Horror fiction that delivers on its promise to scare, startle, frighten and unsettle. These stories are fake, but the shivers down your spine won't be.

Ryan Moretti3 days ago
Can't Sleep
I don't know what it is... but I can't sleep. Let me explain. I've been living alone for awhile, but I haven't felt alone. My house is in a strange part of town, further from civilization than I'd lik...
Ember Joy3 days ago
Chapter 1
This story contains graphic scenes of violence, cursing, blood, murder, and zombie attacks. Not for the faint of heart! Also, the story will be giving some (emphasis on "some") details and tips on sur...
Britt Carter3 days ago
A Screen
As you sit in your seat reading this story, think about how often a screen is a part of your daily routine. From the small ones on your phones to the wide ones on your wall, they have become a norm. T...
Hannah Woods6 days ago
Demon Mother
It was unusually bright on the balcony that night, despite the lights from the other apartments shining through the windows. I was leaned up against the railing on the opposite side of where my apartm...
Jaime Heidel7 days ago
'The Echo' - Chapter 22
The Echo - Chapter 21 Kimberly’s cell phone rang while she was on the interstate, heading home. She had too much on her mind. She’d been trying to figure out what to make for dinner, wondering how her...
Monty Shaw8 days ago
A Man Loves His Skin
A man loves his skin. He bathes daily to keep it refreshed, using only the finest quality lotion to steep in. He basks in oxygen and sunlight for a few hours on his balcony and makes sure to drink ple...
tori v11 days ago
The Zoo
Doctor Joseph Gardner walks the linoleum halls with a smile on his face most days. He likes to remember how he used to play with animals on the street as a kid in his Virginian suburban neighborhood. ...
Brett W13 days ago
The Anarchist
Have you ever met a truly unforgettable person? I don't mean a family member or friend, but someone who passed through your life by chance, only to leave a profound epiphany? I have, and it changed me...
Tanika Adesa14 days ago
3 AM (Pt. 2)
"Now remember kids if anyone offers you drugs, say 'thank you,' because drugs are expensive!" Piere "Why did you screw it up?" Dyll questioned as I ran homewards. Kissing Bonnie was the worst thing th...
Tanika Adesa14 days ago
3 AM (Pt. 1)
"Running away will never make you free!" Cybil " There's a new patient coming in next week," G whispered as she pretended to give me my medicine. She knew that I wouldn't take it and I knew that I did...
Sam Anderson16 days ago
The Dead Do Not Forget
The Twisted Lusco Life
Kathryn Parker18 days ago
You flee as fast as you can go. I call your name, your real name. "Lucy!" I call sinister in my intentions and wishing to make you my trophy. "Lucy!" You trip and in vain, you get up and keep running....
Phoenix Lawson18 days ago
Read This Before You Die
I sit alone in my apartment, eating a bowl of some kind of cereal. I can't really tell the type because it's such an old box. I haven't had my paycheck from my late shift working at the post office ye...
Alex C18 days ago
The Cycle
The evening was quiet, almost calming. There's a chill in air—crisp, a whisper of snow threatening to fall. "Joan's Cafe" shined brightly from where it displayed on the lone corner of the "busy" stree...
Taylor Kelly19 days ago
Finding Your Way
Everything about this room was creepy, from the moment you walked in. The door was a pale forest green, that once could have welcomed a happy couple to a night get away from the kids. Now paint is chi...
Adizzy D19 days ago
I was looking out my bedroom window one night when I saw something a little strange. My family and I had just moved from Mississippi to Salem Ma and I was having a very hard time adjusting. My dad jus...
Ember :)20 days ago
A Dead Language
You sigh to yourself as you step through the doorway of your bedroom. Your bag hits the floor with a thump before you throw yourself haphazardly onto your bed. Face smushed into the mattress, you groa...
Jaime Heidel21 days ago
'The Echo' - Chapter 21
The Echo - Chapter 20 “Mommy, look!” Lynn pointed, squealing with delight. “Goats!” Lynn and Kimberly were walking around the fairgrounds in Cumberland, Maine. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day. Ther...