The hidden world of all things supernatural; a look inside witchcraft, spells, vexes, black magic and other spine-tingling supernatural phenomena.

Michael Reynoso6 months ago
What’s Next for the Conjuring Universe?!
Will the Conjuring universe continue? Ever since the premiere of The Nun, a lot of people have been speculating if this film is the end of the Conjuring series. I personally think that there should be...
Melinda Dawson6 months ago
Tainted Toys
There was soft noise that caught her attention almost immediately as she slowly made her way down the hall way that extended from the front door to the living room. It wasn't loud enough to be disting...
Tom Baker7 months ago
Haunting the Urinal
The heavy metal band Slayer, known for their grim, Satanic lyrics as well as the breakneck speed with which they play, once released an album called Haunting the Chapel. You might call this article Ha...
Sheara KLC7 months ago
Occult Science
I've made spells that can bring down mountains, and spells that can build them. I've made people fall in love and fall apart. But this is a tale darker than any darkness, a tale of two lovers that lov...
Grant Wall7 months ago
Reaching for Eternity
“But you don’t have the time to listen to me ramble,” said Time. Unusual name. Befitting the unusual man. He shifted in his wheelchair, though he looked far too healthy to need one. “Oh, no, please, r...
Marga Rita7 months ago
Spirit Communication
Have you ever had that feeling like you've been touched by something and you have no explanation why? Yeah, I think that every day. After all, there's always something weird happening in my life.
Marga Rita7 months ago
Whispers in the Dark
It's night time. You are laying down in your bed, you're about to sleep when suddenly you hear a voice next to you. You open your eyes and no one is there. Could it be someone trying to communicate fr...
Bong Studly7 months ago
That Time I Got Cursed
So this is a story I love to tell, although lately I have been a bit more than slightly cautious to whom I share it with because of a date that went terribly; may as well put it on the internet! Imagi...
Kat Woods8 months ago
2010. A couple and their four-year-old son, David, are out at the store Halloween shopping. David decides to venture through the toy aisle. As he is looking at the variety of toys, a young man approac...
Bruce Arnold8 months ago
The Rose Bush Girl
She sat in the chair, her head down and the rest of her body limp. Blood stained rose vines littered the floor around her. The smell of death and plant life hung heavy in the air. The girl’s hair was ...
Eliza Vargas8 months ago
The Nightmare
I'm in the top bunk in the cabin getting ready for bed, sneakily eating a doughnut before my aunt comes in to check on me. She never allows us to eat any sweets after eight, even though I was now fift...
Alice Valencia9 months ago
Being Aware
For my whole life I've heard a voice in my head. Not one that drives me to insanity but rather one that keeps me sane. I can't force it to happen, nor can I predict it. It happens entirely on its own ...
L.A Banks9 months ago
The Scariest Exorcisms in History
People have always been fascinated with demonic possession. You only have to look at the sheer range of movies and books, from The Amityville Horror to the ever-popular The Exorcist, to see how much t...
Andrea Van Scoyoc9 months ago
The Portrait
For so long, the house had intrigued her. Why she was so drawn to it, she had no idea, but she had to see it...She had to go inside. “Haunted,” whispered the town busybodies. “Stay away,” whispered au...
Pan So10 months ago
Divination: The Witch's Primary Tool
Robin was walking through the woods in the midnight hour in late September. Even though she was rushing, she didn't know what it was that was calling her so intently and made her leave the crowd to fo...
Katherine Shear10 months ago
Cloak Guy
It was a normal school day. My friend Sharon and I were sophomores in high school. She had her license; I didn't. So, as you can assume, we were always in her car. We drove to school together, she dro...
Do You Believe in Ghosts?
I have always been fascinated by ghosts and the supernatural but I can't say that I have actually had a real supernatural experience. When I was younger, about eight or nine years old, maybe younger, ...
Cin Ga year ago
Peek A Boo, I See You
Lisa Green grew up on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia. Along with her brother Dean, step-father Alex, and mother Jenny they'd recently moved into a modest 2-bedroom, 2-level home on C...