Monsters and horror go hand in hand; explore horrific creatures, beasts and hairy scaries like Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein and far beyond.

Queen Faea year ago
The Dogman
Prologue. It was my twelfth birthday and my dad was taking me camping at my favorite spot by the lake. We have been camping there since we moved here to Maine. We lived in one of the most rural areas ...
Benjamin Housea year ago
They Live
Classic horror literature and its many inspirations, rip-offs, and retelling's, came from very real sources and sometimes have a way of being a sort of social commentary. Characters like Dracula, Fran...
Skye Beara year ago
Mr. Giggles
I once had an old toy...I called him Mr. Giggles. He arrived in a small box on our porch. He was a small brown ball of fur, with only a wide smile of bright white teeth. When I hugged him, he would gi...