Get into the Halloween spirit; all about trick or treating, spooky costumes, Halloween decorations and haunted houses for October 31st and all year round.

Tom Chapman2 years ago
The Nightmare Before Crapmas: Insane 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Merchandise!
While Pumpkin Jack the Skeleton King may have returned to the grave 23 years ago, the tat this hit-film inspired still haunts The Nightmare Before Christmas to this day. Just like a Jar Jar Binks Pez ...
Roc Rockerson2 years ago
A Christmas Haunting at the Chamber of Horrors NY
Chamber of horror NY is having a Christmas haunting that will have you praying they never close. This year, if you love the macabre and all things that go bump in the night, take some time off from yo...
Tom Chapman2 years ago
A Mask From The Past: Michael Myers Won't Be Superhuman In 'Halloween' Reboot
For some 39 years we have seen the mute #MichaelMyers stalk the inhabitants of Haddonfield and beyond. Helping popularize the slasher fever that came in the '80s and cementing the trope of the final g...
C Castellanos2 years ago
Hallow's Eve
Eli is now 15 years old, the average age of a teenage boy to stop giving a fuck about Halloween but definitely not old enough to spend the night with his rowdy friends in abandoned buildings. He’s bee...
Tim Reynolds2 years ago
Death's Holiday Dead?
After sitting on my porch last night for two-and-a-half hours, and being disappointed by the lack of trick-or-treaters, I wondered if there were honestly many kids that still go out. I remembered when...
Jacob Elyachar2 years ago
Halloween Horror Frights!
Happy Halloween, Readers! To our fellow millennials, who do not want to spend money on costumes or parties on Halloween night, HORROR has the perfect solution — stay home and reminisce on some of the ...
Best SFX Makeup Artists to Follow for Halloween Inspo
Halloween is the one time of year when you get to wear whatever you want and be whatever you want — and no one seems to take more pride in that than the makeup artist community. After all, Halloween i...
Kathy Lester2 years ago
Halloween in the 1970s and 80s in Upstate New York Ben Cooper Costume Style
It was October 31, 1976 and I was only three years old in upstate NY. That's me on the left. I was wearing a Ben Cooper Princess costume. I really loved the days during my early trick-or treating year...
Emily McCay2 years ago
This Year's Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Are Tasteless AF
Everyone has someone in their family or community that is the epitome of poor taste. This would be the person who would make wearing socks with sandals look elegant. They're offensive, tasteless, and ...
Veronica Kelsey2 years ago
Hell House
The Hunter family lived in the prestigious mansion, The Mayhem Mansion, atop Devil’s Hill. Though it had quit a creepy name, Devil’s Hill had been the resting place of The Mayhem Mansion and the Hunte...
Carlos Gonzalez2 years ago
H'ween Horrorthon: 'Michael Jackson's Thriller' (1983)
"What's the problem? C'mon, I'll take you home." Michael Jackson to his on-screen girlfriend Ola Ray before turning to camera to reveal his 'cat eyes'. Hello one and all. So, this is a first. As part ...
Mama Mood2 years ago
10 Netflix Shows to Binge on Halloween (2017)
Ten shows you will not be able to stop watching this Halloween. WARNING: May cause you to double-check your closets and under the bed ;)
Emily Birkle2 years ago
This Is Halloween: A Ghost Story
A few years back, I was told a fable of Halloween's origin. In true fashion, it was structured like a ghost story and went something like this: It was late October, and the harvest season was just beg...
Dylan Simmons2 years ago
Top Five Podcasts for the Halloween Season
So, you're looking for a way to spend some time, maybe you're walking across campus and you have it: a thirst for horror, something that will make you crawl, or have you feel possessed. Well, maybe no...
Teyana Jackson2 years ago
The Curious Origins of Your Favorite Halloween Traditions
Whether you're an avid fan of the confection fueled holiday, or the neighbor everyone secretly resents for turning off all your lights and hiding behind the sofa, Halloween is fairly inescapable. With...