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The Attic

Serenity Lynn has had the ability to feel and see the unknown since she was 13. When she starts to hear the voice of an unknown girl screaming from the attic, Serenity knows there was, in fact, a ghost girl in her family's new home.

The Attic 

Chapter One

I first heard the voice of the ghost girl shortly after my family moved into our new-old looking home in Hayfield Texas, it was in need of repair because it had been abandoned for years, but I didn't mind. My Dad who was a contractor, and my mom who was a pre-school teacher always wanted a house in the country and we had finally gotten enough money together to make that happen. Even though our town life was good and all, we wanted a new scenery and after living in a small apartment in town all my life, I finally had a room of my own and didn't have to share it with my nine-year-old brother Jake.

The house, built in a stand of trees and bushes sported a front porch all around the house, in fact, from an objective point of view, the house was beautiful, for being abandoned, it was the feeling I got when we pulled up the dirt path and first saw the two-story home that convinced me that something here was very wrong. I felt cold and clammy and downright creeped out. My fear must have been obvious on my face because my little brother, Jake spoke up before our dad stopped the truck.

"What's wrong Serenity?" Jake asked.

It wasn't an unusual question for my family to ask me, all my life, I'd been famous for my six senses, I'd always been able to feel, hear and see things not most 'normal' people could.

"It's the house," I said softly, keeping my eyes fixed on the place.

"What about it?" my dad asked, looking back at me. "Do you see a ghost?"

"No, it's fine," I replied. "I just get the feeling—" I stopped. I didn't know how to put my feelings into words, especially when it came to explaining ghost feelings. Finally, I forced a smile. "I get the feeling we're going to have a hella good time here."

"I sure hope so," my mom said, with a huge sigh of relief. "We sure are paying a lot for this place."

Chapter Two

The house my parents were planning on buying after five days was pretty big on the inside, the downstairs consisted of basically one big living room that had a kitchenette in one corner, a sofa and several chairs were gathered around a fireplace, and in the other corner stood a small TV and a small table. A staircase took you up to the second-floor landing, there were three bedrooms, one for my parents, one for Jake, and finally, one for me. Although the house wasn't fancy, it was clean and definitely cozy, but I still could not shake this feeling I had that there was something, well, wrong about the house, something that carried…death.

Since I had nothing to back up my feelings, I kept up my happy front as we all unpacked and got ready for dinner, my mom prepared a nice Hamburger Helper, cheeseburger/bacon flavored with some corn and mash-potatoes on the sides. I was surprised that the stove and water heater worked fine in the house, I guess that was the first thing that the people checked before they were going to sell the place to my parents. We all sat near the fireplace and chatted about the house and all the fun we were going to have here, dad talked about how we could all go fishing down at the lake that was in walking distance from the house, that all we had to do was walk through the little bit of woods behind the house. After dinner we all got ready for bed, unfortunately my parents did not want to bring all the beds and furniture from the apartment just yet, so we packed only what we were going to need for five days, just to get a feel of the house, so we all laid out our sleeping bags in our rooms, Jake took the room right across from my parent's room and mine was further down the hall.

"Okay kids, the first night in the house should be a breeze," my dad said.

"Be sure to leave your doors open, okay," my mom said, and we nodded.

"How long did that people give us to get a feel of the house again?" I asked.

"Five days," my mom said.

"This is gonna be awesome, I can't wait for mom and dad to buy the house, I got big plans for my room," Jake said, jumping with joy.

"Yeah I'm with you their buddy," I said, with a smile.

"Okay you two, off to bed," my dad said, and we all crashed out.

Later that night around three AM I became so restless, it was so hot in my room that I could not sleep, I had gotten up to open the windows but not even the cool night breeze helped take away the hot air in my room. It was so hot that my mouth became dry so I headed downstairs to get a water bottle from the ice-cooler my dad brought along and when I went back upstairs that is when I heard the voice of a girl.

"Help me!" I heard her scream, but it sounded far away, almost like an echo in the night. "Help me please, I don't want to die!" I immediately looked down the hallway and in the rooms to see if a ghost would appear but there was no sign of one anywhere just a voice of a girl crying out for help. 

"I'm up here!" she cried and when I heard that I looked up to the ceiling and I see a small panel that leads up to an attic.

I stood under the panel for a good few minutes to see if the voice would speak again but it did not, it was eerily silent in the dark hallway now, finally I headed back to my room and fell asleep, I decided to just let it go since it was just a voice and I saw no sign of any ghost in the house.

Chapter Three

Things in the house passed pretty uneventfully for the next few days, I told my parents about the girl voice I heard but how I saw no ghost so they just shook it off. Jake and I went fishing with our dad down at the lake, I actually caught a six-pound bass, while Jake caught a four-pound one, he was really excited when he did, we went hiking in the woods and our mom spent a lot of time drawing of ways she was going to change the house up. Then on our fifth and final day at the house, I was in my room reading a book when again I heard the girl's voice.

"Help me!" she shouted. "Help me, please! I don't want to die, I'm up here!"

I immediately ran downstairs where the rest of my family was hanging out.

"Whoa Serenity, what's going on?" my dad asked, when I nearly ran into him coming from the kitchen.

"The girl I heard the other day, I heard her again," I said.

"Okay, let's go take a look, Jake, honey you two stay here," he said, and dad and I went upstairs. We looked at the ceiling panel that led to the attic above.

"Hello?" my dad called. "Is anyone up there?"

The response was nothing but silence.

"Wait here," my dad said and went back downstairs.

"I know there is something here, I just know it," I said in a low voice, my dad came back with a five-foot-long metal pole with a hook and used it to open the panel to the attic. A spring-loaded latch released and the panel swung open and a ladder dropped, we both looked up into a dark abyss and it felt like something was looking back at us.

"Hello," I called up to the darkness, but there was still no response at all, my dad climbed the rickety ladder and stuck his head through the opening.

"There is nothing up here but a bunch of old boxes and furniture," he said.

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Yeah, come see for yourself," he said and went further in so I could climb up, and my dad was right, the attic which was the length of the house just contained some boxes and old furniture and that was it, there weren't even any windows, however, there was a hole in the wall big enough for a raccoon to wiggle its way in if it wanted to.

"Oh your mother is not going to like that," my dad said as he looked over the hole in the wall. "Maybe I should place some boxes to cover it for now," he said.

"Yeah that's a good idea," I said and help.

After we finished with the hole we headed back downstairs to meet up with mom and Jake.

"Okay who is ready to go fishing again," my dad asked.

"I am, I am," Jake said and ran out the back door behind dad.

We all loved spending time together out there on the lake and Jake loved fishing, every time we went out there he would catch a bigger fish and was so happy about it. I loved listening to the sound of nature, hearing the birds, the water, the wind, it was all so soothing, but my mind was always going back to the house, to the voice I heard twice, I still could not figure out why I could hear the voice but not see any ghost. Could it be an echo from the past, could it be just all in my head this time, could it actually be a ghost but does not have the energy to show itself?

So many questions had been going through my head since I hard the voice the first time, whenever I hard a ghost I would see one almost instantly, but this time there was nothing, just the voice.

"Serenity?" my mom called.

"Yeah mom," I called back.

"Can you head back to the house, I forgot the mustard," she said.

"Sure thing mom," I said and began jogging back to the house.

Chapter Four

When I made it to the house I went straight to the kitchen to get the mustard and a can of Big Red from the cooler, as much as I loved summer the heat was a little annoying sometimes, especially with my long black hair, it was a good thing I always had a hair tie on my wrist to put it up. I was about to head out of the house but then I heard the voice once again and it was always the same, the same tone, the same words.

"Help me!" she shouted. "Help me, please! I don't want to die, I'm up here!"

"There you are again," I said, and headed upstairs, when I got to the second-floor landing I saw the ladder to the attic was still down, I guess my dad had forgotten to pick it back up and of course my curiosity peaked and I headed up the ladder. Even though it was day time outside, in the attic it was eerily dark so I used my phone light to look around, I decided to move the boxes my dad and I placed to cover the hole to let some light in, it helped but not much. "Where are you?" I asked. "Show yourself, please I just want to help," I said. I sat crossed legged in the middle of the attic where the sunlight was hitting more of and I closed my eyes and focused, it was so quiet but I know there was someone here, someone not of our world, someone... trapped. I took a few deep breathes and tried to image the house before we came here and very slowly images in my mind began to come together, I could hear voices from downstairs but they were not my families, there was someone else's.

I could hear a male voice saying, "Hurry we don't want to be late," a female voice followed after, "Okay kids to the car," and I heard the sound of serval feet running down the stairs. The conversion then drifted into the kitchen and I could no longer hear the man and woman, but I hear the sound of little footsteps coming toward the attic and that is when I saw her. A little girl no older then Jake smiling and skipping down to the end of the attic with her white puffy dress lifting up with each skip along with her black pigtails, she grabbed two stuffed animals from the corner where there was a little playhouse, but then something startled her and that something was the attic panel shutting. The little girl ran to the panel and tries to open it but it would not budge. "Help me!" she shouted. "Help me, please! I don't want to die, I'm up here!" I began to cry as I watched her try so hard to get that panel open, in the back of my mind I was wondering where her parents where, so I focused even harder and my mind went downstairs and out the front door and I see the family taking off in a car. "Wait!" I called. "Your daughter is still in the house!"

I knew it would not make a difference and all that I was seeing was a glimpse in the past but I couldn't stop myself, "She is still in the house, in the attic!" I called and chased after the car and then it happened.

As soon as they pulled out onto the road, an 18-wheeler hits them from the side, I open my eyes and I let out a loud sob. "Oh my god, you poor thing," I said, and got up from the floor and turn around, I flash my light in the direction where I saw the little girl skip to and there it was, the little playhouse where she grabbed the stuffed animals. I knew what I was going to see when I approached the little playhouse, I knew she was still going to be there waiting to be let out by her parents, I took a deep breath and peeked around the boxes that held up a little blanket, and there, where the remains of the little girl who has gotten trapped in the attic by accident. 

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SS Horror Writer
SS Horror Writer

I'm 28, the only Goth in my home town. I love Writing Horror/Ghost stories. Edgar Allan Poe, H.P Lovecraft, and many others inspired me to become a Horror writer. I have been writing for many years and hope one day my work will be known.

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