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Weirdest Creatures Ever Caught on Camera

A Gallery of the Top Ten Strangest Creatures Ever Captured on Film

Louisiana Deer Cam Monster

Despite advances in biology, scientists still come across some unknown creatures now and then, like the Louisiana Deer Cam Monster pictured above. 

Unfortunately, this “creature” was exposed as a really skinny dude in a rubber suit, hopping around a campfire. Or, what biologists call just another night in Louisiana. 

But, some other creatures caught on camera have yet to be fully explained. Here are nine more, a few of which are still true mysteries...

Russian Crab Creature

Actually an amazing discovery, these previously unknown crab creatures, found in a deep Russian trench, are the living descendants of a species which originated 200 million years ago and have changed little since. 

More amazing still is, if you put one to your ear, you can hear the ocean and the words, “Crab people, crab people. Taste like crab! Talk like people!"

The Oriental Yeti

It’s not clear why the hunters who trapped this previously unidentified animal called it a Yeti. Everybody knows a Yeti is, like, ten feet tall and covered in white fur. And, they bounce. 

It was later confirmed this was merely a palm civet, which had lost all its fur. Fortunately, Yukon Cornelius saved this poor creature from an animal shelter soon after this photo was taken...

Alabama Monster Boar

Nothing mysterious here. It just proves the well-known fact that pigs (and their fiercer boar cousins) will grow as large as they can get, so long as there’s an ample food supply around and no young’uns nearby totin’ a shotgun...

Texas Chupacabra

The southwestern chupacabra legend has grown for at least 100 years, with no live specimen ever captured—until this beast was snared by a Texas chicken farmer. 

Alas, the myth continues, as this “Chupacabra” wannabe turned out to be nothing more than a dog/coyote hybrid. Must get lonely in the wilds of Texas, even for a coyote...

Chilean Alien Baby

This tiny, mummified, human-like figure (which looks a lot like the dying Arquillian from Men in Black) had scientists baffled until they concluded it was “probably” just a mouse possum fetus, even though it didn’t display all the biological characteristics expected to be found in that species. 

So, the mystery continues, including US government investigators trying to figure out exactly what "To prevent war, the Galaxy is on Orion's belt” means...

Thai Alien Baby

Despite this hoofed “alien baby” having a human appearance (so much so that these villagers actually had a ritual funeral ceremony before burying it) it turned out it was nothing more than a deformed bovine calf—probably as a result of some bad Thai? Or, more likely, some farmer was spending a long, lonely night out in the cowpen...

The Blue Hill Horror

After some Panamanian children found this creature in a cave, some media outlets claimed it had once been a living “Gollum.” But it was soon clear that it was nothing more than a common sloth, which had decomposed in seawater for a few months before its discovery. 

Rumors that its dying words were “My Preciousssss…” could never be conclusively proven...

The Montauk Monster

Because it washed up near a super-secret, government biological warfare research facility close to New York City, first reports breathlessly bought into the whole “mutated experiment” theory. 

Turns out, it was nothing more than a raccoon which had somehow lost its fur and upper jaw—probably mugged on the Lower East Side...

The Metepec Creature

Although the Metepec Creature has been exposed as a hoax by the men from Mexico who first reported it to the world, the creature itself is still a true mystery.

Scientists believe it’s nothing more than a partially-skinned, squirrel–monkey baby. But its teeth and remaining skin tissue do not match others of its kind. 

So, what is it? 

For this, and other unsolved mysteries, you be the judge. 

Fact? or “Faction?"...

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Weirdest Creatures Ever Caught on Camera
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