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The Witch

When You Find Yourself Being Terrorized by a Witch and Demon Thanks to Cult Members

It’s 3 AM. I can see it standing in the corner of my room looking at me. I can see its outline. It looks like a witch with long fingernails and stringy unkempt hair. This creature seems to be moving closer to me, closer, and closer with each blink. I close my eyes tight, hoping that it goes away and it’s just the moonlight playing off the shadows in my room. My room isn’t very large and the chances of me getting to the door without being caught were slim, but the fact that I didn’t know what would happen if it did grab me was reason enough to remain still. I open my eyes, but when I go to close them again, I can’t. My eyes seem to be frozen open and I can’t move as if I’ve been paralyzed by this being. I begin to panic because at this point I’m stuck. To my absolute horror, this witch is now inches from my nose. This up close view confirms my witch suspicions as her skin is decaying and some of her skull is exposed. Where there should be eyes, only black holes with maggots appear to fester in their place, and its hair is grey, long, and stringy. As she opens her mouth, black decaying teeth fill her gums, and her breath reeks of death. It is at this point I wonder if I have died and this is the thing that escorts me to Hell. Is this in fact Death come to take me away? I wish I were dead, as the putrid odor seeps from her being deep into my nose. She opens her mouth, but this time lets out a shriek that feels like my entire city can hear. A shriek that makes nails on a chalkboard sound like a symphonic orchestra. I try to let out a cry, a scream, even a whimper, but she hushes me by taking her boney hand and covering my mouth. She gets on top of my chest and puts her hands around my neck while beginning to squeeze. Just before this evil engulfs and suffocates away my life, I hear a knock at my door, and thank God it’s my mother. Suddenly, I am freed from the treacherous grasp of the witch and she disappears as if she was never even there. I am so thankful for that knock on the door because without it I am pretty sure I would have just died in my room. This turned out to be just one of many visits from this creature and others as well.

​I become inspired by this event and decide to do research on my house. After the events of the night before, I must figure out why I was being targeted. I have never been one to believe in the paranormal, magic, or witches. Not to mention the fact that I was always taught that there were no such thing as monsters, aliens, or ghosts. I had never played with a Ouija board or anything occult in nature. In fact, I am the most skeptical person you will ever meet and if I can explain events in a logical way, I always do, as I have done plenty of times in the past. The problem this time is that the witch that attacked me last night was very real and I could not find a single logical explanation for what had occurred. When I asked my mother, she did not see the witch. Although, she did mention that I was talking to myself and seemed like I was having a nightmare. Yet, somehow, she never mentioned that dreadful scream. How was that possible? I know what I had heard and it echoed through my bones just thinking about it. At this point I felt crazy, until I read about sleep paralysis. Some say it is merely a hallucination, while other swear that it’s when you’re between the arousal and R.E.M. stages of sleep. I would have loved for this to have been the case for me; however, it was not. As more time passed, I would be wide awake, any place, any time of day, and it didn’t matter because she would appear. First, the witch appeared in my peripherals or she would start to walk towards me. Right before she would reach me, she would let out this cackle of a laugh, and then vanish as if she was never even there. Nobody else ever noticed her, but me. It was happening so frequently that I was no longer fazed by her antics—in fact, I would just ignore her. This turned out to be a mistake because she had clearly picked up on my disinterest and upped her antics by sending another new friend. I became so terrified at night, trying to sleep was becoming impossible because when the lights go off it’s no longer the Witch who haunts me. The Witch’s little friend had become the leader of my newfound torment. The creature that now appears to live in the corner of my room is a six-foot-tall, horned headed creature with red eyes and burnt skin. 

I woke up one night and it was standing over me, exposing the only two teeth in his mouth while drooling all over me. I could not move, my eyes once again glued open, and I am unable to move. The smell of sulfur, death, and decay engulf the room. He takes a single claw to my chest, pressing it in deep into me which draws blood. I cannot move or cry for help. I can only lay here in excruciating pain unable to escape. This monster is just laughing and sticking me with his claws repeatedly. This goes on for what feels like hours and the only thing that stops my torment is when my cat jumps on the bed and startles the creature. Suddenly, I break from the nightmare and what had felt like hours had only been five minutes. I look at my chest and there are three deep claw marks pulsing with pain. I run to show my Mother, but she is nowhere to be found. For the remainder of the night I keep the light on and try getting back to sleep. The next day I go to buy sage and decide to speak with a medium about what has been going on. She mentions that I may be under some sort of spiritual attack and hands me a book, free of charge, to read. I return home, burn my sage, and let it continue burning throughout the night. That night, nothing happens to me even with the lights off. I am finally able to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the next night I wasn’t as lucky because the Witch and her creature appeared together. This time around I wasn’t paralyzed and was able to escape into my mother’s room where they didn’t follow for some reason. 

The next morning, I go check on my room and find it torn apart. Everything in the room was in shambles and a cross that I had mounted over my bed was now upside down. At this point, I’ve reached my limit and break down, telling my mother about everything that has been happening. I fear her response because we are not a religious household and she has never been a woman of faith. When I finish explaining everything that has been occurring, she tells me she believes me, and then starts to tell me about when she first bought the house, including the history that accompanied it.

​Apparently, a cult once occupied the house and when she was ripping up the carpet in our basement, she found a pentagram on the floor. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also came across some things in jars and weird candles organized on the shelves. My mother, not being a believer in that sort of thing, threw away everything and painted over the pentagram. As I am hearing all of this, I am in complete disbelief. The location she told me the pentagram was is located is right under my bedroom. This would explain why my bedroom never made me comfortable and why my room appeared to be the center of this living nightmare. After digesting all of this new information, I began thinking about it and realized the warning signs had always been there. Our house had always been haunted, but we had merely dismissed everything as the wind or an old house settling at night. My siblings and I would hear disembodied voices, see shadows, hear footsteps outside our bedrooms at night, and sometimes during the day. My mother even mentioned a few things she had encountered, but had also written off as an explainable trick of the mind. I was the only one still living at home as I was the youngest of three, but was planning on living with my older sister in the fall. My mother was going to rent out our house until she could ultimately sell it. 

I would like to tell you everything stopped when we moved out, but it just got worse. Whatever it was inside that house had decided to attach itself to me and didn’t appear to want to let go. Finally, at the end of my rope, I decided to call a local spiritual medium to perform a ritual. During this ritual, the medium and a local priest would confine these two evil entities within the confines of a doll or some other relic. They requested I bring them into the room where the activity occurred the most and then asked me to leave. They told me they didn’t need me present during the ritual. In fact, my presence could only provide more power for these entities if they were using me to feed off of. Although I didn’t understand, I obeyed their request and left. After some time had passed, the medium and priest exited our home confident they had confined the beasts. They took the doll with them, where it was to be placed in a safe location away from curious hands, and all my troubles suddenly disappeared. I never saw the pair again. Thanks to them, my life has returned to normal and I am able to sleep peacefully through the night once again. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me and although I do wonder what they did with the doll, I can’t say I ever wish to see it again.