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Two Bodies, One Spirit

The End of Them Both

The creature frozen in place lies there on the ground. Breathing slightly, emulating how I felt with the wound in my side. Weak, growing colder by the minute becoming more and more lifeless. I stared into the eyes of the creature, seeing the spark of gold in them now seemed to be fleeting away with every breath that expelled from both of our bodies. I wanted to speak, I wanted to comfort it, for it was obvious that we were connected somehow and knowing that it was in the same pain I was in made me want to take all the pain only onto myself. I wanted to spare this poor creature from the agony, that would lead to a slow death. 

For some reason, in that moment the creature reminded me of a small fruit, something like a strawberry, fragile, so easy to quickly become rotten. This poor thing beside me was just becoming ripe with life and quickly soon after had to come to its unfortunate demise. I kept thinking to myself that this was somehow my fault. Because of me, an innocent young creature is now dying because it is connected to me. Because of me, it was in pain and there was nothing I could do about it because in that moment I was dying too. We were two fruits just wasting away, just waiting to decompose into the earth and hope to find some peace. Waiting for it all to just end.

I begin to shut my eyes, not wanting to fight back anymore. The exhaustion really begins to set in. I want to fall asleep. But I'm scared. All of a sudden I hear footsteps. Not just footsteps of one person but of many. The sounds of them crunching leaves and branches under their weight are all around me soon followed by mumbles and hums. When I open my eyes there are all kinds of glowing creatures around us. They are all different colors and shades but I can't tell what any of them are. Their mumbling and hums grow louder and I realize they are taking part in some kind of chant. I can't understand what they are saying; the language is unfamiliar to me. 

They continue to come closer and I can't help but feel tense. It seems the world around us has grown darker and the demeanor of the creatures gets even more vulgar. One of the creatures then shouts something while gesturing to the sky. An eclipse was moments away from taking place. Looking at it reminded me of the dying creature next to me and it's now lifeless eyes. What's about to happen? I hear the clinging of metal as the creatures menacingly stand around take out their swords, spears, and metal tipped arrows. My heart begins to race again. Are we a sacrifice? I don't want to die like this! They stop advancing towards me but are now hovering over my dying companion. 

All at once three of them raise their spears ready for the final blow and I begin to scream. "No...!" Tears flood my eyes. They strike down the defenseless thing and all around us the earth is filled with silence but its shrieks crying out. For just a moment that was all there was, the pain in those cries. Then it stopped. It was now dead. I fall back once again and I'm filled with even more pain and sadness. I look at my chest and see there is blood spewing out of the same spots in my heart that they stabbed the creature in. The pain envelopes me. The taste of blood begins to fill the back of my mouth. I gasp beginning to drown in it. The last bits of life I was clinging to are now escaping from me. Finally, I take my last breath and everything goes dark.

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Two Bodies, One Spirit
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