urban legend

Urban legends have captivated us from ancient eras to the modern day; a deep dive into scary lore and 'could be true' tales about Bigfoot, Slender Man, the Suicide Forest and beyond.

Chance James15 days ago
Haunted Places USA - Third Bridge Aurora, Colorado Ghost Hunters Drums
Third Bridge Aurora, CO - Haunted Indian Ghost Drums
Holly 16 days ago
5 Scariest Urban Legends
The stories of urban legends have been floating around for many years, often without a verifiable source with them. However, they do highlight our deepest, darkest fears that have gone back centuries ...
Ink Mouse19 days ago
Bunny Man Bridge
The legend of Bunny Man Bridge says that if you walk all the way down the tunnel at around midnight the Bunny Man will grab you and hang you from the entrance of the bridge. Leaving you as a dead muti...
Cryptic Hattera month ago
15 Urban Legends that Are Actually True
Here’s a little something that’ll keep you up at night. A few or more of us have heard about an urban legend, a story that is passed around from person to person and is passed off as a true story. But...
Briana Marie2 months ago
The Mystery of Sweetwater Lake
The moon shone high above Sweetwater Lake, the sky faded to dusk, and the frogs croaked in the bush. The lake was just behind an old house, a former plantation. The house belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Tayl...
Vagabond Bundy2 months ago
The Elevator Game [Podcast]
(Ritual Game/Creepypasta)
Lotus Moon2 months ago
I Thought Kokkuri-San Was Just a Game
Kokkuri-San is Japan’s answer to our Ouija board. I had heard about it in passing on the internet as just another urban legend. And since I knew little about it, I put it from my mind until it just ca...
Jack the Ripper and the Sallie House
Jack the Ripper terrorized the white chapel district from August 1888 to November 1888. He's murders started in August 1888. Jack started killing people in the London white chapel district. His kill c...
Cryptic Hatter3 months ago
20 Cursed Objects that Really Exist
People have always been fascinated by the supernatural and the occult. Cursed objects have been the product of movies and stories, but that’s all they are, right? Well some of these movies and stories...
Cryptic Hatter3 months ago
15 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told
No SCP’s will be mentioned in this one, as I did one about them in my previous article, sorry SCP-173. What are creepypastas? Creepypastas are urban legends or scary stories found all over the interne...
chrystal wray4 months ago
Candyman is one of those spooky games that kids play at sleepovers. Some examples of other spooky games are Bloody Mary, Cat Scratch, and the Ouija board. Although this game does not cause an evil wom...
Tom Baker4 months ago
The Black Corridor
Time is a damned thing. It circles back around on itself, like a snake eating its own tail. Sometimes, events that have transpired, long ago, seem to repeat themselves, as events realign themselves, a...
Tom Baker4 months ago
Bub Rattleborough stood out on his porch one fine Spring day, aimed his six-shooter, and blew the head off of a poisonous snake that had crawled out from behind an old log in the yard. He stepped off ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart4 months ago
The 15 Most Bizarre Monsters from Medieval Folklore
What do you think of when someone mentions monsters from Medieval folklore? Do you think of werewolves, like France's loup-garou? Do you typically think of dragons from British legends? What about fai...
Steve Stockton5 months ago
Mysterious Judaculla Rock
Way up in the mountains of Jackson County, near Sylva, North Carolina, there exists a giant, mysterious stone. What makes this large rock so mysterious is that it’s literally covered with weird marks ...
Steve Stockton5 months ago
Ghost of the Suicide Bride
In the 1930s, the Greenbrier Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, catered exclusively to wealthy travelers—hunters and tourists alike—from all over the southeast. The legend goes that, back in the day, a y...
Steve Stockton5 months ago
Hauntings on the Parkway
A True Ghost Story
Boots Goodall5 months ago
Have You Seen The Hat Man?
I know there are pages like reddit/nosleep or creepypasta, but I need people to know that this was real. It's seven years ago, and I'm 15. After nagging for months to change my bunk bed to a low bed, ...