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The Nightmare

With the Shadow Man in the Black Dress Shoes

I'm in the top bunk in the cabin getting ready for bed, sneakily eating a doughnut before my aunt comes in to check on me. She never allows us to eat any sweets after eight, even though I was now fifteen and not a small child. My cousin isn't coming until tomorrow from college in Washington so I am the only one sleeping in the room for the night. I always sleep on the bottom bunk for some reason when I come to visit my aunt and cousin but this time I wanted a change of scenery. I finished eating my doughnut and got rid of any possible evidence that I was eating one from my face and the bed. I get under the covers and close my eyes to act like I am falling asleep. I wasn't at all tired but my aunt would wait for me to fall asleep if I wasn't already by nine. She always said it was because she didn't trust my cousin and I to not wake her in the middle of the night if we didn't go to bed before her. I begin to hear footsteps clacking down the hall on the wooden floor, growing closer to the room, like a small heel from a sandal, probably my aunt's slippers. 

I open my eyes and it's dark with a shed of moonlight coming in. It only felt like I shut my eyes for a minute and when I did there was still some sunlight outside, now it looked like it was around midnight. There was no sound of footsteps so I slowly turn my head around to look through the planks of wood at the head of the bed to look at the door behind me. At first I saw nothing but as I was beginning to turn my head away from the door, something caught my eye. On the ground in the doorway it looked like there were a pair of shoes there. Men's dress shoes. All I could see were the shiny black shoes but I now got the feeling someone was standing behind the doorway, watching me, but who? The only people in the cabin were my aunt and I and she surely didn't own any men's dress shoes. I tried to act like I was still sleeping, maybe if I did it would go away. Than I heard light footsteps come into the room, the weight under the man pressing into the carpet floor. It felt like the blood has drained from my body. My heart started racing, I held my breath. I was terrified. I shut my eyes again. Trying not to make even the slightest sound.

All of a sudden I feel this tremendous weight on my body and I can't move. I open my eyes to find this tall black figure leaning over me. It didn't look like a human but I wasn't sure it looked like much of anything at all, it just looked like a shadow. I then realized there was a warm sensation on my neck and it felt wet. Was this thing liking me? Tasting me so that it could eat me or drain me like a vampire or something? I tried to scream but nothing came out, like if I had suddenly become mute. It felt like this agonizing feeling was going to last forever. I continued to try and scream.

I woke up in a start. I sat up and caught myself almost trying to scream for real. I was alone in the room and it was morning. Oh, thank god. It was just a dream.

"But why do I still feel that warm sensation on my neck...?"

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The Nightmare
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