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Why I Don't Watch Horror Movies

Everyone around me can watch, but I can't.

I never understood why people loved being scared or at least why some of my family members did. It's one thing for me to watch a movie with horror elements, but I can't watch horror movies like some of my family members and friends can; of course, I got made fun of for not liking them so, in a way, this is me saying why I can't really get into them. 

When I was a kid, I was always into action movies and cartoons. Comedies were great, too, but, when my aunt had me watch Thirteen Ghosts with her and the family, I was pretty scarred by it. The house was creepy, I hated seeing the ghosts, and I didn't even like feeling scared so I left and went to my mom's room to watch Justice League the cartoon.

When I was eight, we used to go video shopping a lot and sometimes we'd rent movies, too. My father figure, of course, also liked horror, and I couldn't stand it, so, one Wednesday night, my mom had to go to practice for something so my father figure had rented this movie Bones with Snoop Dogg. I knew I wasn't going to like it, but I kept my mouth shut. When we got home, we watched it after my mom left, and, when it was over, I had to go straight to bed. By that point, it was at least nine or ten at night, and I was crying. I was pretty much told to just stop crying and go to bed.

After that, I've always hated horror movies. I can't say that I remember what happened after I fell asleep because all I can say is I slept, woke up in the middle of the night, and slept again to wake up again for school. Then, I got older, but I still hated horror. At that point, I tolerated it, and I didn't  watch The Thing on Netflix until I was 19. The movie itself wasn't scary to me at least, the idea of it was, but one moment in particular had me yell, "SHIT!" And it was when Kurt Russell was doing the blood test of everyone that was tied up.

After a few months, I ended up watching this movie, V/H/S, and the whole movie scared the living shit out of me, what made it worse was that my father figure wanted me to do a store run for him, which was good because it was at least a five-minute walk, but it was still bad because it was nighttime, and it was foggy. I already don't like fog because of Silent Hill so I ran to the store, got what I needed to get and came back. I finished the movie the same night, but I got so scared by it that I had to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer to drown it out which took me at least four seasons to succeed. 

These days, I avoid horror unless it's something I know I can handle. Like I actually like the 1978 version of Halloween, and I'm surprised I want to see the new one coming out soon. I saw Upgrade about a week ago, I'm still saying, "What the hell," when I think of that ending, and I actually saw Get Out in theaters, which wasn't scary to me. The idea of it was scarier to me, same for A Quiet Place. Other than that, any horror movie that comes my way, I push it aside unless I know I'm not going to be looking for something to binge watch after it's over. So I'll just stick with my action, comedy, sci-fi, and dramas, plus my imagination goes into hyperactive mode after a horror movie.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II

I write about movies but I write about stuff that happened to me in my life too. Music is involved even though I don't know much about it plus I'll sprinkle some things I love about women. Send some tips if you love what I talk about

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Why I Don't Watch Horror Movies
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