Mind games taken way too far; explore the disturbing genre of psychological thrillers that make us question our perception of sanity and reality.

Rachel Jacobs4 days ago
I’m slipping back into a state of consciousness, I’m gripping onto reality. It feels like I’m spinning in a vortex of hyperreality, these colors are so vivid and lovely. Why does no one visit me? Why ...
Argenis Ovalles11 days ago
Ma, You Are Crazy
Dear readers, If you haven't watched this film, I suggest you put the phones down, and converse with nature around you, for this is a Spoiler Alert. You've been warned. There is only one issue with sm...
Saffron Taylor19 days ago
I woke up at seven AM to get ready for school. I was absolutely dreading today, and the maximum teasing from my fellow school peers I imagined. On top of that, I was anxiously waiting for one PM to st...
Darcy Kerrigana month ago
Closet Doors
When one door shuts, another opens on its own.
J.Y. La month ago
Six Places Where Reality Feels Altered
Have you ever felt uneasy or out of place, filled with a feeling that’s almost indescribable? Here are “Six Places Where Reality Feels Altered”.
Skyler Sneathen2 months ago
The Reasoning Behind Rachel Creed's Burying
In my life I have known a handful of people that give Louis Creed some flak for choosing to bury his wife near the end of Mary Lambert's Pet Sematary. They state that you would never catch them doing ...
Keenan Chiasson3 months ago
The Strange Dark
Paranoia swept through him colder than the icy breeze breaching the cracks of the lone log cabin’s wooden makeup. Overcome with fear of the restless shadow he burst into a frenzy, flung the door wide,...
Hannah Kannady4 months ago
Age of Fear
There is one thing that everyone in the population shares: Fear. Fear can take many forms to focus on a particular paranoia such as nuclear destruction, climate change, fear of foreigners, etc. But wh...
WatchMojo 5 months ago
Top 10 Psychological Thrillers
Don’t lose your’s only a movie! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Psychological Thrillers. For this list, we’re taking a look at the most suspe...
Eugenia Moreno5 months ago
Neighbours (Chapter 8)
8 AM I have decided to skip work today. My boss hates me. I was going to get fired anyway. And, who cares? Roy can pay for my unemployed desires, lustful gifts that I could otherwise afford if I had a...
J.J Taylor6 months ago
It was a beautiful stormy night, wind blowing, rain coming down, and the light that shot across the sky resembled fireworks on the forth of July! The thunder was the only thing that would shock you ab...
WatchMojo 6 months ago
Top 10 Little Known Phobias That Would Make Great Horror Movies
In the this genre, you need to get creative to make people truly afraid. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Little Known Phobias That Would Make Great...
Eugenia Moreno7 months ago
Neighbours (Part 6)
7 AM I wake up feeling an overwhelming sense of dread, which I cannot escape and I'm rather exacerbated by the fact that I have to go to work just like any other mundane person must. Why is it an obli...
Eugenia Moreno7 months ago
Neighbours (Part 5)
8 PM I have been sitting contemplating my filled cup of coffee for the past hour. A dilemma has decided to surface inside my head, just as a sunrise would, only that these thoughts are uninvited and s...
Henry Sheperd7 months ago
The Ending Days
1. "Wait." Cindy grabbed my hand. I remember the school bell has just rung. It was summer again with a mixture of heat and sweat so thick in the air it was nearly palpable. "Can we talk?" I tell her s...
Morgan Reddekopp7 months ago
Playing with Fire
“Hush, hush,” she whispered to her sleeping brother. Wyatt, who was normally a peaceful sleeper, tossed and turned, his sandy blonde hair unkempt and just about covering his furrowed brow. Normally sh...
Dakota Shadow8 months ago
That's Love, Isn't It?
"If I told you I am going to kill myself, how would you react? Panic? Call the police? Sit down and talk me through it? No, you’d let me die." "Now I don’t mean that in a harsh inconsiderate way, but ...
Morgan Neal 8 months ago
Why We Watch Horror Movies
Of all of the many different genres of movies, horror seems to be one all on its own. Though not for everyone, horror movies are a fun thrill for those who like the adrenaline of it. In Stephen King’s...