urban legend

Urban legends have captivated us from ancient eras to the modern day; a deep dive into scary lore and 'could be true' tales about Bigfoot, Slender Man, the Suicide Forest and beyond.

Ossiana Tepfenhart7 months ago
10 Horror Movies That Were Allegedly Cursed
It's often said that some people are just born under an unlucky star. They seem to see the worst that life offers, often causing chaos and problems everywhere they go. When it comes to people, the unf...
Tom Baker7 months ago
The Noxious Nuptials of Mad Sir John
We want to tell a little tale here. One that, really, we only know the bare bones concerning. (And there is really no humor intended by that first line. But, there is irony. Sir Johnathan Pryce, we ta...
Tom Baker7 months ago
The Portrait
A Charming Little Tale of a Painter and the Paranormal
Amanda Stables7 months ago
Ten Scariest Japanese Urban Legends
Scary Japanese urban legends are aplenty, but here are the top ten scariest.
Pierre Roustan8 months ago
3 Terrifying Short Films About the Forests That Frighten Us
Seriously? Don't mean to poke fun at this, but it really is true: somehow, some way, it seems that in the classic trope and style of a horror film from the bowels of B-cheese like Friday the 13th to e...
Skyler Whitfield8 months ago
Fireflies in the Dark
Twelve Years ago... A young couple moves into a large manor on the edge of town, Rowan Manor, named for its unlikely grove of rowan trees. Unusual, as they are the only such trees to grow in the small...
Charlotte Williams8 months ago
Ten Witch Trials Throughout History
In our day and age, we are taught acceptance of other people and their lifestyles. At no other point in history have people felt more comfortable of being themselves than they are right now, though hu...
Gabriella Grace8 months ago
This Woman
One woman’s death could be the start of another’s life. Only perception decides if any of it matters or not. This woman, who usually has a positive outlook and a loving perspective, took one too many ...
Michael DeNicola8 months ago
The Importance of Urban Legends and Story Telling
I was always fascinated by the story of the Mothman. It must have something to do with my mother telling me about the creature when I was a little boy. She was reading The Mothman Prophecies by John K...
Brooke Farron8 months ago
Her Warm Winter
PART 1 It was a cold winter’s day; the frost was sharp and had left many of the woodland creatures frozen by its bite. In the desolate woods, she sat alone on a bench. How she liked it. Her name was B...
Tom Baker9 months ago
Cars That Kill
When Good Autos Go Wrong
Tom Baker9 months ago
The Slenderman Cometh
Whoever—whatever—Slenderman is, whether he is a demon from hell, a mass delusion, or something summoned up from the collective ID, given a real startling life by young people sitting at their keyboard...
Tom Baker9 months ago
Beg and More
Once upon a time (and this is a story that took place, once upon a time, at Halloween time, in ancient Ireland), there were two brothers. One, Peter Beg, was a good, fun-loving, kind-hearted, and dece...
Tom Baker9 months ago
The Maniac in Back!
This is something Debra told me happened to her back in the 80s. True story, man, and the woman it happened to never forgot it. It was, as they say, a real "close shave." Debra was driving home, tired...
Tom Baker9 months ago
The Girl with the B52 Hairdo
Madge was forever spraying her hair, ogling herself in front of that old, cracked dresser mirror. She liked that song, oh what was it? The Ronettes! Yes, "Be My Baby." The song they later used in that...
Lady Sunday9 months ago
Vampires in America
What is your favorite movie about Vampires? I was a '70s baby, so depending on your age, your answer may differ from my generation. Perhaps, like me, you're old enough to remember the release of 1979'...
Tom Baker9 months ago
Little Bowser
Ohmigod! You just have to hear all about the strange dream I had last night! No, really, it was so gross. I was driving through this place that looked like a desert; but, it wasn't really a desert; it...
Tom Baker9 months ago
Okay, this really happened. Happened long ago. Maybe 45 years, maybe 50. Who knows. I don't know, but I'll tell you the story. Got it from a friend of a friend. True stuff. There was this couple, Jan ...