urban legend

Urban legends have captivated us from ancient eras to the modern day; a deep dive into scary lore and 'could be true' tales about Bigfoot, Slender Man, the Suicide Forest and beyond.

Leanne Smith8 months ago
The Story of Krampus
Christmas is a wonderful time of year when the nice man in red brings gifts to all of the well-behaved children. It's a time of joy and love. For some, however, the Christmas demon might make a surpri...
Aarin Pound9 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 2)
Each state has their own legend or creature to awe the masses or scare their children into submission. Let's look at a state that has enough mystery around it without the various legends and creatures...
Lena Bailey9 months ago
Skin Walkers
Skin walkers are a Native American legend. They are a witch that can turns into or possesses any creature or animal that it wants to so that it can do bad things. It can never be used by a healing wit...
Aarin Pound9 months ago
Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States
Everyone knows of the various legends and creatures that haunt all over the world, stories turned into urban legends to delight residents and visitors, and bring in tourists. While every country has i...
Jay Holdan9 months ago
Goat Man's Bridge (Pt. 1)
Denton, Texas—Nov. 1958 The sun had set hours before, it was now 11:55 pm. The kids slowly made their way to the mouth of the bridge, illuminating it in the cool November evening. They were nervously ...
Tim McBride9 months ago
Clinton Road Fact or Fiction
Clinton Road located in West Milford, New Jersey is a legendary spot for paranormal thrill seekers and road trippers. With a little bit of research, you can find all of the stories that Clinton road h...
Erika Potap10 months ago
18 Superstitions You Need to Know if You Want Good Luck
Say goodbye to those bad luck blues with the following tips.
Erica Rose10 months ago
Top 10 Scariest Monsters of Legends
All around the world there are legends and stories of monsters, and these creatures aren’t you’re typical camp fire story they’re the things nightmares are made from. Here’s a list of top voted scarie...
Daniella Farras10 months ago
My Favorite Urban Legend
October 14, 2018 The Phantom’s Legend Everyone knows the story of The Phantom of Opera by author Gaston Leroux. And all the films that come with the same name, as well as the popular stage show. But d...
chrystal wray10 months ago
Cat Scratch
Cat Scratch is one of those spooky games kids play at sleepovers. Some examples of the spooky games are Bloody Mary, Candy Man, and the Ouija board. Although this game does not cause an evil woman to ...
Tom Baker10 months ago
Where, Oh Where Did Oliver Go?
Indiana history is haunted by the tale of young OLIVER LERCH. One fine evening, long, long ago, young Oliver went out to the well after dinner. To getet himself a drink, one supposes. The family—Ma, P...
Tom Baker10 months ago
Top 13 Scary Urban Legends
I've written two books on horrible urban legends. The first, Scary Urban Legends, was illustrated by John C. Eng, and is, really, quite good, if I do say so myself. It was published by Schiffer publishing, long, long ago. In that book, I recount the great urban legends, retelling them in my own inimitable fashion. I do this excellently, of course, and, the darn thing is terrific reading for children young and old. I'm glad we've established that fact. NOW... Let's get to the meat of this little ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart10 months ago
10 Horror Movies That Were Allegedly Cursed
It's often said that some people are just born under an unlucky star. They seem to see the worst that life offers, often causing chaos and problems everywhere they go. When it comes to people, the unf...
Tom Bakera year ago
The Noxious Nuptials of Mad Sir John
We want to tell a little tale here. One that, really, we only know the bare bones concerning. (And there is really no humor intended by that first line. But, there is irony. Sir Johnathan Pryce, we ta...
Tom Bakera year ago
The Portrait
A Charming Little Tale of a Painter and the Paranormal
Amanda Stablesa year ago
Ten Scariest Japanese Urban Legends
Scary Japanese urban legends are aplenty, but here are the top ten scariest.
Pierre Roustana year ago
3 Terrifying Short Films About the Forests That Frighten Us
Seriously? Don't mean to poke fun at this, but it really is true: somehow, some way, it seems that in the classic trope and style of a horror film from the bowels of B-cheese like Friday the 13th to e...
Fireflies in the Dark
Twelve Years ago... A young couple moves into a large manor on the edge of town, Rowan Manor, named for its unlikely grove of rowan trees. Unusual, as they are the only such trees to grow in the small...