Horror fiction that delivers on its promise to scare, startle, frighten and unsettle. These stories are fake, but the shivers down your spine won't be.

Tara Harrisona year ago
I got in the shower, letting the hot water wash over me. Looking down I saw blood; it covered the floor. It looked as though it was clogging the drain, I closed my eyes trying to unclog it, but all I ...
harold harta year ago
Born to Die
The lights in the city began to set to a dim glow, as though they were the eyes of God beginning to close after the long day of watching over civilians in the city of New York. It was as though the ni...
antonio rizzo2 years ago
The Shawcrux Massacre
Andrew sat at the table, his mind racing with feelings of a dreaded nostalgia. He placed the letter he had written on the small wooden table. It was a cold and rainy December night. The rundown walls ...
Adrianna Vicente2 years ago
Days of a Reaper
A bony hand held a pocket watch as the hooded figure stood outside of a hospital, it was almost time. The reaper made his way into the hospital, slowly making his way through the halls until he came t...
Chelsea South2 years ago
Be Aware or Should I Say Beware
I sat awake yet again at 3am, wishing I could just get some sleep. The wind roared outside with the storm that battered the house and shook the trees. 'This is great.' I thought. 'No sleep and a long ...
Ana Jay2 years ago
The Girl, the Light, and the Hallway
Hey, my name's Ana, a 19 year old born for the love of all things horror. It was at a young age that I found my drive for the genre that accelerated my imagination. If I wasn't watching heavy Westerni...
Tanisha Dagger2 years ago
The Horror of Not Knowing Part 2
Again, I woke up not really remembering what had happened although I knew I felt as if my body had been dismembered. It was horrible not knowing what I had been put through. However, I was still restr...
Ahsan Chishty2 years ago
The Crow
When I pulled into my parking lot this evening, I saw a strange, black shape on my roof. It was small and from a distance looked like nothing but a piece of trash. I noticed my cat calmly sitting besi...
Tanisha Dagger2 years ago
The Horror of Not Knowing
How can you tell someone what you have experienced when you don't really know whether you believe it or not? Well, one day you may come across yourself being in this exact position, whether you had pl...
Jade McCulloch2 years ago
Bus Stop
The night was nearly pitch black, and the cold rain just made it harder for me to see. I almost didn't see the woman standing beside the bench. Her rain-soaked hair covered most of her pale face, but ...
Serita Phillips2 years ago
Hello, my name is Isabel. I have a dark story to tell. For fifty years on end, I have been in the space between the living and the dead, watching the man I used to love slowly become a empty and demen...
Sarah Stoops2 years ago
Part One
Her chest heaved, searching desperately for air, as her body weakened with each step. She had been running for so long. The cold of night had brought chills to her skin, even as she ran. Darkness enve...
Courtney Schmale2 years ago
Death Follows You
Elyse hadn't ever felt real fear, not until she made the choice to return to her hometown. The place where she grew up, the place where she learned to ride her first bike, the place she had her first ...
Courtney Schmale2 years ago
I knew a lot of things about myself but these last few weeks I’ve learned something completely new. I knew that I was 5’5, 165 pounds, I was born here in Oregon. I knew who my parents were: Ted and Sh...
Courtney Schmale2 years ago
“Hey there, sleeping beauty. You have been out for a while.” The voice came into her head like an echo as if she didn’t have anything in her skull. If Elyse was being honest with herself, her head was...
Renee Lee2 years ago
Ding Dong Ditch
I knew I was bordering on hysteria as I watched it happen, because all I could think of was that line from the movie Hot Fuzz. Everyone and their mum's got guns round here. Apparently, rural areas are...
Rosalyn Grams2 years ago
Along Came A Spider
"Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey, Along came a spider and sat down beside her, and frightened Miss Muffet away!"
Quinton Thomas2 years ago
Toledo BETA: Part Two
I’m Karley. And I was scared of what’s next. See, according to my phone’s guide, Meta, my kids were gone and had no idea where they were. My leads were empty for almost a month until it told me to hun...