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Movie reviews for horror fans; from gruesome bone-chillers to dark horror thrillers, a showcase for frightful films that seek to entertain and to terrify.

Robert Cain13 hours ago
'Crawl' Movie Review
Released: 23rd August 2019 (UK) Length: 87 Minutes Certificate: 15 Director: Alexandre Aja Starring: Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper Patrolling the waters for millions of years, crocodiles and alliga...
Peter P2 days ago
'Pet Sematary' (2019)
A place to bury our pets and remember them. It might seem scary, but it’s not. It’s perfectly natural. In the distant past, I was an avid reader and devoured books constantly. That has been considerab...
Sean Patrick2 days ago
Movie Review: 'Ready or Not' Is One of the Best Surprises of 2019
Ready or Not stars Samara Weaving as Grace, a soon to be married woman. Grace is marrying Alex (Mark O'Brien) and marrying into Alex's incredibly rich family, the Le Domas family. The Le Domas Family ...
D.J. Rivera3 days ago
Kristin Stewart Battles Subterranean Monsters In 'Underwater'
Horror films are always trying to find new ways to scare audiences. They go to extreme lengths to make sure they exploit your darkest fears. Some say it's the monster that makes those movies successfu...
Q-ell Betton3 days ago
The Babysitter—Review (Netflix)
Brief synopsis: Cole is a reticent and bullied boy who is somewhat mollycoddled by his parents and scared of everything. His only friends are neighbour and school crush, Melanie and his hot babysitter...
Jonathan Sim3 days ago
'Ready or Not' Is a Delightfully Insane Thriller with a Great Sense of Humor
Well, because of this movie, I am never marrying anyone rich. After all, I'm a film critic. I don't need someone with money when I make dozens of dollars a month.
Will Lasley3 days ago
‘Ready or Not’ Movie Review
Ready or Not is a horror/comedy about a young woman named Grace (Samara Weaving) who is marrying into a very rich family of card game and board game manufacturers. On their wedding night, Grace’s new ...
Peter P4 days ago
'Monster Party' (2018)
Them fucking yuppie scums won’t know what hit them. Perhaps it would be better that future burglars screen the residents of the targeted house first, and then see if there’s something to get. That’s c...
Sean Patrick4 days ago
Movie Review: 'Hoax' Shows Dread Central as the Home of Modern Drive-In Horror
A group of attractive young people are getting horny and high in the woods, as one of them begins to tell a campfire story. As the group splits into couples to indulge in their attractive young people...
My Review of 'Pet Sematary'
With the popularity of IT, Hollywood knew they had to hit the iron while it was hot. I probably know exactly what was going on in their minds when they chose Pet Sematary as their next Stephen King re...
Pierre Roustan6 days ago
Two Films Proving Sharks Can Bring Out the Best in You
Survival features still to this day are so relatable—and scary all by themselves. That's so much the case that really any of these types of films don't need CGI, high concepts or even explosions. Amaz...
Trevor Wells6 days ago
Film Review: 'We Know You Are Home'
For the small town of D'Arcadia, Halloween is no longer the festive night it once was—not since the unexplained disappearances of three trick-or-treaters that continues to haunt the town and its resid...
Will Lasley7 days ago
'47 Meters Down: Uncaged' Movie Review
47 Meters Down: Uncaged, which is unconnected to the previous 47 Meters Down, is about two stepsisters who don’t exactly get along (a tale as old as time). When Mia (Sophie Nélisse), an oft-bullied wa...
Jonathan Sim7 days ago
'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' Is an Effectively Scary Horror Film That Doesn't Quite Know Its Demographic
Before I watched this movie, I didn't think this movie would be that scary because A) it's based on a children's book, and B) it's PG-13. Oh, young Jonathan. You, poor, naive idiot.
Will Lasley7 days ago
‘Them That Follow’ Movie Review
Them That Follow is about a deep-South Pentecostal snake-handling church. When a secret love affair results in Mara (Alice Englert), daughter of pastor Lemuel (Walton Goggins), becoming pregnant, she ...
Reed Alexander7 days ago
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Lo' (2009)
How do you hide the fact that your movie's budget is the same size as "Shakespeare in the Park?" Make a production that looks not entirely unlike "Shakespeare in the Park." A good friend of mine point...
Trevor Wells9 days ago
Film Review: 'Deadly Detention'
With their high school under fumigation, five teens find themselves being sent to an abandoned prison for Saturday detention: popular mean girl Lexie (Alex Frnka), athlete Jessica (Sarah Davenport), n...
D.J. Rivera9 days ago
'The Dark Red' Looks Like a Chilling Action-Packed Horror Flick
At first glance, The Dark Red looks like most horror films that revolve around occultist themes, taken newborn babies, and demonic possession. The whole thing starts you out feeling like you have alre...