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Lena Bailey10 months ago
Dear David 8
Please click on my name to read the rest of this story, if you haven't already. This is the end of the story until I post an article about if it's a hoax or not. January 2, 2018 When he was home in Mo...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Cursed/Haunted Objects
So I did an article about whether or not things can be possessed and I fell down a weird hole. It's interesting on what can happen if things are cursed or haunted. So let's get into what is said to ha...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Dear David 7
If you haven't read parts one through six please click my name to do so now. November 6, 2017 After the dream, Adam went on about his day as normal but then he went into his gallery or camera roll. Th...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
They Hide and Float
I was always taught not to fear ghost or spirits, we all had experiences through out the years and even made it a part of our time together to share stories. My grandma told me "don’t be scared of the...
Amanda Stables10 months ago
Seven Haunted Places in California
California is the largest state in the United States and has a long history of wild behavior. Most of the original settlers (not Native Americans) were hoping for a better life through the gold rush. ...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Haunted Places #2
Dienger Building or Boerne Public Library is in Boerne, Texas. It was Joseph and Ida Dienger in 1887 as a dry-goods grocery store with the family living quarters upstairs. The city purchased it in 199...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Dear David 6
If you haven't read any of my posts in this story, you can click on my name and read the other posts.
Susan C 10 months ago
Human Portal to the Other Side Part 2
They are coming today. They should be there within the hour, but can she hold on? It's day four of Lanie's body being used as a portal for spirits to come and go from the spiritual realm into ours. Th...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Can Things Be Possessed?
We all know about Annabelle and Chucky but is there a true story behind these movies? There are people who believe that they can transfer their spirit into an object at any time, dead or alive. It is ...
Kaitlyn Hinkle10 months ago
Haunting on the Decks of the Queen Mary
Docked in Long Beach Harbor, California, the RMS Queen Mary is one of the most haunted locations in the United States. The ship itself is larger than the Titanic, at about 1000 feet. She made her maid...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Haunted Places #1
With Halloween coming up I thought that I would go through a list of haunted places, some of them you can visit and some you may not be able to. I'll tell you the location and the history of the place...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Slender Man
So if you haven't heard about Slender Man he is a fictional character people consider a creepypasta. Creepypastas are horror-related stories that make their way around the internet. Some involve the t...
Ossiana Tepfenhart10 months ago
The 10 Most Haunted Restaurants in the World
For most people, nightlife and entertainment venues are places to go when you feel lively. They're the places where people dance, dine, and drink the night away. Yet, most places that serve up good fo...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Dear David Part 5
As always, if you haven't read the previous parts of the story go to my page.
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Ouija Rules and Facts #2
Please read the first post I wrote about Ouija boards if you haven't already. I will be picking up where I left off. Rule number fourteen: If the planchet goes to all four corners you have reached a e...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
The True Story of Verónica
So if you don't know what this movie is about it's a Netflix movie about a girl named Verónica who get's an evil entity attached to her. This spirit came to her when she was trying to contact her boyf...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Exorcist and Exorcism Movies Truth
The first exorcist movie came out in 1973 and one of the first exorcism movies came out in 2005. Now there have been other movies about the devil, exorcisms, and the role of the priest (and religion) ...
Lena Bailey10 months ago
Dear David Part 4
If you haven't read the other parts of this story yet, please do so now. August 28, 2017 In preparation for his trip to Japan, Adam bought a pet camera so he could keep track of the cats and apartment...