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Tragedy of Black Willows

Creature in the Dark

On a dark and gloomy night, a disfigured rogue began lacerating and gouging it's chest so deeply that the sternum had flung out and smashed through this window that had been besprinkled with spiderwebs and flies. It landed at the foot of the bed. There, a girl, lying asleep, woke up when the sound lingered within her eardrums and she gave a banshee shriek. She arose from her withered bed and by her feet was this grotesque piece of maggot infested bone. A frightened look grew upon her face. She crept over to her window and her eyes were drawn toward a distant figure. Everything around the figure was lightened with a shock of thunder. The figure remained darkened.

"Why do thy note me?" She exclaimed with severe curiosity.

The darkened rogue looked upon her with scornful desires. She begins to weep. She, this girl, merely sixteen, black haired, pale skin, named Lilith had been with spooks since the loss of her parents half a decade past. Lilith lived in this broken down cottage on two acres of incredibly landscaped valleys and waterfalls. Next to this highly defined waterfall was this grotesquely worn thing. It was this willow tree. A moss inflicted thing that had leaves that were black as night and maggots living on them that were as yellow as sunlight. Under this dissolving and rotting whispering willow lie her parents. The thought of her parents made her think of deep and depressive thoughts. This becoming known to her, her eyes lit up with a visage of agony. She fell to her knees and began to weep.

A gust of wind over took the house. Her body was shaken up into the air. A funnel of wind surrounded her.

"I know not why you note, why must you-" she tried to squeeze out by her intense mouth that was suctioned by the air. The suction stole the words from her mouth and she fell to the wooden paneled floor. This thing had suffocated the life out of her.

Arising from the ground, she awoke not knowing where she was or what had happened. Her hair, be dewed by the fountain within the town. Black Willows was the name upon the town, afar from the surrounding towns. The people of Black Willows were gentle folk who kept to themselves. Every building were overwhelmingly alike. Except from Lilith's house. The Manson Plantation. Upon her house was this visage of Gothic architecture. The house surrounding the infested oak window was withered by fire and natural disasters. The outer walls were decrepit with years of decay and had scorch marks among the edges. The roof was sunken in by water damage and had en-caved rotted holes near the raggedly tilted crimson brick chimney. The monstrosity of a house lay on a piece of weathered land that was her parents. The day a half a decade ago, was that of her parents death. They lie on the hunk of slab where they were examined. Lilith, being 11 years of age, was crying her eyes out. Her parents lay riddled with poisonous burns. Lilith slumped into her chair. A women from within the village clutched the girl to comfort her. Mrs. Willowby was widowed. Mr. Willowby had died a half a century past. He was killed in an unnamed battle over land. The widow was of 92. She had crinkly skin and her pale skin was painted with an enormous amount of freckles. Her hair was salt and peppery with a rough thickness to it like a horses mane. She wore clothes that were 3 sizes too big and shoes that were 2 sizes too small.

Now within the present, the widow was on her way to the Sanctuary or Church, She stumbled upon Lilith within the fountain.

"Lilith why do you wake within the fountain?" The widow questioned.


"What dear?"

Lilith calls the widow Noni because she had never met her grandmothers. Clutching the widow with fear, "Noni.... I was under a conjuration by this phantasmagorical creature that come and awaken me before the sunrise." After completing her explanation she began to whimper. 

"Hither you, we'll see the reverend."

The widow guided Lilith to the sanctuary. Inside, Reverend Wills is reading the Bible. How ironic. Reverend Mills was a middle-aged man with a long and twinned beard that when he was thinking he would stroke with his fingers. His hair upon his head was white and curly. His height is flustering to people because they have to look way up in order to see his wrinkly and hairy face.

"Come in my child."

The vile and decaying pine doors became ajar with a peek inside. The room is filled with monstrous piles of books that lean up against these ragged windows which were covered by these gloomy pieces of drapery that were within the shade of blood red velvet. His desk was overwhelmed with antique bibles and manuscripts of things he hadn't read within the years.

"Sir..." said the widow.

"SHHHHHHHHHH! I need to finish my study."

Lilith and the widow sat on this Romanesque sofa that had spiders crawling from the most small holes you had ever noticed. Behind them lies this window with giant height. The knobs were broken. The wind would howl as it glided throughout the holes, which is where the knobs would be. From afar, Lilith's eyes would stumble upon this figure that had bewildered her within the past days.

"Noni, what would thee call that?"

"What my child?"

"There is this thing wondering around the enchanted trees. It looks as though it could be a person but I perceived it to be this rogue that came to me the night before the sunrise and dwelled upon thine house."

"My child that is the Dr. Heirall. Thee came along the night before this past to help his mother with her sickness."

"Well, maybe I should give him a warm greeting to Black Willows."

Lilith arose from the sunken sofa and glided through the door. The widow had watched her through the corner of her eye. Making sure these two wouldn't fall for thee.

Outside, Lilith gallops through the surrounding trees. Then she trips over a fallen apple. Over yonder comes Dr. Heirall.

"Are you alright lass?" His eyes were directly focused upon hers. She chuckled and looked away. He pulls her up with strong force.

"Lass, I hope ya didn't hurt yourself."

"Oh, no sir I did not," her cheeks became of blush when he held her hand and kissed it.

"No bother with throwing the moves on so fast. My appellation is Dr. John Heirall. My parents called me Johnny. I came here from Ireland. Dublin, Ireland. What might they call thee?"

"Thy name is Lilith. Your accent is very strong. It is very mesmerising. I wouldn't have guessed you were from Ireland."

Johnny began to step and then turned and looked upon the backdrop.

"It looks like it is going to rain. We should hurry up and get inside."

"I live over there. You're welcome to come in if you like."

They proceeded with their plan of going to Lilith's plantation. They walked inside the door and, Lilith asked him to wait here, within the parlor. She had gone to make tea. Johnny sat on the sofa, he was glancing at the Victorian mirrors on the walls and was admiring his reflection. Johnny was a handsome creature. His hair was straight and black. His eyes were iced blue that you could drown in. He was quite muscular for his occupation. He was a pediatrician but had quit from whence he came because their was no need for his occupation. On his way to Black Willows, his luggage was lost and all he had left were the clothes on his back. His clothes were worn with pollen from the trees and flowers from whence they met.

"Johnny, how old are you?" questioned Lilith on her way out with the tea.

"Twenty one. Why?" a visage of puzzlement came about his face.

"I was just wondering," she said while setting the tea down on the coffee table. She sat down next to him on the sofa. There were no words. No sounds. Thinking of her, Johnny rose from the sofa and said, "I should be on my way-"

"But why?"

"My mum, she needs me at home," he said with a crimson complexion among his face.

Lilith sat on her knees on the sofa, glancing out the window with a visage of bewilderment that grew upon her feet.

"AHHHHH!" she screamed after she got off of the sofa. There were maggots in the exact same place as Johnny was sitting. She fainted.

A strong knock grew upon the front door. Knock. Knock. Knock. A voice from behind the door grew louder. Then louder and even more greater with pitch.

"Lilith! Lilith!" exclaimed the voice.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Then the knock grew louder and even more greater with pitch until the person gave into breaking down the door. It was Noni and Reverend Mills. Noni walked in first and then saw Lilith. She scurried over to her and said, "Lilith, Lilith my dear, wake up!"

Lilith's eyes opened when she heard Noni's voice.

"Oh. My dear child. Where have you been?" Noni questioned.


"My child no one has spoken or seen you in about 3 days. Where did you go?" Noni responded. Then a look of concern grew upon her face.

"No where Noni. No where," Lilith answered with a sound of freight within her voice.

Noni helped Lilith up and then they left with Reverend Mills. Noni brought Lilith to her house. Noni's house was this little cottage with moss besprinkled outer walls and almost like a garden roof. When they entered, there inside was Johnny, waiting there patiently for Lilith and Noni.

"Why, Hello Lilith," Johnny said with a smirk among his face.

"Why Lilith, Johnny has asked for your hand in marriage and since your parents have died I figured it would help if I would act as your so-called parental figure. Thy had told him that you would," Noni said to Lilith. A look of anger grew upon her face. 

"Why?!" Lilith said.

"Lilith, I have set the day for the day after next. Would you fancy that?" Johnny asked Lilith. her anger grew more deep within moments of him asking her that.

Without notice of her leaving Lilith ran from within Noni's house and kept running.

Noni screamed at her, "Lilith come back here right now!"

She kept running until she wound up at her house. She ran in and slammed the door shut. Then she stumbled over something. She curled herself into a ball and began to whimper.

"Why god, why do thee give my innocence away?"

Then she began to whimper even more. Her eyes were on the verge of leaking blood from her tear ducts. Then out of morbid curiosity, she began to contemplate how she could get away from all of this. She ran to her room and packed up all of her things. She left her house hoping that would be the last time that she would have to see Black Willows ever again. Along the way out of Black willows she was picked up by this man in his buggy. Turns out he was a cop for a neighboring town.

"Child you have to go back to your town or you can stay in jail until the day after next. It's your decision," the man said.

"Bring me to jail sir," Lilith said with a smirk on her face. Finally when they arrived at the little jailhouse, Lilith jumped out of the buggy. The man walked over and said, "This isn't the cleanest place in the world but it will do."

"That's fine sir."

The man escorted Lilith into the building. It seemed as though it was rundown or part of a ghetto. The outside was covered with dust and signs that say jailhouse and prison. The inside was somewhat clean. It was one room. The cells were right next to the sheriff's desk.

"Child hither there," the man said after opening up the cell. Lilith walked in and felt claustrophobic.

"Sir it is very little in here-"

The man was gone. The doors were swinging but no one was there. She sat down in what space she had and began to sleep. Clank. Clank. Clank. A sound of a key was among the cell door. Lilith awoke and her eyes became afixed with the persona. It was Johnny. He had a look of deception among his face.

"Come child it is time for us to be married,"

Johnny opened up the cell door and yanked Lilith out.

"No leave me alone." Lilith begged.

Johnny just pushed her into the buggy and hit her head against the side. She blacked out. The next thing she knew was that she was in her wedding dress and at her reception. After some time, Lilith turned to Noni and said, "Noni, why did thy do this to me?" Lilith questions.

"Lilith, no more talking. It is your bridal eve. You are supposed to be happy. This is going to be the happiest night of your life. Now, just remember, you are formally to be known by Mrs. Lilith Heirall. Now get in there and see your groom."

Noni pushed Lilith within the doors and slammed them behind her. There in front of her face was Johnny, her groom. He was looking pale and his demeanor was somewhat taken back by others. He was very jittery and very hypocritical about what was happening around him.

"Come hither Lilith."

Johnny clutched her and started to do the waltz with her. He pushed Lilith's head onto his bosom. Then she fell upon the floor. Slam. Noni ran in.

"Oh, my dear child what hath happened to you?" Noni said with a visage of puzzlement among her face. Then she looked behind her and Johnny had disappeared and all that was left was maggots. She became more perplexed. With curiosity she ran over to Lilith to see why she may lay in this vacant state. Then she saw the blood. A gold leafed dagger was within her back directly behind her mutilated heart.

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