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Stephanie Tomochi3 months ago
Childhood Experience in Madeira
A few years ago, me, my brothers, and my parents went on our yearly holiday to Madeira, which is the birthplace of my parents and is where they began their life together before coming to London. It wa...
Ann King4 months ago
Do You Want to Know if Someone Has Died in Your House?
Are you getting ready to move, perhaps it is your first ever purchase of a house, or you are renting for the first time all on your own. Is there a few things you want to know about your new dwellings...
Lena Bailey4 months ago
Why, Where, and How of Hauntings
I may not know everything about the paranormal world, but I can pass on my knowledge. In this post I want to talk about times and places where you are more likely to experience paranormal activity. I ...
Amanda Stables4 months ago
Five Warren Hauntings That Should Be Made into a Conjuring Movie
Ed Warren and the recently deceased Lorraine Warren are some of the most famous paranormal investigators to ever walk the earth. Their cases have become major motion pictures, thanks to the director J...
Aarin Pound4 months ago
Can the Paranormal Be Psychological?
The existence of ghosts is widely debated in our world. There are those on every level ranging from those that claim to see and speak to the dead, those that believe there is something paranormal in o...
Monty Shaw5 months ago
My Zombie Plan – Plan 2
Living with my Girlfriend across the town from where my first Zombie Plan was... planned, leaves me having to find another plan for what I would do, were there any Walking Dead around. We live on top ...
nik b5 months ago
Channeled Message for Beth
It was no surprise to us that our sweet little victim would climb out of the pits to show her arse all over again. We had pushed her down into them so often that even the devil himself was starting to...
Paranormal West Virginia: The Keith Albee Theater
Back in the early 80s, when I was only about five-years-old, my parents were attending a weekend convention in the city of Huntington, WV. Several of our friends and family were doing the same. We wer...
Paranormal West Virginia: The Haunting of Davey Hollow
My parents had only been married two years when they bought a small tract of land deep within the West Virginia mountains. When it was cleared, my dad started building a house-our home.
Jayden Kamakeeina5 months ago
The Day That Haunts My Dreams
There is this nightmare that I haven't had in years but still remember so clearly. I enter this house, it looks so familiar, but I don't recognize it. To my left is the kitchen, I take a quick peek be...
Lena Bailey5 months ago
'The Amityville Horror'
The Amityville Horror is a book published in 1977 that inspired movies and the book was inspired by real-life events. The first movie was released in 1979. It has been the subject of controversy and l...
Buddy Brown5 months ago
10 Terrifying Military Encounters With Ghosts
My friend Duke is a huge bruiser who's built like a refrigerator, as he should be. You see, Duke is a veteran. He's a fearless guy who has seen his fair share of battle during his time in the Army, an...
Lena Bailey5 months ago
Zozo is one of the most famous demons besides the devil. Please read all of this before you play with a Ouija board or do anything else paranormal. I will be going over who Zozo is, his names, how you...
Phill Ross5 months ago
Yorkshire's Ghosts, Exposed!
Across Yorkshire, there has been a rise in people reporting "paranormal activity" in their homes, and around the streets. Have people suddenly become more perceptive to the paranormal world over the l...
Will Evans5 months ago
My Encounters
I would consider myself a skeptic. I don't really believe in ghosts, monsters, I don't even believe in God. But that doesn't mean there are some weird occurrences that I have witnessed in my life, and that I can not explain. So to be clear, I don't know. Putting my search for logical answers and scientific reasons aside, here are the stories of the events themselves. I truly hope one day I, or someone, can find an explanation. Here we go. The first event was when I was a little kid. I was playin...
Rasma Raisters5 months ago
The Haunting of Washington DC
Ghosts in Unexpected Places
Tom Baker6 months ago
Poltergeists I Have Known
I own a Ouija Board. I bought it at the behest of a dead woman, naturally. "Jenn" contacted me through automatic writing. So, I supposed that there was a writing to be accomplished. That was three yea...
Lena Bailey6 months ago
Paranormal Games and Rituals
We have all heard of some of these, if not played one of them. There is a lot of risk in them, even though you might think they're just a fun game. You are summoning demons and spirits or trying to go...