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'The Nun' Movie Review: A New 'Conjuring' Spin-off Has Arrived!

Here are my thoughts on 'The Nun' film, plus the origin of the evil demon is revealed.

Image Credit: @TheNunMovie

The Nun is the biggest horror movie opener since The Conjuring, and it gave us endless suspense from beginning to end.

So The Nun movie is the prequel to The Conjuring and the movie was a solid horror film. Right from the beginning, Jason Blum, who is the CEO of Blumhouse Productions, gave us a genuine suspense and I was spooked completely. 

The Nun is the origin story of the iconic demon from the Conjuring series and the film did not disappoint. The movie took place in the 50s located in Romania and the temple itself was where all of the nuns who died lived.

Now the temple was possessed and was tormented by an evil being, known as Valak. So there was a priest who was sent to stop an evil entity, along with the nun in training, Sister Irene, to investigate the temple. In the movie, there were a few nuns who would creep up from behind or wandering around outdoors.

The scary scene that is shown below creeped me out!

A Nun is walking behind Sister Irene.

There were a few scary moments when the priest was trapped in a burial tomb in the cemetery and the evil bun came out of nowhere and grabbed his face. There was also an infamous scary scene where Sister Irene was walking down a dark aisle and suddenly a Nun appeared behind her. 

As Sister Irene turned around, another Nun appeared and rushed toward her and that made me fell off my chair (laugh).

At the end of the movie, I did not expect Sister Irene to be possessed by Valak and a young man named Frenchie. After saving Sister Irene from possession, Valak grabbed Frenchie by his collar and possessed him by transporting tons of blood in his mouth. 

So Valak was defeated by the Holy blood Sister Irene sucked up and spat it on Valak’s face. After Valak’s defeat, we all thought the possession and torment were over.

Sister Irene praying with the other Nuns

What we did not know was when Frenchie and Sister Irene were about to ride away, an upside-down cross appeared on his neck. This means that Frenchie is possessed, and this leads up to 20 years later. So, Frenchie was the man who was in the exorcism with a priest and an older version of Sister Irene, known as the real Vera Farmiga.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable, and the plot was good. This is a type of movie I would not see too often just because of the exaggerating suspense. So to be safe, my family and I chose to watch this movie at home and not in theaters because it would be way too much (laugh). 

You can call me a scaredy cat, but I want to be safe.

Grade: A-

If I would grade The Nun movie, I would give it an A+ for the suspense and A- overall. What really got me into the movie was the evil entity, Valak. I would say the star of the movie was both Valak and Sister Irene. This movie is a light versus darkness type of film and darkness won in the end. Why? Because Valak teleported into Frenchie’s body.

Horror fans.

If you want to watch this horrific movie and you enjoy the suspense, watch it in theaters. 

So that is all the movie review I have for you today!

Thank you for reading!

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'The Nun' Movie Review: A New 'Conjuring' Spin-off Has Arrived!
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