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The African Prince and the Mayan Princess (Part 14)

Part 14

Part 14

I moved into the partially lit room on the side of the bed where Christian lay and looked down at him. The entire room seemed to have vibrated as my mother snored. I thought the walls were about to collapse. I swear she could scare off a burglar with her snoring. My son was such a handsome, little man laying there with his pacifier clipped to his bib that read “Best Grandma in The World.” I rolled my eyes at the sight of it. I continued watching as his little chest heaved up and down as he slept. My mother faced the opposite direction, with her back towards me, as she continued to snore loudly. I reached down and picked up my son and rested him over my shoulder. His little brown eyes opened briefly, looked at me while rubbing his petite nose, then rested his head back on my shoulder. I never imagined ever having the opportunity to be a mother. I'd have to say that it changed my life completely. I think even Kenneth knows it. I grabbed his Sesame Street blanket and headed towards the door. I hadn't realized the snoring had halted before my mother says, “You're welcome.” I glared over in her direction to see that she hadn't moved from her sleeping position. 

Five seconds later, her snoring had resumed. I turned immediately to leave before she decided to add anything more to it. I finally closed her bedroom door and headed towards the stairs. My husband waited in the chair by the front door. He sat there slouching in the chair with his left arm (elbow) on the armrest. Resting his head in his left palm, he let out a soft snore that sounded similar to that of a cat. My boys are so cute when they sleep. I kicked the chair and he jumped up immediately.

“Let's go amor.” He finally gets up as I handed him Christian. 

Martha emerges from the office/den towards us. 

I silently muttered to myself, “Oh God. Here we go again.” 

I opened the front door indicating that we were leaving and I really didn't want to hear what she had to say, but my loving husband decided to take his sweet time in exiting. I was almost compelled to draw him a map. I met her eyes as she drew closer. 

“What's wrong?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing. I was just seeing you guys out. I'm going to make breakfast if you guys want to stick around before Mario and I leave.”

Usually, Kenneth wouldn't turn down the mention of the word “food.” I had to glance ahead to see if he would, which surprisingly, he didn't. I knew he was tired and I don't blame him. I glanced back at Martha raising my eyebrows, “There's your answer.” I replied. 

Martha caught the hint and followed me out of the front door, down the stairs, towards our vehicle. “Hey,” she said finally grabbing hand. I turned to face her as Kenneth unlocked the doors placing our son in his car seat.

“What's up?” I replied

“Carly, what happened to us? I mean….we used to be like best friends?”

“Look, go enjoy yourself because you probably won't get another chance at this again. You deserve this. We will continue this conversation when you get back, ok?" I reached up to stroke her face as a tear began to fall from her eyes.

“I don't want to lose you!” She exclaimed.

I drew her closer to me and embraced her. 

“You will never lose me...understand!” She nodded her head in agreement.

I kissed her on the forehead and headed into the vehicle. She stood there wearing an expression that seemed to say, ‘Will I ever see you again?’ Kenneth pressed down on accelerator darting towards the stop sign. I felt a hand touch mine and I looked over at Kenneth.

“You ok?" He asked

“Yeah.” My husband knew better as he gripped my left hand pulling it toward his lips as kisses the back of my hand.

“She'll be ok.”

"Yeah, she will." I say looking at her from the side mirror.

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The African Prince and the Mayan Princess (Part 14)
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