urban legend

Urban legends have captivated us from ancient eras to the modern day; a deep dive into scary lore and 'could be true' tales about Bigfoot, Slender Man, the Suicide Forest and beyond.

Iggy Paulsen5 months ago
12 Native American Legends That Will Terrify You
There's nothing quite as fascinating as reading up on the mythology of other cultures. Every single culture has its own unique creatures, legends, and myths that have been passed on through the ages f...
Ink Mouse5 months ago
Midnight Man
WARNING! Play this game at your own risk of torture and death. The Midnight Game, The Midnight Man, and Midnight Man Game were used as a ritual to summon The Midnight Man to punish rule breakers in Pa...
Edward Anderson7 months ago
The Haunting of Fordham University (Pt. 1)
"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win," Stephen King has said. Who better than the King (pardon the pun) of horror to bring us into a ghost story? I...
Ella Rainz7 months ago
Legends, Myths, and Nightmare Fuel
The oceans make up so much of our planet that we now know more about the surface of the moon than we do about what lies beneath. Be it fake sightings or real sightings, with the way video editing work...
Verona Jones7 months ago
Is Howard Street Cemetery Haunted by a Wizard?
The Salem Witch Trials created their own ghosts. Everyone has heard of these trials. The mass hysteria in Salem where the locals saw witches lurking in every home or skulking around every corner of Sa...
Monatgeofheck +7 months ago
"We're a Bunch of Dead Men"
I recall taking this picture back in 2017 I believe. I remember us hitching our bikes among our shoulders, and shyly creeping through a field of pesticide infested weeds. The gnats and mosquitoes were...
Tom Baker7 months ago
(You’ve all heard the old saw about “alligators in the sewers,” right? Supposedly, back during the 1960s when buying people baby alligators as pets became a fad, people ended up worriedly flushing the...
Tom Baker7 months ago
The Girl Came Home
She did her hair, carefully, slowly, in front of the mirror. She put on her mascara and lipstick equally carefully, dousing herself with a little perfume. On the radio, The Ronettes sang about wanting...
Tom Baker7 months ago
The Golden Arm
For all I know, Mr. Peters is a ghost himself now. Back then, though, he was an elementary school teacher in a Department of Defense School, one located on a military base in Panama, Central America. ...
Shelby Yarchin7 months ago
The Gray Man of Pawley's Island
As humans, we rely on warning signs. If you’re driving down the street and see a red octagon you know that you need to stop. If you see clouds forming against a clear blue sky, it’s probably time to p...
Leanne Smith7 months ago
La Llorona
The legend of La Llorona comes from Mexican folklore and is very popular in pop culture, especially within the horror scene. La Llorona, also known as the Weeping Women, is a spirit of a mother search...
Aarin Pound8 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 7)
We start to take a look at the warm, tropical climates of two of the more popular states, Florida and Hawaii. With these exotic states come some fascinating creatures and legends as well.
Aarin Pound8 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 6)
Two states in one! Connecticut and Delaware don't have a lot of exciting tales, not nearly as many as other states, but their tales spread across cities. These tales are well-known all over the states...
Aarin Pound8 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt .5)
California is a state known for high class, Hollywood movies, famous and eccentric individuals. So, it only makes sense that the urban legends and known creatures in this state are just as eccentric a...
Christina B8 months ago
11 Things That Might Indicate a Ghost in Your House
Having a ghost in your house—or worse—can cause a lot of issues in your life if your not careful or don't address the ghost right away. If you feel that there is a spirit trapped in your house, please...
Aarin Pound8 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 4)
Time to look into a state that has some of the strangest creatures that are a bit hard to believe, yet one of the most interesting and believable urban legends.
Aarin Pound8 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 3)
Despite the states varying from size and population, some just don't have many urban legends or known cryptids, but each one still has their own version that locals talk about and visitors question. A...