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Watch Ted Raimi's Audio Horror Series 'Deathly Spirits' Now on YouTube

Ted is about to become a regular in the second series of 'Ash vs Evil Dead.'

Ted is your fiendish Host

Fans of The Evil Dead Movies and (perhaps) Hercules the Legendary Adventures TV show will no doubt know Ted Raimi's acting style well. He's the younger brother of director Sam Raimi and shares a lot of his passion for the horror genre and Three Stooges comic sensibilities.

Ted is just about to become a season regular in the second series of Ash vs Evil Dead (which I predicted) and we'll get to see his comic timing in the Evil Dead universe once again.

For those who can't (or don't) want to wait for that season premiere, you'll be pleased to hear about Ted's own brand of audio horror stories series called Deathly Spirits, which is available to watch now.

It's like a throwback to that era of radio suspense teleplays, with Ted "hamming" it up as the creepy storyteller who invites YOU, the listener, in from the rain. 

Don't worry, You won't have to dig your own grave

As well as a chilling tales, Ted also teaches us how to mix the best cocktails this side of the grave. 

'That's Better, Cozy'

A fun little series and it's completely FREE to watch so you've no excuse not to check out all six episodes today. Plus it can't hurt to learn how to pour a decent cocktail — there's always plenty of work going on in bars nowadays.

Oh, And Since I Want To Give You Some More Raimi Madness!

Here's Ted with Bruce Campbell at the San Jose Wizard World Con (2015). They make a great comedy double act, roll on October — or whenever the hell they're premiering Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2.

You can watch the rest of Raimi's Deadly Spirits over on YouTube or click the link here

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Watch Ted Raimi's Audio Horror Series 'Deathly Spirits' Now on YouTube
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