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The Girl

She just wants to play.

That night I had chosen my bedroom, the closet one to the bathroom. Didn’t want to walk too far at night. Big houses are always creepy. It was down the hall and it just had to be downstairs. My parents were upstairs in their master bedroom. Getting everything ready for their big trip.

As midnight came I had been on the bed tossing a ball back and forth. Bouncing it off the wall, most of the time it wouldn't make it back to the bed, causing me to get off the bed and retrieve the ball. Now you might be wondering why this is so important. Well, what happened next I blame the house for being old. Stepping down onto the soft carpet grabbing the ball I decide it was time to sleep. So I tossed the ball into the closet only as I got onto the bed the ball rolled back to me. It sent shivers down my spine, yet the only thing I did was pull the covers up against my face.

That next day, I woke up to the ball gone. Thinking it was just my imagination playing tricks on me, I headed down into the kitchen looking for my mother only I couldn’t find her.

“Mother. MOM!” yelling her name several times till I marched myself up into her room. Banging on the bedroom door. Still, there was not a sound that could be heard. Opening the door, I saw a note.

“Sorry to leave you with just a note. Didn’t want to wake you. But you’re eighteen and, besides you’ve always wanted to stay by yourself. So congrats on being a big girl! Anyway, the trip will take a little less than a month. If you need anything call me. I’ll be checking in on you.

Lots of love mom & dad”

Just great, we move into a mansion practically and they leave me alone. To die of starvation and be stuck in this house doing God knows what. Well to get to what really happened I’ll skip to the last two weeks of my stay in this house.

Nothing had been going on since I was left alone. My parents would check in on me once a week. I would always be in my room or the living room watching TV. Yet for some reason, I started to see things. What appeared to be a little girl? The first time I saw her was last week I was in the living when I heard a giggle.

“Come play with me.”

The voice sounded so sweet and yet fear hit me. Turning around to face the kitchen where I swear I saw a little girl. Standing at the table, dolls in her hand. As she motioned for me to join. Thinking it was just me being alone I turned the TV volume up and acted like it was nothing.

It was when the voices wouldn’t stop that’s when I got freaked out the most. Always, they whispered to play with her. So I decide to stay in my room till mother and father got back. Only I never got to see them after that night…

At night, lying in bed, I could hear a ball being thrown down the hallway. It was only when my door creaked open that I saw her. Standing in the middle of my bed room she spoke

“That used to be my bed you know. Why don’t you share? It gets cold in the closet. The others don’t like me.”

She stopped talking and my heart rate went really fast. I didn’t know what to do other than respond back.

“Your bed? The family that used to live here they didn’t have a daughter. Anyway what are you doing in my house? Are you lost? You need to leave tomorrow morning right away.” The tone in my voice was strong yet wavy when she was leaning over me.

Reaching out she stroked my hair as she said,

“They’ll like you. I can’t wait to take you with me.”

The laughter in her voice faded as quickly as her hand moved away from my face. I was frozen and didn’t know what to say so I laughed it off as quickly as I could. Only when she walked off her hand looked like that of a demon. Her nails were thick and long the color black was her hand. What I thought to be me going crazy was real life. Only it was too late to leave.

Then, for a week straight, she would always follow me around. Whispering to play with her. Somehow, she learned my name and would whisper my name at night. She stayed in the closet where I could feel her eyes on me. Never looking her way. Terror, that’s what I was filled with. Then, the last week, I was alone, I made it to the first night and that was it.

The day had been normal and I mean no sign of her. She came at night, always standing guard over me from the closet. Yet last night it was a perfect silence, one I didn’t know of. Now you might be wondering why not just call your parents. Well the thing is the phone line was all busy.

That night I had been awake till 3 AM. Now if you don’t know, 3 AM is known as the devil hour. That’s when everything gets worse. I had been playing with my ball tossing it in the air and back down. When I decide to head back to my room that night. I tossed the ball and I could’ve sworn it hit the wall and bounced back to me. So as I stood there in my room with the lights on tossing the ball back. Only in reality, when my back was to the wall, she had come out, tossing the ball, she was a clever one. And so when I tossed it back it was like an invitation of accepting her. If I had only known, maybe I could’ve ran away out of the house. Yet it was too late. I made it into my bed when I saw her coming out of the closet. She smiled and fear hit me as she pulled me out of bed.

“Thanks for playing with me. Now we can play hide and seek,” she laughed as I screamed till I couldn’t no more. Dragged into the closet that went deeper and deeper. Only when I woke up the next day I was alone. No one in sight, so I tell you this that don’t play or talk to anything you see.

They are tricky and cunning, now I fear for when they will seek.