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The First Purge (2018): What to Expect and How I Would React FAQ

Another Purge movie coming soon.

(The First Purge)

What to expect from the new Purge movie.

There isn't much to say yet about this new Purge movie due to the paucity of information that they have presented to the public. As you can see above is the teaser trailer for the new release. To sum up what the movie is going to be about is the events leading up to how the Purge first began. Thus its title The First Purge. The teaser trailer resembles a historical propaganda campaign encouraging people to go out and Purge. Hopefully, this would never become authentic in the future but below are the following FAQ (Fan Asked Questions) that I have made and answered.


How would I react if the Purge was real?

Yay, another day of the year where we can all get together and slit each other's throats. Anyone joining me? Ha! If the Purge was real I would probably install a bomb shelter in my backyard. I'm not sure I can even imagine myself among the idiots that would go around slaughtering each other because of that one day of the year it's 'legal' to do so.

You would find me deep underground with my Playstation on and a minifridge filled with junk food. Okay, maybe I'm not taking this seriously enough. How's this? I would have a shotgun at the ready and be waiting in a dark corner waiting for someone to come down the ladder of the bomb shelter. Better?

I mean the tension would be high. Probably just as high as going solo mode on Black Ops zombies. That crap gets scary when you're alone. Anyway, there would never be such a law passed to let us Purge. Unless, of course, America got that corrupted and overpopulated.

In that case, I would move to an exotic island filled with many delicious fruits!

Would I have a friend or family member with me during the Purge?

Hmm, let me think that question over. A friend over during the Purge would be like having a vicious, starving animal in the same room with you. Depending on who your 'friend' is of course. They could either be a really nasty co-worker who pretends they really are your best friend but they are really out to get your job position. Or you could have a true friend that is there to save your back at any time of the day.

I personally would pick...

None of them. I have trust issues. So on that happy note avoid me during the Purge or you might get bound and gagged. Hey, at least I'm not going to kill you. Now would I have family members with me?

Maybe. That depends on what mood they are in and what mood I'm in.

When would the Purge start hypothetically?

That's a good question. I would say 2050 is a good year that we might start a Purge. Why? Well, an estimation made guesses that there would be around 438 Million people living in the U.S by 2050. Seems like a good time to start killing each other off for overpopulation.

Just kidding folks.

What place would you go to Purge?

Well, all crime is legal so that means I can break into any store I want, and treat myself to goodies of my choice. Dang, that's a hard question. I would most likely go to a mall because they are filled with stores that I could raid. I would start off at a shoe store and get myself the latest Jordans. I would then go to Gamestop so I can get the newest, most expensive games and consoles. After that maybe some sort of ice cream place just so I can allow myself to get a nice good old brain freeze.

Do you approve of the Purge?

You want me to be honest? Well if I'm being truthful with you then my answer would be no I wouldn't approve of it. Think about the day after the Purge. There would be bodies everywhere as well as blood splattered across the community. I wouldn't want to go to work the next day because of all the mess that would be scattered around.

As well as the decrease of online players in video games. They would all be dead! I need a good competitor when playing Fortnite.

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The First Purge (2018): What to Expect and How I Would React FAQ
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