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kit vaillancourt 6 months ago
The Winchester Mystery House and Other Mirrors
She haunted the halls and her own head in equal measure.
Bella Corallo6 months ago
My Haunting in North Carolina
When I turned 18-years-old, my mom was transferred from her corporate office in California to an office located in North Carolina. For my siblings and I, this was a huge and scary change. All we knew ...
Kayla Triplett6 months ago
My Paranormal Stories
"If you're reading this, then you are blissfully unaware of what's creeping up behind you."
Adizzy D6 months ago
The Ouija Board
Have you ever wondered if ghosts are real or what happens when you mess with the dead? I did and now I am paying for it in the worst way. One day I was bored and called a few friends to come over to m...
Yvonne Glasgow6 months ago
Nine Must-Read Rules for Using the Ouija Board
When you purchase a William Fuld Talking Board, aka Ouija, you’ll find that it comes with rules. However, over the years, movies have shared with us more rules to follow when it comes to using this fo...
Verona Jones7 months ago
Haunted St. Louis Cemetery
I tried to write normal articles, but that isn’t me. So, I am back to writing what I love most: The spooky, the haunted, and the downright scary. I’m starting with the haunted St. Louis Cemetery, loca...
Yvonne Glasgow7 months ago
Six More Reasons Not to Play with a Ouija Board
A couple of years ago I blessed you with an article filled with Six Reasons Not to Play With a Ouija Board. I own a Ouija Board, and I am in no way against these divinatory objects. If you use a spiri...
Tom Baker7 months ago
My Daughter Is Dead!
Note: The following is from my book "Scary Horror Legends," which has yet to be published. *** He leaned back in his seat, listening to the steady clack of the old train wheels eat up miles of track. ...
Adizzy D7 months ago
The Old State Hospital
I am working late in this school that the town has decided to renovate. This school use to be an old state hospital and just looks like a giant lost cause. I have no desire to be here, never mind unti...
Rowan Marley7 months ago
The Ultimate Guide to Ghost Hunting Equipment
I remember the time I got attacked by a ghost during a ghost hunt. Okay, so, it wasn't really an attack. Three friends and I decided to go on a ghost hunt using a terrible camera. We got the camera, w...
Bazooka Teaches7 months ago
Where Do Ghosts Get Their Clothes?
To start off, I am a spiritual person. I’ve had my experiences with the supernatural and have heard many stories that sound legit. However, I have a question, and I am sure this question has been aske...
Monique Star7 months ago
Dance Party
For as long as I could remember, I've been super obsessed with music. I've come across so many songs that, in this choir game where you have to think of multiple songs that have an assigned word in it...
Adizzy D7 months ago
The Witch
It’s 3 AM. I can see it standing in the corner of my room looking at me. I can see its outline. It looks like a witch with long fingernails and stringy unkempt hair. This creature seems to be moving c...
Courtney Keller7 months ago
My name is Mystic Rose May, most people call me Rosy. Some others call me Missy. Ever since I was little I could see and hear the supernatural. Those things most people think are fictional, they are n...
Tim McBride7 months ago
The House Between Two Roads
Ever since I could remember I've had a deep interest in the paranormal, perhaps it came from childhood experiences or maybe something more. There is always something to be said about the things that a...
Aaron Lin8 months ago
I've Been Hearing Strange Noises Coming from My Basement and Things Have Just Been Getting Worse (Pt. 2)
We had just moved into the house and my mom, being the extremely superstitious person, she is, decided to get a priest to check out the house. Looking back, I’m not sure why we even needed a priest bu...
Amanda Penn8 months ago
The Crescent Hotel and Spa
In Eureka Springs, Arkansas overlooking a valley sits The Crescent Hotel and Spa. Opening its doors on May 20, 1886, it began its rich and haunted history which eventually gave it its nickname of Amer...
Tony Martello9 months ago
Breath on My Back
The stale smell of the barbecue grill lingers with me as I drive home. There are a few pieces of chicken and barbecue sauce left on my green bar apron. Molecules of fun memories stick to my nose from ...