Horror fiction that delivers on its promise to scare, startle, frighten and unsettle. These stories are fake, but the shivers down your spine won't be.

Dr Joel LaNacey20 days ago
The Brookwest Horror
Introduction Mannequins. They’re relatively simple things, always around nearly every corner of every store in every mall. They never seem to catch your eye, never serving any other purpose but to dis...
Ruby Steel21 days ago
The Nightmare Chronicles
Nightmares. Bad Dreams. Psychic Visions. Night Terrors. Bad Omens. A bad day turned into an even worse night. Nightmares occur all over the world. Every person in the world has had a nightmare at some...
Eugenia Moreno21 days ago
Neighbours (Part 7)
1AM I can't sleep. It's as if the thought of him is ingrained so deep in my mind I cannot duck my head out, and it consumes me, yet it's still comforting somehow. I wonder when he's going to come. I h...
“Please understand that this is my punishment, not just yours,” Satan said. Chris just stared at him, metaphorically. Everything he was or did appeared to be metaphor since he died, as he had no actua...
Jaime Heidel23 days ago
Jenna Ross dipped a manicured toenail into her bathwater. Noting the water was hot but not scalding, she sunk her leg all the way in, allowing her body to follow. Reaching for the bottle of wine she’d...
Michael Whateley23 days ago
666 (Ch. 3)
Chapter three of 666. Please feel free to enjoy me reading the story, alternatively the story is below for you to read.
Michael Whateley24 days ago
666 (Ch. 2)
Chapter two of my short story horror collection. Feel free to enjoy the video of my reading, or read the story for yourself below.
Michael Whateley25 days ago
666 (Ch. 1)
The first story from my horror collection. I wrote this book four years ago. I tried to treat each short story as a novel in its own right; to make sure that the characters were believable, and not just two dimensional caricatures. Not long after writing it I had an email asking if I could read out some of the stories. I didn't have time sadly, but it started the nugget of an idea. Thanks to YouTube, a basic camera set up and green screen, I have found a new audience for my stories. Please feel ...
Jaime Heidela month ago
'The Echo' - Chapter 15
The Echo - Chapter 14 TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual abuse and suicide mention --- “Gary was putting on a Band-Aid,” Kimberly said. “Lynn was on the tire swing in a skirt and got a cut on her inner thigh. Th...
Darby weatherlya month ago
Serene Tragedy Part 2
So there I was, sitting on my bed in the dark, talking to a ghost girl like she was my best friend and we were having a sleepover. Serenity went on to tell me about who she was while she was alive. Sh...
Elijah Taylora month ago
Chemistry Pt. III
I awake in a cold sweat with no recollection of the night prior. I feel my neck and it's covered in blood. Nate usually isn't that aggressive with biting, and he certainly wouldn't have turned me. I d...
Patrick Tuttlea month ago
The Vagabond
The light of the moon cast the desert in shimmering blue, and the stars above were alight like spilled glitter. It was almost enough to distract me from the gnawing hunger pains, of how weak and tired...
Jaime Heidela month ago
'The Echo' - Chapter 14
The Echo - Chapter 13 “So, where is the Norman Rockwell family today?” Paul asked as he took a bite of grilled chicken. Kimberly chuckled at her brother's reference to Debra and her family. “They're a...
Natalie C..a month ago
Killing Spree
Stabbing the knife deep into her side, continuously pulling my hand up with the knife and forcefully pushing it back down. Seeing the dark red blood drip onto my fingers. I tightly grip the handle har...
Natalie C..a month ago
The Land of the Surviving
Across the ocean and beyond the treacherous mountaintops lay a small village that was lost and forgotten. Some of the most unspeakable events happen there. The things you only hear about in fairy tale...
Thomas Sebachera month ago
Thunder rings in the distance, a low rumbling sound. I stand amidst the buildings of a small town, the inhabitants laying now in their beds, oblivious to their peril. The storm is coming, the dawn bre...
Eliza Vargasa month ago
Everyone else was laughing. From the moment I walked into the room and I couldn't understand why. Were they laughing at me? Did I walk in funny? Is there something wrong with the way I look that I did...
Mike Maina month ago
Mother Mary (Ch. 2)
In the kitchen, Mary preheated the oven and took the roast out of the refrigerator. "Devil Picture Shows," the radio preacher’s voice echoed between her ears. "Free pornography is available everywhere...