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What Is Trance Mediumship?

I should know because I am one.

As a trance medium and somebody who experiences psychic stuff daily, which doesn’t change on account of my medication, I am a channel. I’m not the sort of trance medium who lets spirits take over though. This may be dangerous for my mental health. I do not just lend my body to anybody who asks. Trance may be considered the strongest degree of control, as there are different types of trance states from light trance to deep trance. I’m not into a deep trance. It could make me catatonic or something and it is often the first thing spidery (my psychic ability) says to me about attempting this.

Mediums slow their heart rate, take on a steady breath, do not exhibit rapid eye movement, and have a reduced reaction to touch or pain. There are varying degrees of unconsciousness involved in the act of being a medium. The Spirit communicator communicates directly to the medium. Sometimes, a medium doesn’t always talk the way they normally talk. In my spiritualist church, I learned quite a few things about how to talk to spirits properly. We were not into the overshadowing stuff at all. If anything, my teacher taught me how to set boundaries with spirits.

Spirits should not be stepping into my energy field, for example. Some would argue that possession is rare, but then if somebody has untreated schizophrenia or perhaps schizophrenia that is treated, you are more prone to possession. This is why I have to have crystal-clear psychic boundaries. Having control over the situation means that you have a strong telepathic rapport with the spirit without letting them overshadow you. Trance mediums give information. I would like to assist police with my abilities someday and use it in private investigation as well. Some spirits want to cause trouble.

This is why you have to be firm with them. Sometimes mediumship is used to cause specific kinds of paranormal activity. My senior year of high school, the lights flickered in the house with no explanation aside from frustrated me being a poltergeist since I had few outlets for my frustrations aside from martial arts. Some mediumship sessions also involve channeling certain kinds of energy. Spirits who want to communicate are known as a spirit communicator. There are also subtypes of mediumship, such as mental mediumship that is about relaying information to audiences.

Mediums must speak to the answers being channeled through their minds. Because mental mediumship is telepathic, it is also called telepathic mediumship. I’m coming way out of my broom closet in saying this. The medium hears, sees, and feels what the spirit communicators are relating. The medium must tell the sitter or audience what information they have received from the spirit world. As a trance medium, I can sometimes hear other people’s delusions in my head if I’m around somebody else with schizophrenia. In college, I almost saw who the schizophrenic homeless person was talking to. I mean this is serious business. I can’t just be prone to other people’s delusions, which is why I have to get away from my family altogether when they come back.

Mediumship exercises can be dangerous for a schizophrenic like me because you often leave your body. If you can’t get back, you are out of your mind psychotic. I’m just not into channeling otherworldly beings, period. I have a friend who understands schizophrenia and got me to where I am today with the whole thing. She is about the only pagan I trust with this stuff. It is why I have heard through bits and pieces of information that I should never let a spirit step into my energy field. I have to be wary of spirit possession. I have to be wary of how I exercise this ability. I need spiritualist churches to be aware of my disability. Nobody should be telling me to stop taking medication, online, in the real-world, in church/coven situations. This means you will be talking to my lawyer so quit pulling this nonsense. Medication takes away the delusions or makes you aware that you are having a delusion. This is why I’m medication consistent because I’m a rapid cycling bipolar. Mania makes me evil. Period. 

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What Is Trance Mediumship?
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