Monsters and horror go hand in hand; explore horrific creatures, beasts and hairy scaries like Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein and far beyond.

Oupost 31LV6 days ago
Scary Tales Publishing's 'Monster Mash-Ups' Is Pure Creature Feature Nostalgia
The age of black and white creature features is dead. At least that’s what the CGI-laden blockbusters of today would have you believe. As moviegoers, we do get the rare treat of a purely practical mon...
Sitting on the park bench, Ava Smalls thought quietly about what to do. Her deceased father haunted her thoughts, telling her it was all her fault. She got up quietly and slowly and walked to the aban...
Elijah Taylor11 days ago
With months passing and with no more nests to clear, Jason decides to seek Elias out to get closure. Since Ramona and Jason went separate ways after their last hunt, Jason seeks him out alone. He deci...
Elijah Taylor12 days ago
Vatican City
Serena Taylor13 days ago
A buzzing noise interrupts my endless dreaming and I slowing fade into consciousness. I slip out of my covers and cold feet follow the noise to discover the mysterious source. Outside my room the ligh...
Creation Studios14 days ago
Story 1 Atlas—The child from outer space! Part 1 I’m recording this from the Pod I arrived in. The more I’m in this spacecraft, the more I find out about it and me. I’m doing this because one day my b...
Brianne Sterling17 days ago
A Creature from My Dreams
I don't know how long ago I had this dream, but I can still remember a great deal of it so vividly. I was a male in the army, in a movie. The team and I had been assigned to fight something and we had...
Emily Sharp25 days ago
The 15 Creepiest Mythical Creatures
Since the beginning of time, the world has seen its share of mythical creatures. Some, however, are much creepier than others.
Jamar Poolea month ago
The Ungodly Pt. 1
That pretty smile, that gorgeous face, as I prop my head and daydream about Cindy Cruselle, the most popular and beautiful girl in school. We happen to have the same English class, and the way the cla...
Brandi Espya month ago
The Wood Watcher
The night air was brisk; it was at the end of November. The stars were bright, meaning the sky was clear, and that meant cold. After a long night of family togetherness, she decided to take a night wa...
Reed Alexander3 months ago
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Deep Star Six' (1989)
You know how you know it's an 80s horror? Only one black actor and he doesn't live past the halfway mark. That aside, I love a good rubber monster! This was one of my favorite movies back when I was a...
L.A Banks4 months ago
The Key Themes of 'Frankenstein' (and Its Hidden Meanings)
One thundery night by Lake Geneva, a 19-year-old woman created a monster so terrifying that her male companions were horrified. Soon after, she made that tale of a monster into a story. Frankenstein. ...
Adizzy D5 months ago
The Hide Behind
Ever hear of the Hide Behind? I have, and I'm lucky to be able to tell the tale about my crazy encounter I had one day while I was out in the woods. It was a warm summer morning when I decided that I ...
WatchMojo 5 months ago
Top 10 Werewolf Movies (REDUX)
There are of wolf and man! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 werewolf movies. When we did this list in January 2013, our audience was split down the midd...
Leanne Smith5 months ago
Hellhounds are mythological, supernatural dogs from ancient folklore. They are most associated with being Satan's pets and are popular in pop culture when mentioning the underworld of the Devil. In th...
Georgia Elise5 months ago
Why Do We Find Almost-Human Monsters Scary?
He had too many fingers. There were two heads where there should have only been one. Her body was wrong, with her legs long and thin, doubling the size of a normal human. Why is it that we find these ...
Verona Jones5 months ago
It was a beautiful fall day. Cool temps with a slight breeze that played with your hair, lots and lots of sun, A perfect day. A day Amber King would normally be singing some sappy song, while doing he...