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Pop culture for horror junkies; all about the famous films, creepypasta tales, trends and tropes that bled from the fringes of fright into the macabre mainstream.

Nathaniel Corns5 months ago
Why Are We Scared of Clowns?
You know what clowns are—typically men wearing white makeup, a big wig, and a big nose that are hired to entertain children at birthday parties or at the circus. So why do we also see these seemingly ...
synovelle w.5 months ago
The Horror Genre and Jump-Scares: A Thought
Boo. Didn’t really scare you, did I? Of course not. Text can’t really give you a good ol’ startle. It doesn’t make you jump from your britches and let out a yell of surprise, huh? I guess the word I’m...
Don Anderson II5 months ago
Why I Don't Watch Horror Movies
I never understood why people loved being scared or at least why some of my family members did. It's one thing for me to watch a movie with horror elements, but I can't watch horror movies like some o...
Tom Baker5 months ago
Celluloid Red!
Some of the worst cinematic dogs (er, turkeys is probably more appropriate here, if rather trite) have, it seems, the word "blood" in the title: Bloodsucking Freaks, Blood Feast, I Drink Your Blood, M...
Pierre Roustan5 months ago
The One Movie You Thought Disney Would Never Do: 'The Sixth Sense'
And you thought that it was an M. Night Shyamalan affair, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, but the minds behind the ominous tale about a man trying to solve the mental breakdown of a kid who sees "dea...
Evelyn Starr5 months ago
Reasons Why Horror Movies Are Good for Your Health
Turns out that your parents were wrong to ban scary films at your slumber parties because horror movies are good for your health. Yup. Stop covering your ears and hiding your eyes during the gory part...
Angel Tapia6 months ago
Fascination of Horror
Growing up, I always had this love for the horror genre. I've watched movies like The Evil Dead, IT (1990), Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street; and played games like Resident Evil, Until D...
Skunk Uzeki6 months ago
Top 10 Blogs & Websites for Horror Fans
Horror is one of those genres that people get obsessed with, big time. You can usually tell a horror fan right off the bat, because they will be the ones who suggest you buy them creepy gifts or insis...
Mr. Davis6 months ago
"Based on True Events" Is a Problem. Here's Why
Think about some of the most common tropes in horror movies. You've got gore, sex, and all that fun stuff, but there is one trope that seems to be exploited. The idea of a movie being "based on a true...
Thomas Sebacher6 months ago
Horror of Lovecraft
To begin any discussion of H. P. Lovecraft, one must begin with an analysis of the times in which he lived, the times where science seemed to explain everything, when human knowledge was expanding at ...
Bill Burnett6 months ago
People Want to Take Religion Seriously
In the "there-are-no-atheists-in-foxholes" department, I recently rewatched William Friedkin's The Exorcist for perhaps the 12th time. I once again had my judgement confirmed that it is a great movie,...
Carl Murray7 months ago
Dead Meat: A Fan's Review
Dead Meat, also known as Dead Meat James, is a horror movie YouTube channel that is run by James A. Janisee with the help of his girlfriend who appears in videos, Chelsea Rebecca. First off, this YouT...
L.A Banks7 months ago
9 Horror Movie Sets That Experienced Real Hauntings
There’s something fun about watching a horror film. If you’re like me, you’ll probably view it from behind the nearest cushion/friend’s shoulder, but nonetheless, fear-factor aside, it’s always an exh...
Daniel Romero7 months ago
Quest Factory: The Clinic
What’s up everyone? It's Dannis here covering the horrifying Clinic by Quest Factory. I have heard a few different things about this room, being that one: it is pretty scary, and two, it’s more of a w...
Riley Raul Reese8 months ago
Creepy Gifts Every Horror Fan Would Love
Horror fans are awesome people who typically have a fascination with the dark, the morbid, and to a point, the mysterious. They are great friends and can be the perfect pal for a movie suggestion, how...
Alfred Taerz8 months ago
Top 10 YouTube Channels for Horror Fans
Horror isn't always the most praised or influential of genres, but there's plenty of fans dedicated to it in multiple ways. One of the best place to find all things horror is YouTube, which is chock f...
Han Kemp8 months ago
Social Media: A New Medium for Horror
Creepy Twitter threads are the latest inventive way of creating urban legends online.
Nathaniel Corns8 months ago
Stephen King's 'IT,' Homophobia, and Charlie Howard
** Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for the novel IT by Stephen King **Trigger Warnings for: Homophobia, Violence** Stephen King has never been one to shy away from hard hitting topics. One of ...