The hidden world of all things supernatural; a look inside witchcraft, spells, vexes, black magic and other spine-tingling supernatural phenomena.

Chelsea South2 years ago
Midnight Kiss
Chapter One: A Night to Remember
Kayla Smothers2 years ago
Followed Me Home
When I was younger, I used to love scaring the shit out of my friends when it came to the paranormal. I would tell ghost stories and sneak up behind them to scare them. And as we got older we would go...
Faith Young2 years ago
Rant Edition One
Ghosts. Every year, as All Hallows Eve approaches, it's the same story. "Once in a Haunted Castle..." or "At summer camp, there was a...". Why can't people be more inventive than that? What about the ...
Benjamin House2 years ago
"Michael, Is That You?"
The following is an account from my father, whom after many years after the event took place has never been able to make sense of what he experienced. And from talking to him about it, he'd rather NOT...