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Who Are You?

Trust no one.

Have you ever decided to pack your bags and leave, leave with no plan or thought of where. This has been the most compressed year I have ever witnessed. Heartbreaks, fall out and much more. It’s like this whole time my life has been a secret television show, with hidden cameras. All I’m waiting for now is someone to jump out and surprise me.

I came home after a hard day at work, and knowing I had 2 weeks off did lift my spirits. Sympathetically, I woke up one early morning. The birds soft, sweet voices singing to me. The sun set glistening at the side of my eye. Expeditiously, I packed my bag. As I was walking to my car I was trying to not think of the people I was leaving behind. Pompously, I got into my car and sped off into the open roads. Without a care in the world.

Driving along, singing away, I thought to my self this could be the life I’m willing to take. Yes, I may be alone but I’m alone and happy. At that moment my car decided to break down. Without a thought, I swerved into the side of the road. Just then a tall, well dressed, handsome man came walking down towards me. Intrigued, I stepped out of my car. He was trying to give me some help but it was no use. My car was officially broke. He offered me a lift but I was very unsure. He said we should go for food and talk before we head on the roads. We sat for hours talking, talking about nothing but everything. However, that time had to come to an end and we had to get back on the roads. He wondered why a polite girl like me would just leave everything I had behind me. I didn’t get into telling him all the details. A few hours later we were still driving. At this point we were on a long, dark, narrow road. With no light in sight. The first thing that came in my head was: is he a murderer? I know. I watch way too much TV. We pulled over to rest. It was a cheap, old hotel and yes it was in the middle of nowhere. Even though I was so worried for my well-being, I couldn’t help but feel safe around him, as if nothing could ever hurt me. He was so kind, respectful, and caring. I think he was a gentleman. All of a sudden he started to get very serious and irritated. He kept looking at his watch as if he was waiting for something.

Each hour passed, and it got more and more intense. Until he snapped, he snapped so hard it was like smoke came out of his ears. He sat on the end of the bed and stared at me with his deep blue eyes. He started to stroke my hair and say sorry. He continued to say sorry. I wish I knew why he was saying it so much. I wish I knew what he meant and I wish I knew who this man was. Have I gotten myself in danger? Intensely, he grabbed me by my pale neck and pinned me against this golden, flaked wall. He mentioned something about taking a life so his is easier. If I knew what he meant, I could have helped. I could have made a difference. I was 18-years-old and I witnessed my ever first dead body. So, there we have it. You never actually know who you think you know. 

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Who Are You?
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