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The Ouija Board

A woman gets an ugly surprise after playing with a ouija board.

Have you ever wondered if ghosts are real or what happens when you mess with the dead? I did and now I am paying for it in the worst way. One day I was bored and called a few friends to come over to my house. That was the night that changed my world forever. I had a Ouija board tucked away in my attic and it was screaming to me to be played with. I quickly went up to my attic and grabbed that little gem. For weeks I couldn’t stop thinking about it and when I was going to use it. When I bought my house, it was in the attic, and I was going to throw it away. Instead, I just left it there. I forgot about it for a while until I was putting away my Christmas stuff and it fell off the shelf, almost hitting me in the head. I have always wanted to use an Ouija board, so I picked a rainy Friday night when I had nothing else going on. My friends and I were sitting around my kitchen, eating pizza, and joking around. Then I decided to grab the board and place it in the middle of the table. There are no instructions, so I found a YouTube video on how to use an Ouija board, and off we went. 

At first nothing was going on, we just sat there staring at the thing waiting. I was getting annoyed and was going to call it quits when the planchette started moving all by itself. At first, we started accusing each other of moving the little plastic piece. When we took our hands off of it, it continued to move around the board. It was spelling things out like hello, dead, help, ZoZo, and crash. We all got really freaked out and when I went to close the session the board flew off the table, landing on the floor. Two of my friends grabbed their things and took off. My other two friends stayed with me, helped me clean up, and put the board away. This was where we made the biggest mistake of our lives. We never closed out our session or said goodbye. We were so freaked out that we just said the hell with this and packed it all up. My house has never been the same since, especially in my kitchen. All of my friends have had bad luck between job loss, a broken-up marriage, and even a brush with death. My house feels heavy and the energy is bad. Nobody can seem to stay in my kitchen for more than ten minutes without either getting sick or overcome with rage. I know I need to close the board, but I am so scared to reopen it. 

One night I was doing dishes and tidying up after dinner, when I heard a low guttural growl coming from my linen closet. I took a deep breath, walked over to it, and decided to open the closet door. I flung the door open expecting to see something awful, but nothing was there. Just a distinct sulfur smell, like something had died. I was disgusted and almost vomited at the stench. I thought maybe a mouse had died, but when I went to turn on the light in the closet something grabbed my hand. It tried to pull me into the closet. I let out a scream and wiggled my way out of the icy grip that had a hold of my wrist. I fell back onto the floor and the closet door slammed shut. I scrambled to my feet and just stood in front of the closet door staring at it, looking down at my wrist in totally disbelief. There were these large handprints on me. I was so pissed off and tired of being a slave to fear. 

I kicked the door and shouted, “That’s it, this ends tonight!” 

I stomped out of the room and right up to the attic were the Ouija board lived. I had been hiding it under some blankets. I was talking to myself the entire way down the attic stairs, telling myself to be brave. When I enter the kitchen all the cabinets and drawers are open, the water is running, and the closet door is wide open. I turned the water off and ignored everything else. I didn’t shut the closet door, in fact smiled at it, and just said "hello" to the empty space. I grabbed some white candles and said a prayer. I grabbed the board and reopened it. The session I didn’t end six months ago was to end that night. I started off by saying hello and then I just waited. The little plastic piece in the middle started moving over the letters spelling the word ZoZo over and over again. I remember this name, so I asked who this ZoZo is and the board went still. I could feel something breathing on the back of my neck, giving me full body chills. I ignored it and asked the question again and again with no response. I heard knocking on the walls, whispering, and then the candles blew out. 

At this point, my fear had turned into anger. I repeated the question again, but this time I get the response DEMON. I freaked out, but I could now finally close the session. What had I done? What do I do? Who do I talk to? I get on the phone with my friend and tell her everything about the night’s events. She advised me to burn the board and to get a priest to say a prayer over the house. I don’t have a church I attend because I lost faith many years ago. I decided I couldn’t burn the board, just in case. I know a few people that may be able to help. My friend told me she could contact her church and see if they could help me out. She said she would get back to me as soon as she could. I did some research and decided that I should try to sage my house and see if that helped until I heard from my friend. It didn’t help at all, in fact it made everything worse. I was waking up covered in scratches, bite marks, and having vivid nightmares of my own death waking me up at all hours of the night. I found myself staying at my friend’s house and not wanting to live in my own home anymore. It had been three weeks since I had talked to my friend that was going to contact her church, when she finally got back to me. The good news was that her priest was going to help me out, but the bad news was that I was going to have to go to the house again. I agreed and met them at my house the very next day. It was a warm summer day and the sun was shining. I felt good about the outcome of how today should end. The goal was to get me back into my own home and restore normalcy. I opened the door to let my friend and the priest in. We walked through my living room and into the kitchen where it all started. To my horror the board was in the middle of the table just sitting there. We were all looking at each other and I knew this looked bad. In fact, the priest was about to walk out and leave. I swore up and down I had nothing to do with this and that I hadn’t been home in two weeks. I showed both the priest and my friend the left-over scratches and bite marks on my body. 

Just as I was explaining through tears and frustration, the smell of sulfur hit us, the closet door opened, and slammed shut three times. The priest began to pray and splash holy water everywhere. He got out his bible and put it on the middle of the board. I turned to my friend who was smirking, but her eyes were blacked out and she was speaking in what sounded like Latin to the priest. I am horrified and the priest just goes about his routine, as if he deals with this kind of thing all the time. This demon was bouncing all around my small house causing all kinds of noises and squeals. My friend came back to her normal self, but we are both told to get out of the house so the priest could continue his blessings. As we are waiting outside by my car, I asked her more about the priest. She confessed that she and the priest knew the house needed to be cleared of a demon, but it would take longer for them to get the okay from the church to come and bless the house. She had convinced the priest to lie, hence why it only took three weeks to get him out to the house. I was shocked that my bible thumper friend had done something so bad. She was going to school to become a nun, but not just any nun. She was going to be working alongside priests doing exorcisms and caring for the possessed. I was floored that she was into such things at all, but it all made sense why she wouldn’t come to my house that night to play with my old Ouija board. The priest came out with the Ouija board in hand and told me the house was clear and at peace. 

I asked what happened and all he said was ,“It’s all set, don’t play with what you have no idea about.” With that advice, the priest and my friend drove away. I walked back into my house and everything was back in order. The feelings of rage and sadness had gone. The house was light, peaceful, calm, and I was overcome with comfort. The closet was back to normal and I was able to walk into it, tugging on the light string without fear. Peace was restored once again and our lives were back to normal. All the bad luck and brushes with death were gone, all gone. My advice to the unknowing or unwise, never use a Ouija board if you don’t know what you are doing. I never found out what was done with that Ouija board and my friend would never tell me. 

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The Ouija Board
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