The hidden world of all things supernatural; a look inside witchcraft, spells, vexes, black magic and other spine-tingling supernatural phenomena.

Deborah Portilloa month ago
A young woman returns to her childhood home looking for her father. On a regular basis he comes to the solitary residence for grieving. He will sit on the bottom stairs of the stairway that lead to th...
Israel Pettya month ago
The Pentacle Versus the Pentagram and Why You Should Never Use Both
I've been giving this particular topic a lot of thought. After all I'm not involved with the Pagan community, so I asked myself several times, "Is there something new I can bring to the table?" But in...
Sean Walsha month ago
2:31 AM
It’s only when the pressure on my bladder becomes unbearable that I realize it is 2:31 AM. I have been sitting in front of my computer, legs crossed in my chair, traveling down a very bizarre rabbit h...
Nikita Bryanta month ago
Carl Triscer—The Unknown
He was born into an aristocratic family in early 20th Century Britain, his father was a surgeon and his mother a royal seamstress. During his formative years, very strange phenomena occurred around hi...
Rosey Smitha month ago
The Willow
“Meet me at the willow at 3 AM,” she called to the boy as he ran to his class. The only thing the boy could do was smile as he watched his high school sweetheart run away with that big goofy grin on h...
Lesley Anne Armour2 months ago
The Nameless
It was the end of me but strangely too, the beginning of my story. As people stood around me, the mist lay low encircling their feet, but it did not lie as low as me. I had tried to make them see me b...
Tom Baker2 months ago
The Butter Witch
Now, Words about Witches: Once, long ago, but, of all places, in Giro INDIANA, a woman was trying desperately to get her damned butter churn to cooperate. "Fie!" the woman intoned. "Some damn witch ha...
Emily Dheel2 months ago
After Dusk
Night had fallen. In the vast fields of grain, something began to stir. Wolves could be heard howling in the distance. All of the townsfolk were already tucked away inside their homes. Quiet enveloped...
Pierre Roustan3 months ago
5 Shocking Videos on Demonic Possession that Will Make You Believe
When you think about it, out of all sub-genres and tropes in horror media, quite honestly the concept of demonic possession envelopes and chokes the fear into and out of many simply out of enigma. And...
Melissa Dillon3 months ago
Dinah's mother died during child birth leaving her in the care of Dinah's father. Dinah's father blamed her mother's death on Dinah though and treated her like a pile of smelly dog poop. Dinah lived in the small garage they had. Her only position being a doll her mother bought her before she died. One day Dinah's father comes in and breaks the doll. The doll had a demon inside of it and when the doll broke the demon went to Dinah. Dinah is now called Dolly. Dolly is a cannibal seeking revenge on Dinah's father. What will happen when Dolly finds him and if she doesn't what will she do then?
Ace Parker3 months ago
Dolls of the Devil (Pt. 1): Annabelle
Ah, Annabelle. Because dolls aren't scary enough already. I have to admit, Hollywood overdid it with the cracked, worn-out porcelain thing-that-is-supposed-to-be-for-children they used in The Conjurin...
Liz Austin3 months ago
Tragedy of Black Willows
On a dark and gloomy night, a disfigured rogue began lacerating and gouging it's chest so deeply that the sternum had flung out and smashed through this window that had been besprinkled with spiderweb...
Michael Reynoso3 months ago
What’s Next for the Conjuring Universe?!
Will the Conjuring universe continue? Ever since the premiere of The Nun, a lot of people have been speculating if this film is the end of the Conjuring series. I personally think that there should be...
Melinda Dawson3 months ago
Tainted Toys
There was soft noise that caught her attention almost immediately as she slowly made her way down the hall way that extended from the front door to the living room. It wasn't loud enough to be disting...
Tom Baker4 months ago
Haunting the Urinal
The heavy metal band Slayer, known for their grim, Satanic lyrics as well as the breakneck speed with which they play, once released an album called Haunting the Chapel. You might call this article Ha...
Sheara KLC4 months ago
Occult Science
I've made spells that can bring down mountains, and spells that can build them. I've made people fall in love and fall apart. But this is a tale darker than any darkness, a tale of two lovers that lov...
Grant Wall4 months ago
Reaching for Eternity
“But you don’t have the time to listen to me ramble,” said Time. Unusual name. Befitting the unusual man. He shifted in his wheelchair, though he looked far too healthy to need one. “Oh, no, please, r...
Marga Rita4 months ago
Spirit Communication
Have you ever had that feeling like you've been touched by something and you have no explanation why? Yeah, I think that every day. After all, there's always something weird happening in my life.