Who or What's in the House?

An Accidental Invocation

When I was a kid, my parents would have a small party/gathering in our house in some weekends, and my cousin and I loved to play all kinds of games whenever he came to these events. But tonight, the party was to give some good news and announce that we were going to be moving soon. There was barely even video games back then, so my cousin and I played a bunch of board games instead. We came across a board that looked so different from the others but still looked like a very innocent "fun" game. At that time, I did not know we had come across a ouija board. The game had the instructions pasted on the cover of the box and said to use candles for a better use, but still we couldn't find any so we kept reading (notice that using candles with a ouija board and making a quick prayer has a better chance of getting good spirits). After reading the rules we started playing, but nothing happened. We moved the planchette (triangle piece) in circles just like the instructions said, but it wasn't moving at all. I remember my cousin saying, "I think the board needs batteries." We were just kids... we did not know if something had to happen. We ended up putting the board game away in my closet and decided to do something else. 

The party ended and all the guests went home, including my cousin. I was getting ready to go to sleep but then suddenly I heard something fall down in my closet. It was, of course... the ouija board. I decided to give it a try by myself to see how to game is supposed to work. It was already late at night and the board started to give me an eerie feeling. The circle inside the planchette had a different color now, some kind of shade of red. I started circling the planchette around the board, but then the piece moved out of my hands into the middle by itself. It had moved as such an amazing speed that the only thing I could think of was that the board might have triggered a magnetic field or something like that. "Oh, I think this works as a magnet," I said, looking at the planchette. I got excited since I thought I figured out how the board works now, so I couldn't wait to tell my cousin. I kept playing around with the board, just looking at how the planchette moved around from letter to letter while my fingers were on it. It was spelling a bunch of funny names that I didn't really care about. I put the board away after a while and went to sleep.

A few days had passed since that night and I hadn't touched the board again, although some strange things started to happen. One night I heard a door opening and closing by itself at least a couple of times. I thought it was probably one of my parents, but after hearing it more times I went to their room to check on them and they were in a deep sleep. There was another night where I heard someone whispering to me, but it was barely even understandable. There was a human-like shadow in the corner of the room. The shadow started raising what looked like an arm. I did not know what that could have been, but something like that did freak me out, so I went running to my parents' room and explained what happened. I did not mention the ouija board since I wasn't even thinking about it. My parents checked around the house; of course they would probably think there was someone in the house before telling me it was a dream or it was all in my head. I went back to sleep and woke up the next day as if nothing had happened. On the last night I realized that something was not right. I heard something fall off in the closet again. I didn't pay much attention to it this time, but then I heard that someone was scratching my closet door. I was paralyzed. I couldn't stop looking at the closet. I tried to scream but the scratching kept getting louder and faster! I did not know what to do. The scratching stopped; it had lasted for a good minute straight. I was still in my bed looking at the closet, then I decided to get up and run to my parents' room. "Mom! Dad!" I yelled. We went back to my room and told them what happened. They opened the door and then they stared at the closet floor for a good 10 seconds straight. They looked at each other with their eyes wide open. My mother quickly got out of my room and my father went and grabbed me to get me out. As we fled the room I turned back to see what was in the closet. The ouija board was fully set up on the floor and the door had long scratch marks that stretched from side to side.

It was a miracle we were moving out of the house. We only had two days left in that house but my parents decided we were going to stay at my aunt's place with my cousin. I told my cousin everything that happened and he couldn't believe it. I can't blame him; I wouldn't believe it also, but I know that what I saw that night did happen for a fact. It took a bunch of explanation for my parents to know why the ouija board was in my closet. They explained that the board was theirs but was kept out due to it being dangerous. My parents did sell that house and ended up getting rid of the board, but from what I heard, the new people that moved in are not there anymore. They had only lasted about one week before they left. They had said the house did not have a good vibe and it felt that someone was always watching them.

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