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The Howell Mansion

Welcome to my house.

Isolation comes at a cost

In 1959, the Howell Mansion was lively with tours and guests. This once beautiful mansion,  was built in the middle of "Nohware Forest" on the outskirts of New Jersey. Perfect for those looking for some peace and tranquility. 

 Owned by Jessica and Lance Howell, this was one of the most beautiful mansions in America. Within the walls were ten full bathrooms, five living rooms, and ten gorgeous bedrooms. Every bedroom had a real Leonardo Da Vinci painting. And in the living rooms,  authentic  Henry Fuseli, Francisco Goya, Artemisia Gentileschi and Katsushika Hokusai paintings to both fascinate and scare the dickens out of anyone. Fireplaces were in every living room which made them quite cozy to relax in.

 Jessica and Lance lived in the Mansion also,  an area not accessible to guests. Every month on the night of the full moon, unspeakable things would take place at the Mansion. They believed Lucifer himself made them rich. So closing the Mansion to guests on a particular night once a month, they did rituals to appease him. Kidnapping the homeless people no one wanted or would miss—they did unspeakable things to them. The unloved and unwanted were vulnerable to Jessica and Lance's evil ways. One night in October on a  blood-red full moon, they were joined by other worshippers. As they had just finished sacrificing an unwanted, the ground started to shake violently and smoke billowed from beneath it. Startled, they ran inside the Mansion without cleaning up their mess. The ground opened up and swallowed what was left of the sacrificial unwanted. The night became so dark as if the moon itself was swallowed. 

When morning came, and they went about their day as if nothing happened. The Mansion was so packed but despite all of the excitement, the smell of death lingered thorough out. That night as the guests retired, something was amiss. 

The Thompsons had just turned off the lamp and settled into bed when all of a sudden their covers were pulled right off of them. The smell of rotted meat was pungent in the air. Astonished, Mr. Thompson tried to comfort Mrs. Thompson by coming up with a valid explanation. No sooner as the couple settled down again stranger things began to happen. There were scratching sounds coming from within the walls, followed by ominous laughter. Eventually, everything stopped. As the Thompsons drifted off to sleep, they immediately started dreaming about a demon creature crawling on to their bed. They were both startled awake but could not move. Their dreams were real. Demon creatures were sitting on them sucking their life force from within their bodies. In the morning, all that was left was two dried husks of what used to be the Thompsons. Unfortunately, they were not the only guests that died tragically that night. The Howell Mansion was soon left abandoned.

In 2018, 59 years later the mansion was purchased again. It was restored to its glorious form and filled with guests. People from around the world came to spend a night in the beautiful, haunted mansion. Business was good but what laid dormant inside the walls were awakened once again. There were no sacrifices to Lucifer. No more missing homeless people brutally murdered. However, the ground had opened up where the last sacrifice had taken place. Smoke billowed from the crack. It smelt putrid. Nothing grew around that place at all. The new owners covered the area with dirt. 

One night on a blood-red full moon, a couple laid in their bed to sleep. They had the same dream that became a nightmare. Startled awake, they could not move. 

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The Howell Mansion
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