urban legend

Urban legends have captivated us from ancient eras to the modern day; a deep dive into scary lore and 'could be true' tales about Bigfoot, Slender Man, the Suicide Forest and beyond.

Meggie Leigh2 years ago
'Cryptids' That Turned out to Be Real
This list will be describing some of the animals whose existence was once considered mythical; regular animals that had, at one point, been put into the same category as Bigfoot or a Yeti.
Meggie Leigh2 years ago
The Michigan Dogman
I've been interested in Cryptozoology, the paranormal, and supernatural all my life, but I'd never had such a clear encounter with anything until sometime in mid-October, 2016 in West Michigan. In my ...
Jess Hast2 years ago
Meet the Wendigo
In the Great Lakes region of Canada and North America, a fearsome hunter stalks its quarry through the shade of the forest. The wendigo is a carnivorous beast with an insatiable appetite for human fle...
Shannon Cheula2 years ago
Top 5 MOST Haunted Places in Oregon
When I was little, I would like to adventure into unknown places all the time. It was then that I realized that not all things are greener on the other side and paranormal entities indeed rule this wo...
Yasmeen Sab2 years ago
The Boogeyman
Charlie was always a quiet boy. He usually kept to himself and played alone during recess at school. His shy nature made him quite difficult to approach, so naturally he had a tough time making friend...
Comte de Saint Germain
I wrote about Comte de Saint Germain a few years ago. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original article. Before I wrote it, though, I had never heard of this man. I don't actually remember how I di...
alexa p2 years ago
Top 4 Creepypastas
Creepypasta has become very popular in recent years. A creepypasta is a horror related urban legend or images that have been circulating around the internet. The term creepypasta was coined by 4CHAN i...
Jay Vergara2 years ago
The White Lady: An International Phenomenon
You know what one of my favorite stories from the Philippines was? The story of the White Lady. As a kid, I was told the story by my father who said he encountered her on the drive back to our farm in...
M M2 years ago
Lost in the Jungle
Before I begin my story let me give you a little more information. I am a Chamorro from the island of Guam. We believe our ancestors live in banyan trees around our island, but we called them “Taotaom...
Tina Collins2 years ago
The Mystery Predators of Britain
I've been intrigued by stories of killer cats loose in Britain's countryside. Sightings of ABC's (Alien Big Cats) have been around for many years; prints, scat, and evidence of cat kills have also bee...
Amanda Penn2 years ago
The Bell Witch of Tennessee
One of America's pastimes is telling ghost stories, but if you live in Tennessee, one story is more terrifying...more intriguing than them all and that is the story of the infamous Bell Witch. The Bel...
Janie McKnight2 years ago
The Pony
Pain shot though the labourer’s feet with each step. Ewan MacCaig had spent all day and most of the night working with the local Laird’s ewes who were lambing. “Sheep…” he muttered, his Highland accen...