Top 5 MOST Haunted Places in Oregon

These are the top 5 most haunted places in Oregon that will make you cringe.

The Crescent Hotel & Spa, built in 1886

When I was little, I would like to adventure into unknown places all the time. It was then that I realized that not all things are greener on the other side and paranormal entities indeed rule this world on some level.  Have you ever stumbled across a place that gives you chills on your back? Or make your hair stand up on the back of your neck? I have, and that is why I'm telling you the 5 most haunted places in Oregon. 

1. The Wolf Creek Inn.

The Wolf Creek in was built in 1883 primarily as a stagecoach stop for travelers who traveled the sixteen-day trip from San Francisco to Portland.  After the Wolf Creek Inn was built, in the early 1900s it soon became a retreat for writers, artists, and actors.  Now it is the oldest continuously operating Inn in the Pacific Northwest.  

Aside from the friendly service, the "tasty cuisine" and the beautiful location, there have been ghostly sightings and even a "vampire-like" creature that haunts this Inn. And that is why I'm making the Wolf Creek Inn #1 on the most haunted places in Oregon.  

Wolf Creek Inn off of I-5 near Medford, Oregon 

Reportedly, there are a few benign entities that still walk the halls of Wolf Creek Inn.  For instance, the entity of Jack London and "one-eyed" Charlie. 

Jack London was said to have loved the Wolf Creek Inn and stayed here many different times with his second wife.  He stayed here for a whole summer while working and completing his novel "The Valley of the Moon." According to some of the workers and past guests, the famous writer stayed in the Inn even after he had past in 1916.  Past guests have reported seeing his apparition in the room he once stayed in and has heard his disembodied voice in the Inn. 

One-eyed Charlie was an old female stagecoach who died at the age of 67 in 1879, four years before the Inn was built.  One-eyed Charlie also known as Charlie Parkhurst had actually been Charlotte, a female orphan girl who got out of the orphanage and into stagecoach driving by dressing and acting as a man. The only reported instance with One-eyed Charlie was that her voice was recorded via EVP. 

The most sinister entity that walks the halls of the Wolf Creek in is said to be a "vampire-like" creature that has been seen on the grounds of the Inn and even within the Inn.  Past guests have said the creature looks like it has red eyes, fangs, and even blood around its mouth who looks inside of rooms through the window at nights but then will disappear if you turn around.  Some people believe that this creature is actually a ghost of a mentally disturbed person who wishes to be seen as a terrifying monster.  Still to this day, no one knows who or what this creature is, but they have said that it is best to stay inside at nights and to not look out of the windows during the nights.  

2. Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls, Oregon 

Multnomah Falls is an old Native American legend that describes a girl that leaped to her death in order to save her village from sickness. Some visitors have said that they had felt a presence of the girl at the falls or have even seen her face appear in the white water. It has been said that she visits the falls in the winter to see the place where she sacrificed herself for her people. This story has also been told in the movie, The Shack, better known as the "princess" who died saving her people. 

3. Lithia Park (Ashland, Oregon)

Lithia Park  Ashland, Oregon

Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon has always been a major landmark in Oregon for years.  Many people or visitors use this park for parties, BBQs, high school portraits, and many more. What a lot of people do not know is that apparently a girl was raped and murdered here in the late 1800s. Some guests have said to get cold chills in certain places of the park, or feeling someone or something breathe on the back of their neck, or feel as if someone was pulling them by the hand.  Visitors have also said that little girl who was murdered here was causing a blue light to appear above one of the ponds located in Lithia Park.  Others have rumored that there have also been sightings of a different entity throughout the park and have also been seen in the parking lot after dark walking towards visitors cars.  

Only one murder has been accounted for at Lithia Park, now that there is another entity that has been seen here some guests fear that there may be far more murders that are unaccounted for since the 1800s. 

4. Heceta Lighthouse (Near Florence, Oregon)

Heceta Lighthouse 

The Heceta Lighthouse in found on the Oregon Coast near Florence, Oregon.  This beautiful place is mostly known for the popular bed and breakfast at the Heceta house and because of the adjacent historic 119 year old lighthouse.  As guests say that the actual lighthouse is not haunted, the bed and breakfast located next to the lighthouse is indeed haunted by a spirit people know as the "Gray Lady."  This spirit is usually seen wearing a long gray skirt and is believed to be a mourning mother who haunts the former innkeepers' home. 

Guests have said that they see glimpses of the Gray Lady along with flickering lights, doors locking by themselves, and objects shifting to unexplained places after they leave. There have been no reports of the entity physically harming someone, but guests claim to hear the Gray Lady crying throughout the night, and making loud bang noises.  No one knows as to why she is mourning, but some assume she's mourning over a loss of a child or the loss of her husband. 

Some have also said that you can see the Gray Lady on the side of the road, and some have even reported that the Gray Lady will appear in the backseat of their car when looking through the rear-view mirror, but as soon as you turn around, she vanishes. 

5. Hot Lake Springs, La Grande, Oregon

Hot Lake Springs

Originally built in the 1800s as a resort, the hot lake hotel was bought and converted into a sanitarium. The rumors say that the building is now haunted by past vacationers, the former gardener, and medical residents from its sanitarium days. Footsteps, voices, and the occasional screams from the past hospital wing was said to happen during the night when staying there. 

In 1917, a man named Dr. Phy purchased the property.  Under the new owner's directions, they put the hospital full over surgery rooms and living headquarters on the third floor of the building.  He then renamed the resort to Hot Springs Sanitarium and even added a modern x-ray facility in the building as well.  Radiation treatments were performed, along with experimenting with the geothermal waters to treat various ailments. 

Unfortunately, on May 7th of 1934, a fire broke out and destroyed much of the resort, which made the building roughly half the size of when it was built.  Then during World War 2, the location was used for pilot school and a nurse training center. when the war was over, around 1953 the facility was licensed to give nursing care.  Until 1975, the former resort operated as a nursing home and asylum.  But then due to lack of business, it closed down two years later. 

 "By this time the fascinating Hot Lake Hotel had earned a reputation for being extremely haunted. Over the years many witnesses claim to have heard strange things, and see things which they could not explain in and around the resort. Visitors often recount seeing spectral figures walking around the grounds. Strange voices, whispering, and footsteps in the various parts of the hotel are just some things reported by guests. Apparitions of people guests believe must be former vacationers have also been witnessed at the old hotel. Believed to be a former gardener who committed suicide on the property, an apparition of a man wearing work clothes has been seen here. Other apparitions witnessed are likely to have been patients during the time the building was used an asylum." - Source

There are plenty of other scary and haunted places in this world, and I'm just getting started with learning about all of them.  And this is the end of my countdown for the most haunted places in Oregon. 

Until next time.