The Worst Horror Movies of All Time

Horror has a lot of stinkers in its genre. That's why the worst horror movies of all time are often comically bad.

Horror, as a genre, has a lot of bad movies that have been released—perhaps more so than any other film genre out there. Part of this is because it takes a lot of creativity and (in most cases) a lot more money to actually create a film that's scary, thought-provoking, and timeless. 

The other part of this is that most movie makers tend to want to stick to cheap scares, since they tend to be easy to do. However, jump scares only work so well, especially when you can see the zipper on the (extremely bored-looking) monster's costume.

That being said, the worst horror movies of all time tend to be memorable and entertaining. The stinkers below, for example, are perfect examples of what a cinematic train wreck looks like in slow motion. 

Creepshow 3

First off, did you know that there's a Creepshow 3? I didn't, and yet, it was released in 2007 when I was deep into my "movie buff" phase. That alone should tell you how badly this debacle tanked in the box office. Even horror-loving psychobillies wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole. 

With a 0 score on Rotten Tomatoes, Creepshow 3 is so bad, you'd think that it was supposed to be a parody film. However, it's not. The costumed monsters are goofily bad, and the plotlines include a remote control that changes your ethnicity. 

The people who bought rights to the Creepshow franchise really messed up with this one. This movie was so terrible, so poorly acted and so poorly underfunded, movie producers decided to pull this from the official line of Creepshow movies after it was produced. 

Don't believe it? Check out what one Rotten Tomatoes user had to say:

"Is this even a movie? Creepshow III plays like a bad fan film shot at some guy's house for a couple hundred bucks. There's no real acting, the production values are shit, and the stories don't make any sense."

Blood Freak

This 1972 movie has regularly been called one of the worst horror movies of all time, primarily because the villain. You might be wondering how bad a villain you can get. I mean, Chuckie ended up being a popular horror movie villain, and he's an animated doll. 

Here's where Blood Freak went wrong: it stars a killer turkey. 

Not to be outdone by other bad horror movies, the guys behind Blood Freak had to choose one of the worst costumers to make this villain. So, ontop of a story featuring a killer turkey, you end up with a guy who looks like Guybrush Threepwood as "El Pollo Diablo."

Thankfully, Blood Freak is so bad, it's good—and is perfect if you want to spend time making comments about how much the movie sucks with your friend. 

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

Most people will recognize this film because it was a hit on Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is a true testament to how bad a film it really is. 

We have to hand it to this flick, though. A lot of the worst horror movies of all time at least were able to come up with an interesting title. The morons behind this one couldn't even get that far in the game, which means that people already knew what they were signing up for when they went to see it. 

With all the grace of a bowling ball trying to float on the water, and all the sound clarity of a cat trying to sing opera while being thrown in a washing machine, The Incredibly Strange Creatures rightfully earned its place at being an endearingly awful movie. 

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Generally speaking, there are not many movies that can claim to be one of the worst horror movie of all time as well as one of the worst sci-fi films of all time. That alone is why it's a favorite feature on MST3K, and why an episode of Mission Hill also paid homage to its badness.  

With its weird alien-zombie mixup, horrible acting, and flying saucers that were literally made from pie dishes on a string, Plan 9 from Outer Space is so bad, it managed to achieve both titles effortlessly. In its release year, Plan 9 probably killed more careers than any other movie out there. 

Originally, the plot was supposed to be a telling allegory about the Cold War. The writing, however, turned that idea into a pile of nonsensical dogshit involving zombie aliens. It's hilariously bad—a pretty impressive feat considering that Bela Lugosi is one of the stars of the show. 

Leprechaun in the Hood

The Leprechaun franchise was never meant to be totally serious, which is why the 1997 release of Leprechaun 4: In Space didn't shock anyone. It's a leprechaun, for crying out loud—it's supposed to be bad-funny-creepy. 

However, there's good-bad and cringe-inducing bad. Leprechaun in the Hood is the latter, and that's why it's regularly considered to be one of the worst horror movies of all time.

The plot brings the titular character into a ratchet LA recording studio where three rappers are working. The rappers do some stuff, and end up releasing the killer green guy out into the world. Cringey already? Absolutely. 

The real train wreck shows up at the end, where Leprechaun ends up rapping on camera while hypnotizing video vixens. The lyrics, oh God, the lyrics are so bad. 

It's such a disaster, you really can't look away. 

Don't believe me? Look below and try to argue otherwise.

Short, dark, and stupid over there actually whines about not getting laid in the song. I just...can't handle that much cringe in one movie. (Sorry, Ice-T.)

Monster A-Go-Go

No,  Monster A-Go-Go is not Rob Zombie's latest strip club business; it's one of the worst horror movies of all time. The name is pretty misleading, though, since it's actually about a radiation-affected astronaut that crash lands back on Earth. 

Around the time that the astronaut crash lands, there's a radiation-affected mutant monster killing people. Or, maybe not. This movie's plot is so conflated, it's hard to figure out. 

No, the plot doesn't really make much sense. The movie itself was just footage that was cobbled together over years, so the actors don't even stay the same. Needless to say, it's an MST3K favorite for many reasons. 

Manos: The Hands of Fate

Few movies can honestly say that they are so poorly shot as Manos: The Hands of Fate (or, if you prefer the Spanish in the title to be translated, Hands: The Hand of Fate)

This movie is a complete an utter disaster of cinematography, with no scene ever lasting longer than five seconds or so. Bad filmmaking aside, the movie's about as suspenseful as waiting in line at the post office. 

Torgo, the villain, still remains one of the most poorly-written characters in film history. The funny thing about him is that the acting is so awkward, he actually ended up being creepy in the "guy at the bar who probably won't roofie you but just won't stop staring blankly regardless" way. 

Most people would think that this film was shot by a bunch of drunk college kids at 3 AM, but no. Manos: The Hands of Fate was a film that was spearheaded by (I kid you not) a professional fertilizer salesman named P. Warren. 

No word yet on whether he sold copies of Manos after actual fertilizer ran out. 

Orgy of the Dead

Ed Wood is considered to be the father of bad horror flicks, which is both a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that he's gained a cult following of fans who adore his films. The bad thing? He's infamous for making steaming turds of movies—with almost all of them being panned by critics for being horrible. 

I mean, I guess it's kind of awesome to be famous at sucking at something that much. He's made a lot of the worst horror movies of all time, so it's hard to pick just one, which is why we chose both Orgy of the Dead and Plan 9 from Outer Space. 

Orgy of the Dead is typically considered to be the ultimate turd, primarily because it's mostly just partially-naked women dancing around with a cameo by a wolfman and a vampire. No real plot exists in this film, and the dialogue is laughably bad.

Also, it doesn't really have an orgy, so that kinda was false advertising, too. 

The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made

To a point, this is one that's kind of dodgy. The reason why is because this movie was intentionally bad—and therefore was trying to be one of the worst horror movies of all time. However, I'd be lying if I said that they didn't succeed in doing so. 

Bad costumes and intentionally atrocious writing are only some of the reasons why this was a masterpiece of disaster. What makes this truly terrible isn't just the ridiculously bad cinematography; it's how intentionally offensive it's supposed to be. 

If you thought that the leprechaun villain was bad, wait until you see what this movie has in store: a zombie Jesus, a toilet paper mummy, and a poop monster seal the deal as one of the worst movies in history. 

Zombie Strippers

When one of the best actresses in the film is a former porn star that didn't really do much in terms of acting in her first career, you know you're gonna have a bad time. Such is the case with Zombie Strippers and its star, Jenna Jameson. 

Zombie Strippers is a kitsch horror movie that meshed the trend of zombie flicks with naked chicks. Now, on first glance, this makes for a hit movie in at least one niche, right? Well, yes, but no. Somehow, they managed to putz it up and turn it into one of the worst horror movies of all time. 

Jenna Jameson becomes a zombie that does stripteases, and then the other girls get jealous of her career and turn themselves into zombies. (Lolwut?) Over the course of the movie, Zombie Strippers basically turns into the Mean Girls of horror.

The premise is so idiotic that you can't help but shake your head at it. It's like high school, if your high school was filled with strippers that ate your flesh. 

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