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Michael Reynoso2 days ago
'The Nun' Official Teaser Trailer Review!!
Wow!!! If you guys have not seen The Nun trailer, you should watch it right now. I have watched the trailer with my sister and we were completely spooked, especially me (laugh). Now, when you start th...
'Hereditary' Review
I was able to finally get seats to see Hereditary. I'll admit I came into the theatre with doubts. Back when I first saw trailers for the film, this being over the winter, I wasn't so impressed with a...
Spenser Long3 days ago
Review: 'Hereditary' and the Art of Tension
WARNING: This review contains spoilers. Since Hereditary hit theaters on June 8, it's all my horror buddies and I have been able to talk about. All in all, I've seen it three times and each one has be...
hannah brostrom4 days ago
'Hereditary' and the Potential Beauty of Horror
It's no secret that modern day horror is often lacking in true artistic value, genuine passion, and sound motivation. More often than not, directors and producers use horror films as a vessel to secur...
Benjamin House7 days ago
'Let Me Tell You Where the Evil Is.'
I think when one understands the nature of horror, and experiences it for themselves in one way or another, as there are horrific elements regarding just about anything and everything in real life, you understand the subtle and not so subtle truths and metaphors for very real social issues contained with the horror film genre. Although, this line of thought can't always be applied when happy and 'excited' teenagers are butchered in horror movies. As Carpenter says in the video, these films work ...
Xavier Devine10 days ago
'Hereditary:' A True Nightmare
I was skeptical walking into this movie. The trailer was creepy, but didn't really offer anything truly terrifying. It wasn't until the plot slowly started to develop that I realized I might not be go...
Austin Wilson11 days ago
'Dracula The Dirty Old Man' (1969)
Dracula: The Dirty Old Man, a classic horror comedy or a must avoid flop? Having recently viewed this overlooked film from the late 1960s, I weigh in with my opinions and give you a base review. Is th...
KJ Proulx14 days ago
'Hereditary' - Movie Review
Movies like Hereditary don’t come around often enough, and that’s sadly due to the fact that audiences usually don’t flock out to see films that look abstract. Horror films have been on a very big hig...
Sean Patrick15 days ago
Movie Review: 'Hereditary'
Hereditary is a shocking and deeply unsettling horror thriller. Writer-director Ari Ascher’s remarkable attention to detail in production design, cinematography, and even character blocking, where a c...
Luke Duffy17 days ago
Top 5 Horror Sequels We're Still Waiting To See
When looking at the history of cinema it seems that any horror film, even a bad one, is able to spawn sequels. In terms of quality, some films have been strengthened by sequels. Look at the Phantasm s...
Sean Patrick17 days ago
Movie Review: 'Night of the Virgin'
Night of the Virgin turned my stomach. That sounds like the start of a negative review but, far from it. I actually loved Night of the Virgin. This Spanish import from director Roberto San Sebastian i...
Rebel Rose25 days ago
'Werewolf Rising'
Produced by Ruthless Films, 2014's Werewolf Rising is the story of a young woman trying to overcome addiction by going back home to her her family cabin in the Arkansas forest. That's right. I chose t...
Brooke Jenkins25 days ago
The Best of Netflix Horror
Netflix has a decent selection of horror movies but a lot of them are not decent enough to enjoy. There are some good Netflix horrors hidden among the massive collection of unsatisfactory horror.
Brooke Jenkinsa month ago
Overrated Horror Movies
Sometimes the media picks the wrong movies to admire. I often find myself shocked as to how people can like these movies but everyone has different taste. However, these movies have been heavily adore...
Brooke Jenkinsa month ago
Horror Movies to Watch With the Lights Off
Looking for some new movies to send chills down your spine? I have a few suggestions.
Maurice Berniera month ago
Three of the Scariest Movies I Have Ever Seen
When I think of the word HORROR, I think of two things. I will either think of my all-time worst girlfriend or the three best horror films I have ever seen in my entire life. Relax! I promise not to t...
Charlie Strovera month ago
6 Horror Movies Inspired by Real-life Events
There's nothing that makes a movie more terrifying than the five simple words: 'Based on a true story.'
Caleb Shermana month ago
Common Man's View: 'Cargo'
A horror story told mostly in broad daylight and putting little to no emphasis on the horror aspect, Yolanda Ramke's Cargo is perhaps the finest “zombie” movie I've seen. Ever. In fairness, most of my...