Chapter 16
The Echo - Chapter 15 “No, he didn’t come home until after two last night,” Kimberly sighed into the phone. “He apologized this morning and he says he wants to talk when he gets home but…I don’t know....