Don't open that door! Psycho made slasher films a hallmark of the horror genre; explore iconic hackers, slashers, and chainsaw-wielding psychopaths, from the safety of your living room.

Jeff Bardeau2 years ago
Strangers In The Night
Drool fell from his grimacing smile, landing on the bare chest of his latest female victim, just before the knife blade sliced across her breasts. If she could have screamed, she would have, but with ...
JRD Skinner2 years ago
Final Girl
Kayla Simmons, 45, was laughing at herself as she stumbled out of the cornfield. She’d been planning and saving for this trip for a year-and-a-half, and there wasn’t much of it left: It would be hilar...
Jake Pine2 years ago
Bloodiest Gore Movies of All Time
The movie going public loves carnage, don't even try to argue it, it's a fact at this point. Buckets of blood and severed limbs are mandatory for certain sects of movie lovers. ABC news studied it, an...