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Val (Pt. 4)

Part 4

    "Valarie." The voice's breath is warm against my face. I close my eyes tight.

    Blood runs down my arm.

    I open my eyes, and a light is shining in my face.

    "Ha! I got you!" Maggie's voice rings in my ears. I frown.

    "Seriously? What the hell Maggie? I'm bleeding!" I frown and turn to run out the door. The light dies out and the door slams shut. I jump back. The lights in the room turn on.

    I look around the empty room, "Where'd you go now?" The smell is still pounding at my head. "Come on. You've already admitted to messing with me. It stinks in here and I'm ready to go home."

    "Well... I'm... not." A distorted voice echoes through the room, along with a shuffling somewhere.

    "Cut it out. You're not funny," I frown and cross my arms. "Where the hell are you?" She's nowhere to be found. I look at the blood on my shoulder, and five crescent shaped marks.

    "Not funny," she repeats.

    "Maggie..." I close my eyes, annoyed and frustrated.

    "Vaaalarie..." The voice mocks. I hear movement behind me. My hairs stand on end.

    I turn around, keeping  my eyes closed, "Is... is that you?" I pray it's her.

The warm breath returns along with a low laughter.

    "Is it?" The voice cracks. It sounds broken and ominous. The lights go out. I open my eyes.

    The two red orbs are back.

    "W...who are you?" I take a step back.

An hand reaches out and grabs my shoulder.

    The eyes get closer, "Goodnight."

- - - - - - - -

    "Valarie?" I stumble aound the dark hallway. My body aches, "Valarie, please. I'm scared," blood drips from my arm as I limp down the hallway. My head throbs.

    "VALARIE!" I scream and fall on the floor. I crawl across the floor and lean against the wall. My body screams at me. Tears fall down my dirty cheeks. Sweat and dirt cling to my skin, "Ugh! Where the hell are you?"

    "In here..." a familiar voice calls out from somewhere in the darkness.

    "Val? I can't get up." My legs burn. I try to force myself up.

    "I'm in here Maggie." Valarie's hand pops out of a room down the hall. I stand up all the way and slowly limp my way to her.

    "Val... Where were you?" I go into the room and she runs to my side.

    "Oh my god! What happened to you?" She grabs my arm and walks me over to an old chair. I sit down.

    "I... I honestly don't know," I look up at her, "I remember we were in the electroshock therapy room. And all that blood... Then I ran out of the room and went into the bathroom, because I was going to be sick... And then... I don't know... After that, I can't remember... It's like I blacked out. I remember waking up in a dark room. I was tied to some sort of table. It was so scary."

    "Good god... You're bleeding..." She kneels down and looks at my leg and arm.

    "Something took me... and... tried to do some sort of surgery thing on me.. I got free and escaped. It chased me and I fell down some kind of tunnel or whatever..."

    She looks at me and sighs, "Do you have the first aid kit? We need to get these cleaned up." I shake my head and she frowns.

    "I wanna go home. This place isn't safe. That thing might still be out there." She smiles. For some reason, it makes me really uncomfortable.

    "Yeah... Let's go home."

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Val (Pt. 4)
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